Vol.1 – Chapter 8 – Team up

The Nine States Chronicles describes major events in the world of cultivation.

Last month’s biggest event was the emergence of the Misty Hidden Immortal Mountain Sect’s leader, Jiuyi Xianren, who fought against the left and right protectors of the Mingwang Sect in a battle at the Honglu Mountain, and directly killed the Silver King, while the Purple Gold Marquis escaped with serious injuries.

As one of the major forces in the demonic path, the Mingwang Sect has been growing stronger in recent years, and there was even talk of them trying to come out into the open. This time, Jiuyi Xianren’s decisive action was a major blow to them. However, it remains to be seen how the mysterious leader of the Mingwang Sect will respond.

Another recent development is the rise of a new disciple named Luo Yao in the Sanjue Valley, one of the ten major sects. She is known for her ruthless methods and has already killed three evil witchcraft sects within a month of traveling across the Southern Region.

The Sanjue Valley itself is known for its use of witchcraft poison to establish its position in the world, and is considered a major faction that is both righteous and evil. With Luo Yao’s fierce hatred of evil, it remains to be seen whether her fellow disciples will tremble in fear.

The Shu Mountain Sect also made an appearance in this month’s Nine States Chronicles, but only briefly. The sect’s Yujian Peak Master, Wang Xuanling, killed a rampaging dragon in the East Sea a few days ago.

When Chu Liang saw this news, he suddenly felt a sense of worry. His master had always been at odds with Wang Xuanling, and with her temper, it was unlikely that she would let Wang Xuanling’s actions go unnoticed.

It wasn’t that he was worried about his master’s safety, but rather about the ecology of the East Sea…

As if sensing something, a burst of flame suddenly rose up not far away and headed southeast, with a message carried by the wind: “I’ll be gone for a few days, take care of yourself!”

“… ” Chu Liang fell silent for a moment.

His master was always so strong-willed.

Finally, there was the “Jianghu Yiwenshi” section, which was more entertainment-oriented and often dealt with gossip.

For example, the first piece of news was about the emperor of the Yu Dynasty, who visited the Shenglong Academy and tried to arrange a marriage between his youngest daughter, Jingyang Princess, and the academy’s chief disciple, Zhang Chen. However, Zhang Chen refused, citing that love affairs would affect his studies.

The Shenglong Academy was the top academy of Confucianism, backed by the court, and was one of the top two among the ten major sects. As the chief disciple of the academy, Zhang Chen’s future was bright, whether he devoted himself to cultivation or entered the court as an official. However, this refusal made his prospects suddenly uncertain.

The emperor was not the only father worried about his daughter’s marriage prospects.

The lord of the Thunderbolt Castle, one of the ten major sects, also issued a message, offering ten treasures as a dowry to recruit a son-in-law for his daughter, Huang Linger. However, no hero in the Nine States dared to accept the offer.

Of course, there was a hidden reason behind this.

After all, this was the Thunderbolt Castle’s daughter-in-law. Even if he was just a son-in-law… he would have to be a talented and powerful young man. The reason why no one dared to come was because Huang Linger had already made it clear that whoever wanted to marry her had to have a higher cultivation level than hers, or else they would become the food of her dragon-toothed mammoth on the first day of their marriage.

Among the many anecdotes, there was only one news item about the Shu Mountain Sect.

It was about Jiang Yuebai, also known as the Fairy Jiang, who was seen having dinner with Feng Chaoyang of the Tianwang Sect at the Jiangnan Drunken Moon Tower. There were suspicions of a romantic relationship between the two.

Of course, the Heavenly Pavilion would not fabricate anything without confirmation of their relationship, so they used the phrase “suspected” to describe it. However, it was easy to imagine that this news alone was enough to break the hearts of many of Jiang Yuebai’s admirers.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

“My Jiangjiang could never be taken away by that bad boy from the Tianwang Sect!”

“Jiang Fairy, please, keep your love in the Shu Mountain Sect!”

“… “On the huge white square in front of the Boundless Palace, one could occasionally hear a desperate scream or two, as well as the occasional voice of a female disciple arguing back.

“If you like Fairy Jiang, there’s no need to belittle Feng Chaoyang, is there? He’s a hardworking and kind personification of human ideals!”

“Yes, yes, he’s only nineteen and already the top contender for the position of Heavenly King Sect Leader. When will you sourpusses ever catch up to even half of what he’s achieved?”

“… “

The sorrows and joys of people were not shared, and Chu Liang felt only that they were noisy as he calmly made his way through the crowd and crossed the entire square. The entrances to the four halls of Shu Mountain were all on the edge of this square.

Apart from the “Hall of Discipline”, which was in charge of the sect’s laws, the “Hall of Sword Transmission” was responsible for magic weapons, the “Hall of Guardianship” was responsible for magical arts, and the “Hall of Dan Furnace” was responsible for pills and talismans.

All three halls had many items for sale, available for purchase with sword coins by the disciples of Shu Mountain.

With the several tasks he had completed, Chu Liang had saved up twenty sword coins. It wasn’t enough to buy magic weapons or scriptures, but he could buy some medicinal pills and talismans to assist in his cultivation.

He went to the Dan Furnace Hall and bought four “Gathering Spirit Pills” of divine intent. With the assistance of these pills, he believed he would soon break through to the mid-stage of divine intent.

Compared to other disciples, he could save all his sword coins to exchange for medicinal pills and talismans, which was quite beneficial.

After leaving the Dan Furnace Hall, he went to the Sword Exchange Pavilion.

He couldn’t stop his footsteps from doing tasks to defeat demons. Since he had the White Tower in his hand, he needed to make full use of it. It wasn’t good to always ask Master Shen for help in selecting tasks. This time, he was going to choose one himself.

In the lobby of the Sword Exchange Pavilion, several pieces of jade stone tablets hung high, and the task signs on them changed quickly. Especially the one for divine intent, which had many tasks, was dazzling.

He had only glanced at it when he heard someone shouting, “Picking the Face Jade Flower! The reward is generous, and we only need one more person with divine intent to go! There’s a Gold Core Stage senior brother leading the way, so it’s absolutely safe!”

“Picking the Face Jade Flower…” The one shouting was a young disciple dressed in black silk, with thick eyebrows and bright eyes, and a very strong aura.

Behind him were three male and female disciples, and it looked like they were together.

The Face Jade Flower…

Chu Liang hesitated slightly. He wasn’t sure where this thing needed to be picked, but he knew that tasks that required multiple people meant that the difficulty was higher or that there were many monsters to face.

Tasks with many monsters were good tasks.

So he took the initiative to go up and smiled, “Hello, I can join you.”

Although he didn’t know these people, they were all disciples of Shu Mountain and were as close as family, so there shouldn’t be any barriers.

“Eh?” The black-clothed young man was delighted to hear this and immediately pulled Chu Liang over with a smile. “That’s great. Let’s go get the task sign first. My name is Lin Bei, what’s your name?”

“Chu Liang.”

“Brother Chu, let me tell you, this task is in high demand.”

With the group complete, Lin Bei skillfully went forward to help several people get their task signs, then came back to distribute them to everyone.

After handing one to Chu Liang, he enthusiastically asked, “Brother Chu, we’re from the Jade Sword Peak. Which peak are you from?”

Chu Liang replied, “I’m from the Silver Sword Peak.”

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