Vol.1 – Chapter 7 – Seven Star Mansion report

“Madam, don’t you want to save everything for Ming Yuanwai?” Chu Liang looked at the bound Ming Madam with a red rope and said so.

“Hero Chu is willing to request a decree for me?”

Upon hearing his intention, Ming Yuanwai may not understand, but Ming Madam was surprised. She did not expect that this young man in front of her would be willing to help her like this.

She immediately wanted to kneel down with Ming Yuanwai, but Chu Liang quickly withdrew the demon-binding rope from her body, otherwise the scene would look strange.

Request a decree.

It is not an ancient method of sealing demons and ghosts, but refers to requesting a decree for a kind and good demon, allowing it to live freely in the cities of the human dynasty, which is equivalent to giving it a household registration.

And the monsters without a decree are like “black households”. If they sneak into the human cities and are discovered by cultivators, they can be killed on the spot at any time. The reason why Ming Madam was so frightened before was because she was afraid of being discovered as a monster.

And this power of decree is only held by the human dynasty and the Nine Heavens Immortal Sect. Even the next-level Ten Earth Immortal Sect does not have this power. It is extremely difficult for monsters to obtain a decree.

The current feudal dynasty is called the “Yu Dynasty”, which has been established for more than 600 years and is in a period of peace and prosperity. Every monster living in the human cities may be a hidden danger in this peaceful era. The so-called different races have different hearts, let alone monsters?

Whether it is the court or the Nine Heavens Immortal Sect, giving a decree is equivalent to endorsing this monster. If this monster causes trouble in the future, whoever gave the decree will bear the responsibility.

In the Shu Mountain Sect, disciples like Chu Liang do not have such power. This matter must be handled by the master Di Nvfeng. After a series of processes such as divination and heart inspection, it is confirmed that Ming Madam is indeed a kind and good demon who has never harmed anyone, and the possibility of future chaos is very low. Only then will a decree be given. From then on, she will have to come to Shu Mountain regularly and accept the Shu Mountain Sect’s tracking technique and other things.

Usually, even disciples of the Nine Heavens Immortal Sect rarely do such troublesome things.

Just slaying demons and eliminating demons is so simple and neat.

But even though this one-size-fits-all approach is effortless and does not require responsibility, Chu Liang still can’t help feeling uneasy about his conscience.

After thinking about it, he still wanted to help them.

As for Ming Yuanwai’s property, he could not accept it.

There is no need to say anything about thousands of thanks. Chu Liang took them back to Shu Mountain that day. Xingzhou City is not far from Shu Mountain, otherwise the request from Ming Mansion would not have been sent to the Shu Mountain Exchange Sword Pavilion.

After returning to the mountain gate and reporting the matter to the master on the Silver Sword Peak, there was nothing for Chu Liang to do.

Di Nvfeng is a hero who is righteous and just, and she also greatly appreciates Chu Liang’s behavior. As for the follow-up matter of requesting a decree, she will take care of it, and it is estimated that the Heavenly Peak will not dare to neglect it.

Chu Liang returned to his small wooden house on his own hillside, settled down, and then sank his divine sense and came to the White Tower… it was time to receive his reward!

In a huge iron prison, there is only a golden cat spirit shadow floating in the air.

Chu Liang skillfully pressed the word “refining”.


A red light flashed, and the brilliance floated out. Chu Liang caught it with his hand and found it was a talisman. At the same time, a thought came into his mind.

【Ling Cat Leaping Symbol】: When this symbol is used, the cat spirit will possess the body, and the body’s agility will be greatly improved for fifteen minutes. If there is an unconscious action of licking the palm with the tongue, it is a normal phenomenon, please do not panic.

“A talisman?”This was the first time Chu Liang had received a talisman. In terms of appearance, a one-time-use pill or talisman was definitely not as impressive as a permanent magic weapon. However, he thought that since it was a one-time-use item, its power must be greater. If used at a critical moment, it might have an extraordinary effect.

Thinking this way, he was relieved and put away the talisman.


Just after receiving his reward, Chu Liang heard a loud cry from outside. He looked up and saw a huge white crane landing outside the wooden house.

It was completely white, without a single strand of fur, standing taller than an adult man, with bright black eyes and obvious spirituality. A long basket hung from its long neck, and it was using its sharp beak to pick up a small booklet and place it on the stone table outside.

It turned out to be this month’s Seven Star Mansion report.

Chu Liang said towards the window, “Thank you.”

“Sigh…” The white crane raised its neck and cried out again, as if responding, then flapped its wings and flew high towards its next destination.

This was the Shu Mountain’s white crane messenger, specially sent to deliver letters to disciples of the various peaks. Today, it brought the monthly Seven Star Mansion report.

Within the Nine Heavens Immortal Sect, there was a sect called the “Heavenly Axis Pavilion.”

The Heavenly Axis Pavilion’s main business was divination and fortune-telling, and it was the most closely related sect to the heavenly secrets in the world. Although it was not good at fighting, it had always been respected by all major forces. Being ranked in the Nine Heavens was the best proof.

The secondary business was to collect strange stories from the world and distribute a monthly Seven Star Mansion report. For hundreds of years, the Seven Star Mansion report of the Heavenly Axis Pavilion had already become popular throughout the world, from the Nine Heavens to the Ten Earths, even to the ordinary people, who all enjoyed reading it.

Chu Liang pointed and took the booklet into the room to flip through it.

The Seven Star Mansion report was divided into three parts: “Records of Strange Tales in the World,” “Ranking of Ten Thousand Treasures in the World,” and “Strategy of the Nine Continents.”

Among them, “Ranking of Ten Thousand Treasures in the World” was a big list that recorded all the treasures in the world and ranked them. There were not many changes every month, and there would be a separate article describing the changes in ranking for that month, making it easy to view. Most of the changes were in the lower ranks, and the top treasures of the world had rarely changed in hundreds of years.

For example, the first rank was always the human artifact, the Demon-Sealing Tower.

It was a pity that there was a small line of text behind the Demon-Sealing Tower, “Originally belonged to Shu Mountain, now lost.”

Indeed, Shu Mountain was once ranked in the Nine Heavens, and even once ranked first among the righteous sects in the world, all thanks to the existence of the Demon-Sealing Tower. Five hundred years ago, due to a great disaster, Shu Mountain lost this supreme divine weapon.

This led to the decline of the sect, and today, the top several sects in the Ten Earths in terms of ranking and pure strength were probably stronger than Shu Mountain. The voice in the martial arts world saying that Shu Mountain was not worthy of being ranked in the Nine Heavens was getting louder.

The second rank was the Seven Star Sword of the Heavenly Axis Pavilion, an ancient divine sword with the power to move mountains and seas.

However, the Heavenly Axis Pavilion had always been indifferent to the world and rarely participated in martial arts disputes. The Seven Star Sword had not been used for many years. The last recorded use was a hundred years ago when the demonic beast sect awakened the fierce and rare beast, the Poor Qi, and attempted to attack the Heavenly Axis Pavilion. The Seven Star Sword was drawn, and with one sword, it suppressed the Poor Qi and with another sword, it cut down three hundred demons, directly wiping out the demonic beast sect.

It was said that every time the Heavenly Axis Pavilion used the Seven Star Sword, it would pay a great price, but the details were not something that could be written for outsiders to know.

The third rank was the Mirror Sky Eight Trigrams of the Misty Hidden Immortal Mountain, with the power to communicate with the divine and endless uses.

Misty Hidden Immortal Mountain was also one of the Nine Heavens, and the Mirror Sky Eight Trigrams was a legendary divine weapon that fell from the immortal realm. It was widely rumored in the martial arts world that the reason why the Mirror Sky Eight Trigrams was ranked below the Seven Star Sword was only because the Ten Thousand Treasures Ranking was compiled by the Heavenly Axis Pavilion. In terms of real power, it was only higher and not lower.Translation:

These distant divine artifacts are not something that can be touched in daily life, nor will they have any impact. The one that Chu Liang most often sees is ranked fifty-seven.

The Phoenix Spirit Blood Jade.

It is condensed from the essence of an ancient divine phoenix’s blood. Wearing it can nourish the body and increase the power of killing and destruction when using divine abilities.

This treasure is embedded in the chest of Chu Liang’s master, Di Nvfeng.

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