Vol.1 – Chapter 9 – No need to rotate

Under the atmosphere of changing swords, the mood was not harmonious.

After Chu Liang finished speaking, there was suddenly a bit of awkwardness in the air.

The disciples of Shu Mountain were like one big family… except for Silver Sword Peak and Jade Sword Peak.

Originally, these two peaks were part of the five sword peaks of Shu Mountain and had always been closely related. However, the two peak masters of this generation, Wang Xuanling of Jade Sword Peak, as the leader of the peaks, was domineering and stubborn, while Di Nvfeng of Silver Sword Peak was young and hot-blooded, never allowing anyone to be higher than her, which inevitably led to disputes every time they met.

Between the two masters, the disciples naturally followed suit. Especially recently, the bet between Wang Xuanling and Di Nvfeng had spread throughout Shu Mountain, and Silver Sword Peak had naturally become the enemy of the disciples of Jade Sword Peak.

However, they probably didn’t have many opportunities to meet this lone disciple of Silver Sword Peak on a normal day… and they didn’t know Chu Liang.

Chu Liang remained unchanged, still wearing a faint smile on his face. At times like this… as long as you’re not embarrassed, then it’s others who are.

The expressions of the several disciples of Jade Sword Peak were somewhat stiff. After pausing for a moment, Lin Bei laughed: “Hey hey hey!”

He put his arm around Chu Liang’s shoulder. “I heard that your Silver Sword Peak only has one disciple. It’s really a coincidence that we ran into you today.”

“Yeah, quite a coincidence.” Chu Liang nodded with a smile.

“Since we’ve all received our mission assignments, let’s set off quickly.” Lin Bei looked towards the other three disciples of Jade Sword Peak and spoke loudly.

It seemed like he was urging them to set off, but the implication was that since they had all received their mission assignments, they couldn’t back out… so they might as well just go.

After hearing his words, the other three disciples of Jade Sword Peak nodded and turned to leave. Their expressions were somewhat unnatural, and they didn’t glance at Chu Liang much.

They were quite indifferent.

Chu Liang didn’t care and walked alongside Lin Bei. In his opinion, it didn’t matter who he was with, as long as they could fight demons.

The tall and sturdy Lin Bei was very enthusiastic and introduced Chu Liang to the other three disciples of Jade Sword Peak.

The tall and big youth walking in front of them, with a cold and hard face, was named Fang Ting. He was the leader of the Golden Core Realm disciples and was currently at the early stage of the Golden Core Realm, carrying a broad long sword on his back.

Chu Liang nodded, as expected.

Ordinary disciples of Shu Mountain wore the standard flying sword bracelet of the sect, which could change shape and be worn on the wrist. Those who carried their own swords were probably more powerful, and people were usually more powerful as well.

The female disciple beside him wore a goose-yellow short jacket with white lining and pants, adorned with tassels. She was petite and cute, with a white and tender egg-shaped face that looked very young and delicate. Her eyes were gentle, and she looked like a shy little girl, the kind that easily evoked a protective instinct in people.

“This little junior sister is Xu Ziqing. We’re mainly here to accompany her because this is her first time going down the mountain to do a mission.” Lin Bei smiled. “Her brother is our senior brother Xu Ziyang of Jade Sword Peak. He has been in seclusion recently, so we are taking her down the mountain.”

Chu Liang knew who Xu Ziyang was when he heard the name. Shu Mountain had been declining for many years, and the number of outstanding young disciples compared to the other nine immortal sects was much lower. Among this generation, there were only a few who had become famous at a young age, such as Jiang Yuebai and Xu Ziyang.

Xu Ziqing and Lin Bei were both at the early stage of the Divine Intention Realm, having recently broken through.In fact, disciples who have just broken through the realm of divine intent usually participate in team missions like this when they go down the mountain for the first time, finding senior brothers and sisters to guide them. Chu Liang, who couldn’t wait to go down the mountain and slay demons on his own, was in the minority.

As for the last male disciple, he was at the mid-stage of the realm of divine intent, with an ordinary appearance, named Lu Ren.

The group walked out of the Sword Exchange Pavilion and came to the edge of the Tongtian Peak. Xu Ziqing raised her hand and made a gesture, then shouted loudly.

Suddenly, the tip of her finger lit up with a sparkling light, as if there was a thread pulling, and a loud and clear long cry sounded from the distant sky.

Immediately afterwards, a giant white bird several zhang long emerged from the sea of clouds, still carrying frost and mist on its body. It landed and shook its wings, dispelling the mist.

This little girl actually had a spiritual pet as a mount. With her cultivation level, it was impossible for her to afford it, so it seemed that her senior brother cherished her very much.

The white bird immediately lowered its head and rubbed its soft neck against Xu Ziqing’s feather-like fingers. The little girl smiled and hugged it, then beckoned everyone to get on its back.

However, after calling out the people from Yujian Peak, she did not invite Chu Liang and went straight up.

Chu Liang didn’t mind and followed her.

Long-distance flying on a sword was fast, but it was inevitably tiring and cold. Having a mount was certainly a good thing.

Sitting on the back of the white bird, surrounded by long and soft white feathers, with the sound of wind in his ears, they soon soared high into the sky. Their destination this time was called “Zhennan Domain Mountain”.

Zhennan Domain Mountain was located at the border of the southern region and the central land, stretching for eight hundred li like a high barrier separating the two regions. The mountains were high and the valleys were deep, and the dense forests were vast. There were countless legends of demons and monsters, and even powerful cultivators did not dare to venture deep into it.

However, the place they were going to this time was only the outskirts of Zhennan Domain Mountain, a small jungle on the edge, which was not particularly dangerous. Moreover, with a Golden Core realm disciple leading the way, it should not be too difficult.

On the back of the bird, Fang Ting, Xu Ziqing, and Lu Ren sat in front, while Chu Liang and Lin Bei sat in the back, far apart.

“This person-faced jade spirit flower, it is said to be a pair of twin flowers born together. It was encountered by a senior of our Shu Mountain before, but it was not mature at that time and could not be picked, so he handed the task over to the Sword Exchange Pavilion. Now that the flowering period is approaching, we are going to complete the task…” Lin Bei kept talking next to him, explaining the content of the mission to Chu Liang. However, Chu Liang found that this fellow disciple seemed to be a talkative person, not a warm-hearted one.

Since they met, he had never stopped talking, as if he would feel uncomfortable if his mouth was closed.

Chu Liang even felt that the reason why the three people in front sat so far away from them might not be to isolate him, but to isolate Lin Bei…


After about half an hour, the white bird flew to the foot of Zhennan Domain Mountain, and a gust of wind ripples spread out. Everyone landed steadily.

“There are many demons and fierce beasts in Zhennan Domain Mountain. We cannot fly in the air anymore, and we have to walk into the mountain from now on.” Fang Ting finally spoke.

“There are many strange plants and trees in the forest, and it is full of miasma during the day. We must hold our breath and move forward, and we won’t be able to replenish our true essence. So we must be restrained when we act.”

“I need to save my cultivation level, so the task of clearing the way will be taken turns by Lu Ren, Lin Bei, and Chu Liang. Any objections?” He gave orders expressionlessly.

Although there was miasma in the forest, cultivators who had reached a certain level could still breathe and hold their breath for a long time. However, if they couldn’t exchange their breath, they couldn’t replenish their true essence, which made everyone’s true qi limited and precious.However, if they encountered any plant or tree spirits blocking the way, someone had to step up and clear the path.

As the one with the highest cultivation level, Fang Ting needed to conserve his energy in case of any sudden emergencies, so he didn’t waste his true essence on such a small matter as clearing the way. Xu Ziqing, on the other hand, had the weakest cultivation level and was also descending the mountain for the first time, so she was protected in the middle of the group. The other three took turns taking on the task.

This arrangement was definitely fair and reasonable.


“I have a suggestion.” Chu Liang, who had been standing at the back of the group, suddenly spoke up.

“Hmm?” Fang Ting frowned and looked at him.

Everyone’s gaze also fell on his smiling face, with a hint of suspicion. They didn’t know what this person from Silver Sword Peak wanted to do.

Then, Chu Liang said, “I can take on the task of clearing the way and slaying any demons alone. There’s no need to take turns.”

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