Vol.1 – Chapter 6 – What are you doing with my wife?

The scene seemed a bit silent.

Then, suddenly, there was a simultaneous exclamation in the room, “What do you see?”

Chu Liang and Lady Ming both pointed their left hands behind each other, while their right hands were hidden behind their backs.

Then, neither of them turned around.

Their moves were too heavy.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“Hehe.” Lady Ming smiled, “Well, since that’s the case, I won’t waste any more words with you. Since you entered the room, I have hidden the Illusion Heart Poison in the candle I lit. If you want the antidote, just leave here obediently and don’t cause any trouble.”

“Since I dared to come in, I naturally have taken precautions. In fact, I held my breath and didn’t touch anything since Lady lit the candle.” Chu Liang said.

Lady Ming’s smile disappeared. At this moment, she realized that this young man who looked much younger than her had more tricks up his sleeve than she had expected.

“I haven’t harmed anyone in these years, and I only want to live peacefully with my husband. Since you’ve completed your task, can’t you just leave without causing any trouble?” Her tone became somewhat pleading.

Chu Liang said, “But it’s not appropriate to do so.”

In the next moment, the situation suddenly changed!

The weak woman in front of him suddenly jumped up, and with a flick of her right hand, a long black whip swept towards Chu Liang like a spirit snake, trying to capture him!

Chu Liang shook his left hand, and his hand ring transformed into a sword, blocking Lady Ming’s whip. He tried to cut it off by twisting it a few times.

But that whip was made of some unknown material, and even the Shu Mountain Flying Sword couldn’t cut it.


Both sides pulled their ends, and for a moment, they were in a deadlock.

The bedroom was small, and as their true energy surged, the sound of cracking furniture and decorations filled the room.

After a brief stalemate, Lady Ming raised her left hand, which instantly turned into a sharp claw, and swung out three unmatched black lights.

Chu Liang dodged to the side, and with a wave of his left arm, he also shot out a red light.

Lady Ming also dodged nimbly, but the red light seemed to have a spirit. When she sidestepped it, it bent and quickly covered her.

Turtle Shell Bind!

Demon Binding Rope!

At such a close distance, it was really difficult to dodge the control of the Demon Binding Rope. Although Lady Ming’s cultivation was higher than that of the Cat Spirit from last night, she was still hit with one blow!


Lady Ming, who was tightly bound by the dense red rope in a Turtle Shell Bind, immediately fell to the ground, and her black whip also fell to the ground.

But she still raised her head and looked at Chu Liang, gritting her teeth, “You…”

Just as the battle was coming to an end, a greeting was heard outside the door.

“Madam? What was that noise just now? Are you okay?” While shouting, Ming Yuanwai stepped into the bedroom.


He saw the scene before him.

The room was in chaos, his wife was lying on the ground tied up in a strange and prominent position, and there were red ropes, leather whips, and red candles everywhere…

“Ah.” Ming Yuanwai took two steps back, covering his forehead with his hand, looking a bit dazed, and couldn’t help but say, “Did I… come at the wrong time?”Chu Liang quickly stopped Ming Yuanwai and explained that he arrived just in time. He asked him to sit down and calm down first and helped Ming Madam up from the ground. After being tied up like this, Ming Madam’s graceful figure was indeed tempting, and Chu Liang did not dare to lend a hand to help.

“Hero Chu, don’t you plan to untie my wife first?” Ming Yuanwai asked.

“Well…” Chu Liang said, “I’m afraid I can’t.”

Then he told Ming Yuanwai that his wife was a monster.

“What?” Ming Yuanwai was shocked when he heard this. “My wife is a monster? How is that possible? You… don’t slander her!”

Chu Liang said, “If Ming Yuanwai doesn’t believe it, I have a way to make your wife reveal her true form.”

“No need!” Ming Madam, who had been silent since Ming Yuanwai came in, suddenly shouted, making Chu Liang put back the half piece of brick he had already taken out.

“Husband, actually… I have never dared to tell you.” Ming Madam said in a low voice, “I am indeed a monster.”

“What? This… how is this possible? You are so gentle and kind…” Ming Yuanwai still couldn’t believe it.

“Who said that monsters are all evil monsters?” When Ming Madam raised her eyes again, she was already in tears.

“I and my parents and elder brother have lived in the mountains outside the city since childhood. Although I am a monster, I have never dared to harm anyone. I have lived like this for nearly a hundred years, until one day, I met you…”

“Me?” Ming Yuanwai was stunned.

“Yes, it’s you.” Ming Madam looked at him gently, “Of course you don’t remember. Who would remember saving a little mountain cat twenty years ago?”

“Ah, it’s you!” Ming Yuanwai exclaimed.

“Yes, at that time, my practice was not successful yet. I encountered an evil wolf in the mountains and almost died. I escaped to a forest and was caught in a hunter’s trap. At that time, a young boy passed by and saved me.” Ming Madam said gently.

“At that time, I was still young and one day I was not in the mood to study, so I ran out of the school and went to the mountains to play. I saved a very cute little mountain cat… I remember!” Ming Yuanwai nodded repeatedly, “I wanted to take you back home to heal, but you ran away after being rescued.”

“After that, I worked hard to practice, and it took ten years to master the technique of transforming into a human form.” Ming Madam looked at her husband, “I didn’t even tell my elder brother and couldn’t wait to go down the mountain to the city to play. Unexpectedly, I met you again. You have grown up, but you are still the same.”

“I thought that was our first meeting, but I didn’t expect… it was the second time.” Ming Yuanwai suddenly realized.

“Yes, after that, we fell in love, got married, and everything was like a dream. I couldn’t believe that being a human could be so happy.” Ming Madam smiled bitterly, “Until that day, I became pregnant.”

“Wife… you can get pregnant?” Ming Yuanwai was shocked again.”Of course it’s possible, but I dare not…” Lady Ming said, “Because I cannot truly attain enlightenment and transform, I am carrying a demon fetus. As soon as the child is born, my identity will be exposed… So I lied to you and said I was going back to my parents’ home, but in fact… I secretly went to the mountain to abort the child.”

“Lady, you…” Master Ming held her hand, tears streaming down his face, “Even if you are a demon, so what? We have a deep affection and strong bond over the years. How could we become false because of whether you are human or demon?”

“I never expected that our child would become a vengeful spirit…” Lady Ming said sadly, “I was exposed because of this, perhaps it’s retribution.”

“No!” Master Ming cried out, “What wrong have you done? If there is retribution, it should be on me!”

“I am satisfied to have had ten years of fate with you in this life,” Lady Ming looked at Chu Liang, “If you want to kill or torture, come at me.”

“No, no!” Master Ming suddenly knelt down and grabbed Chu Liang, “Hero Chu! I am willing to give you all my family’s wealth in exchange for a chance for my wife and I to escape. Please spare my wife!”

Chu Liang looked at the affectionate couple in front of him, his gaze deep.

It was completely reasonable to kill Lady Ming with one sword now. Demons living in human cities were not tolerated by society.

He could also receive rewards from the White Tower later.

Even if he let her go and took Master Ming’s wealth to leave… it would still be a good choice. Even a mortal wealthy man’s accumulated family fortune over several generations was not easily obtained.

Either way, it was a bloody profit.


Chu Liang shook his head without hesitation.

Just as the couple’s eyes were becoming desperate, he continued, “If Lady Ming has truly never harmed anyone, then you two can come with me to the mountain gate. Perhaps… I can request a pardon for Lady Ming.”

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