Vol.1 – Chapter 5 – Madam Ming


The cat spirit seemed to be searching for something, its terrifying dead eyes scanning around, and with a light leap, it brought up a rolling gust of wind. Looking at the direction it was leaping, it was towards the magistrate’s back courtyard.

Naturally, Chu Liang wouldn’t allow it to go forward. Such a resentful thing must be eliminated from the world.

“Sword Control Technique! Go!”

With a flick of his finger, the flying sword turned into a stream of light and flew away.


As soon as the sword light was released, the cat demon let out a strange cry, its strange eyes glancing at Chu Liang, and its body turned into a black shadow, dodging the flying sword, and then pounced back!

This attack was a retaliation against Chu Liang’s sword strike, coming fast and fierce, carrying a raging blood energy, ferocious and ruthless!

Chu Liang dodged, but his clothes still had a slight tear.


The cat spirit landed, leaving two bloody marks.

But a sword light followed closely, it was Chu Liang’s flying sword!


The sword light quickly swept past, and the cat spirit’s body suddenly twisted into a strange arc, dodging the fatal blow. “Meow——”

It dodged, but not completely.

The sword light still left a deep wound on the cat spirit’s body.

In an instant, black blood surged from the wound, instantly making the blood waves around the cat spirit more turbulent!

Not good.

Chu Liang frowned.

This cat spirit, which was specially enhanced, had the characteristics of a baby spirit. That is, the damage it received would be converted into its new power, and the more severe the injury, the stronger its strength! If one sword didn’t kill it, then be prepared to face a stronger enemy!

Reflected on this cat spirit, its speed became even faster!


Almost invisible to the naked eye, two flashes of black light appeared, and the next second they were already behind Chu Liang.

Chu Liang had already reacted at the first moment, recalling the flying sword back into his hand, but no matter what, he couldn’t defend against the attack from behind!

His hair stood on end, although it was silent, he knew that the cat spirit’s claws were about to fall!

At the critical moment, Chu Liang suddenly loosened his right hand and shouted, “Bind!”

A red light shot out from his sleeve like a spirit snake, and instantly tied up the cat spirit, which was about to claw Chu Liang from behind.

Turtle Shell Bind!

Binding Demon Rope!

“Meow——” The cat spirit let out a mournful cry, but its body uncontrollably fell to the ground.

What’s best for dealing with agile enemies?

Control!And in Chu Liang’s hand, he happened to have the demon-binding rope that he had just obtained the day before.

But even with a magic weapon, it was not a guaranteed hit. He took a risk to get closer to use the demon-binding rope, and let the cat spirit come closer.

If the speed of releasing the demon-binding rope was even a little slower, the outcome of this battle would have been reversed. If he didn’t stay calm and the distance was not enough, the magic weapon might also be dodged by the cat spirit.

Anyway, he won. He flipped over and waved his sword.


One sword to slay the demon.

The spiritual body was invisible, and once killed, nothing was left behind. Only a golden phantom fell on Chu Liang.

Dust settled.

A short but dangerous battle, this cat spirit with special abilities was obviously more difficult to deal with than the spider demon from the previous day.

Taking a breath, before he could notify anyone, he heard the chaotic footsteps coming from the other side, and a group of Ming family servants ran out under the leadership of Ming Yuanwai.

“Wow, Hero Chu is mighty!”

“I knew Hero Chu would make it.”

“Hero Chu is too powerful, he killed this evil creature in just a few moves!”


Flattering words came one after another.

Chu Liang looked at the celebrating team and was surprised at how skilled they were at suddenly disappearing and appearing.

The next morning.

Chu Liang, who had rested for the night, woke up refreshed. After washing up, a maid came to call him, saying that Yuanwai had prepared a banquet to celebrate Hero Chu’s victory.

“I’ll be there shortly.” Chu Liang replied warmly.

Then, he walked around the backyard, passed through the corridor, and came to a magnificent door. There, it was the bedroom of Ming Yuanwai and his wife.

Knock, knock, knock, he knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” A soft female voice came from inside.

“I am Chu Liang, I heard that Madam is not feeling well, and I came to visit.” He replied.

“…” There was a moment of silence inside before the woman said, “It’s Shu Mountain’s Hero Chu, but I am not convenient to receive guests now. I appreciate your kindness, but please leave.”

Unlike the enthusiastic Ming Yuanwai, this Ming Madam’s voice was cold.

“I have a secret technique from Shu Mountain, which might be effective for Madam’s illness. I can wait here until Madam is ready to receive visitors.” He paused and heard footsteps, then someone creaked open the door.

Madam Ming looked tired, without any makeup, wearing a home-style brocade robe. But she still had fair skin and a beautiful face, she was indeed a beauty.She led Chu Liang to sit in front of the screen in the room. The light was dim, so she lit a red candle and poured two cups of tea before saying, “I was just a little frightened. Since Hero Chu got rid of that monster last night, I’ll be fine in a few days. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“Alright.” Chu Liang nodded and continued, “But I do have something to tell Madam about the cat spirit from last night.”

“Oh?” Madam Ming frowned. “What does Hero Chu want to say?”

“It’s just some speculation…” Chu Liang said slowly. “Because that cat spirit last night was quite strange. It was either a grudge spirit, a demon spirit, or a baby spirit, which made me curious. So I thought, why did it come to your Ming Mansion…”

“Do evil spirits need a reason to harm people?” Madam Ming said.

“It does. If it’s a grudge spirit, it will definitely look for the person who killed it first… If it’s a baby spirit, it will look for its mother first…” Chu Liang continued, “And this cat spirit has been moving forward in your Ming Mansion for three consecutive days, but it hasn’t harmed anyone, as if it’s looking for something…”

“What is it looking for?” Madam Ming’s eyes seemed a little unfriendly.

“I’m also thinking about it. Mr. Ming said that your family is a virtuous family and has never harmed animals. So… is it looking for its own mother? But it’s a demon spirit, so is its mother also a demon?” Chu Liang asked.

“And since the appearance of that cat spirit, you seem to be the only one in the mansion who hasn’t shown up, Madam…” Chu Liang’s eyes were warm as he looked at Madam Ming.

Madam Ming sneered. “Hero Chu, are you saying that I’m a demon?”

“Whether you are or not, we’ll know once we try.” Chu Liang said.

“Do you have a demon-revealing mirror?” Madam Ming raised her eyebrows, seeming skeptical.

To reveal demons and monsters in the world, they either actively use their magic, which will leak demonic energy, or there are special magical techniques, but Chu Liang’s cultivation level is not high enough to learn them, or there are special tools, the most famous of which is the demon-revealing mirror.

However, demon-revealing mirrors are extremely rare. It is said that there is one in the palace of the human dynasty, one in the Yunque Temple of the Buddhist sect, and one in the Shu Mountain sect. But whether they would let a little disciple take it down the mountain is very doubtful.

“No.” Chu Liang shook his head. “But it’s close enough.”

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