Vol.1 – Chapter 4 – Yuanwai Mansion

In the mortal world, cultivators can be divided into three realms and nine levels. The Human Realm cultivates oneself, focusing on refining the body, condensing qi, and cultivating the mind. The Earth Realm cultivates external objects, focusing on the Golden Elixir, the Five Elements, and the Law Body. The Heaven Realm cultivates the Great Dao, focusing on the Inquiry of the Dao, the Heavenly Origin, and the Profound Connection.

Although there are many systems such as the Three Teachings, martial artists, demons, and side gates, they are all similar.

Shu Mountain Sect must exchange labor for resources, although it seems a bit cruel, it is also to train disciples. In fact, they still take care of their disciples. For example, disciples in the first and second levels are not allowed to take on mountain tasks and can only do some miscellaneous tasks such as maintaining spiritual plants, feeding spiritual birds, and serving in the hall.

In the Divine Intention Realm, one can already be considered a master when traveling the world, but in Shu Mountain Sect, it is only the threshold for going down the mountain to eliminate demons.

There is a big difference between eliminating demons in the city and in the mountains. The most popular are the strange cases in wealthy households.

Firstly, there are not many big demons lurking in the city, and the danger level is relatively low. Secondly, it is bustling and lively, and besides eliminating demons, one can also have some fun. Finally, wealthy households are generous, and besides paying the fee to the mountain gate for help, the reward after the task is often generous, which is enough to earn a small profit for the demon hunter.

Master Shen assigned Chu Liang to this task.

“Hero Chu, hello!”

“Master Ming, hello.”

“Hero Chu, you’ve worked hard!”

“Serving the people.”


Chu Liang flew on his sword to Xingzhou City and then went to the mansion of Master Ming to explain his identity and was immediately warmly welcomed.

Master Ming was a middle-aged man with a slender figure, a refined temperament, and a short beard under his chin, giving a good impression. However, his eye sockets were dark, and he looked haggard and tortured.

“With a young hero from Shu Mountain Sect like you, our family can finally be at peace,” Master Ming said, pulling Chu Liang all the way to the front hall, instructing the servants to serve tea and water, and then sighing.

“Let’s talk about the specific situation first,” Chu Liang smiled.

“Ah…” Master Ming sighed and said, “My Ming family has been a family of virtue for generations, but I don’t know why we encountered such strange things…”

“Three days ago, there was a strange cat’s cry outside the mansion, which was extremely eerie and mournful. Two days ago, the cat’s cry appeared in my front yard, and the housekeeper saw the monster with his own eyes, with blood surging all over its body! Yesterday, the cat’s cry had already come to my backyard! Even my wife was disturbed…”

“Young hero…” he looked at Chu Liang earnestly, “If we don’t stop it, it will probably come to my house and kill someone tonight!”

Master Ming acted quickly and sought help from a Taoist temple outside the city on the second day.Usually, these temples with flourishing incense are either inhabited by cultivators or have some connection with a sect, otherwise they cannot thrive. The temple outside Xingzhou City is closely connected with Shu Mountain, so the request for this task was sent to Shu Mountain’s Sword Exchange Pavilion as soon as possible.

“Hmm…” Chu Liang pondered for a moment upon hearing this.

This kind of creature that only appears at night… slowly probing forward… doesn’t seem like a demon, but more like a spirit, a “ghost.”

After all, if a demonic creature has achieved a certain level of cultivation, its intelligence is no different from that of a human, and its actions would not be so elusive. Only ghosts, whose intelligence is lacking due to their death, may be driven by resentment from their past lives to do strange things.

Like this cat demon…

It may be a dead cat spirit.

Thinking of this, Chu Liang asked, “Has anyone in your household killed a cat in the past few days?”

“Of course not…” Ming Yuanwai shook his head. “My wife is extremely compassionate and has always treated animals kindly. The stray cats and dogs around us are also carefully fed by our family members.”

When Chu Liang arrived, it was already afternoon. After inquiring about the situation and surveying the area, it was already getting dark.

The household quickly hosted a banquet.

After all, if it gets any later, the cat demon will appear.

The sumptuous feast on the table goes without saying. Ming Yuanwai and Chu Liang sat there, each with a maid serving them, enjoying treatment that cannot be enjoyed on Silver Sword Peak.

However, after waiting for a while, not everyone had arrived yet, and another maid came to report, “Master, Madam says she is feeling unwell and it has worsened, and she cannot come to the banquet. She apologizes to Hero Chu and Master.”

“Oh…” Ming Yuanwai immediately looked anxious, stood up, looked at Chu Liang, and apologized, “Hero Chu, please don’t be angry. I’ll go see my wife first and be right back.”

With that, he left Chu Liang here and hurried back to the backyard.

Chu Liang was not annoyed, but just smiled and said, “Ming Yuanwai and his wife have a really good relationship.”

“Yes.” The maid next to him said with some envy, “My master and his wife have been married for ten years and are still deeply in love. A few years ago, when Madam couldn’t have children due to illness, she even advised my master to take concubines and have children, but my master still refuses to take concubines to this day.”

Another maid also sighed, “Only a beautiful and kind woman like Madam deserves such deep love and loyalty from my master.”

After a while, Ming Yuanwai hurriedly returned.

“Is Madam okay?” Chu Liang asked.

“It’s nothing serious, but these past few days, the evil spirits have been causing trouble, and my wife was disturbed and feeling unwell. As long as we can get rid of this demon, everything will be fine.” Ming Yuanwai said.

“I will do my best.” Chu Liang said.The banquet was not over yet when a gust of wind was heard outside.

Accompanied by eerie Yin energy, the wind raged and blew open the door with a bang, sending the bowls and chopsticks on the banquet table clattering.

“It’s that cat demon again!” Ming Yuanwai exclaimed.

Chu Liang immediately rushed to the door and carefully sensed the aura.

The Yin energy was heavy, indicating the presence of ghosts. But it was also mixed with a strong demonic wind. Could it be…

“Something’s not right. You guys hide first…” Chu Liang turned around, intending to persuade the non-combatants of the Ming family to take cover.

But when he turned back, he found the banquet hall empty except for himself. From afar, he heard Ming Yuanwai’s voice saying, “Hero Chu, it’s up to you now…”

Great. They ran really fast.

He had been worried about the safety of the Ming family, but now he felt that his concern was completely unnecessary. At this escape speed, the entire Xingzhou City would have been invaded by demons, and they would still be safe.


Before he could think too much, a piercing scream sounded, chilling and terrifying.

“Hey!” Chu Liang shouted, and his flying sword bracelet rose up and turned into a long sword in his hand as he stepped out of the hall.

At a glance, he saw the overwhelming blood energy outside!

On the wall of the mansion, a cat-faced monster was crouching, its eyes glowing with lifeless white. Its face was covered in black hair and blood, making it look very young. The strangest thing was that although the monster had a cat head, its body looked like that of a human baby, covered in blood but without any hair.

It was terrifying!

Chu Liang couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease upon seeing it.

This thing…

It was a vengeful spirit, a ghost formed from overwhelming resentment! It was also a baby spirit, a ghost with ten times stronger resentment than ordinary ghosts because it died before birth! And it was a demonic spirit, a ghost formed from a demon after its death!

No wonder it was so strange. A vengeful spirit, a baby spirit, and a demonic spirit… Each one was a particularly special existence among ghosts.

And the one in front of him was…

All of them combined!

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