Vol.1 – Chapter 33 – Three Plagues of Shu Mountain

The Shu Mountain Sect has always had a saying about the "Three Evils of Shu Mountain," which are the three things that everyone on the mountain wants to fight against… mahjong, hot pot, and Di Nvfeng.


Mahjong is a popular pastime in the southwest, and Shu Mountain is no exception. At one point, playing mahjong was famous throughout the nine heavens and ten earths, and during the peak of Shu Mountain's leadership in the cultivation world, some even began to discuss whether playing mahjong had any benefits for cultivation, which was quite ridiculous.


Later, as Shu Mountain began to decline, they started to heavily ban these entertainment activities that were easy to neglect cultivation, but… the ban was repeatedly broken.


To this day, playing mahjong is still one of the most popular entertainment activities in Shu Mountain, but it must be kept within reasonable limits.


In addition to the formal events like the inter-sect competition that takes place once every ten years, there are also entertainment events such as the Shu Mountain Mahjong Competition, Sword-flying Race, and Spirit Pet Fighting Competition. Among them, the mahjong competition has always been the most intense.


As for hot pot, it is also popular in the southwest, and Shu Mountain is no exception. But why has hot pot become an evil?


Because this way of eating is too inclusive, and there is a saying on Shu Mountain that everything can be put into hot pot. At one point, Shu Mountain's hot pot even developed two major characteristics: "the more spicy, the better" and "the more exotic, the better."


Anything you can think of, Shu Mountain can put it in the hot pot. Birds and beasts, demons and monsters… and even there was a period of vicious competition where Shu Mountain disciples competed to capture rare beasts and wanted to eat them fresh in the hot pot.


It can be said that today you put in dragon liver, tomorrow I put in phoenix marrow. The small pot had a very serious internal loop. As the loop continued, many monsters were rolled into the pot.


In those years, it was widely rumored in the martial arts world that Shu Mountain people ate everything.


Other sects saw monsters and thought of buying and selling or killing them, while Shu Mountain disciples saw monsters and thought of red oil or clear soup.


It wasn't until the current sect leader personally ordered the prohibition of this bad behavior that the negative trend was stopped.


The first two evils have been around for a long time, and the third evil, Di Nvfeng, was added in the early years.


When Di Nvfeng was young, she was a real bully on Shu Mountain, domineering and extremely capable of fighting. There were few disciples of the same generation who had not been bullied by her.


Later, when she competed for the position of sect leader, no one supported her, but she had reached the Dao Realm, leaving everyone helpless.


Most of the thirty-six peak masters of Shu Mountain were still in the sixth realm of the Law Body Realm, and there were only about ten with the Dao Realm cultivation base. In terms of combat power alone, Di Nvfeng was at least in the top three among the peak masters!


In fact, no peak master has ever dared to claim that they could defeat Di Nvfeng.


Fortunately, since she became a peak master, she has restrained herself a lot. In recent years, there have been very few reports of Di Nvfeng causing trouble, to the point where some younger disciples are not very clear about the origin of this evil.Today, there were several Shu Mountain juniors here, playing mahjong, eating hot pot, and chatting about Di Nvfeng.


"Boss, are you going to be tough? That's absolutely not possible," follower Jia said loudly.


In a wooden house on Cloud Remote Peak, a pot of red oil was boiling, with meat slices and fish balls bobbing up and down, emitting a fragrant aroma.


Follower Yi picked up a spoonful of tripe, feeling nervous, and quickly put it in his bowl.


Shang Ziliang sat there with a worried look on his face. "What's wrong? Haven't you investigated already? Chu Liang only has a small amount of initial godly realm cultivation. I am already at the peak of the godly realm and am currently forging a golden pill. I will break through soon. If I confront him head-on, I'm almost certain to win."


Earlier, he had seen Xu Ziqing and Chu Liang acting suspiciously in the Sword Transmission Hall, accompanied by a strange smell, and became suspicious.


After some investigation, he found out that the two had just completed a mission together and had a good relationship during the mission… Shang Ziliang became angry and wanted to warn Chu Liang to stay away from Xu Ziqing.


"Boss…," follower Jia advised, "you only know that Chu Liang is in the godly realm, but his master is Di Nvfeng!"


Follower Yi picked up a large chopstick of beef and dipped it in sesame sauce before eating it.


"His master is Di Nvfeng, and my father is also a Peak Master. Should I be afraid of her?" Shang Ziliang said.


Follower Jia was silent for a moment, but the meaning in his eyes was clear… he was probably afraid.


Among the various peaks, the Peak Master of Cloud Remote Peak, Shushan, Shang Ziliang's father, was not known for his cultivation, but for his elegance and gentleness. This was the opposite of Di Nvfeng…


"If it were another Peak Master, they might consider your father's face and not bother with you. But Di Nvfeng… she has never given anyone face. If you really provoke her, who knows what will happen?" Follower Jia advised earnestly.


Follower Yi picked up a few pieces of tofu and yellow throat.


"What should we do then?" Shang Ziliang asked.


"Boss, we're not just afraid of his master. We can say that you went to him for no reason and warned him to stay away from Junior Sister Xu. If he doesn't listen, we can beat him up… we're not in the wrong no matter how you look at it," Follower Jia calmly analyzed, "in my opinion, it's better to act secretly."


Follower Yi picked up a large piece of green vegetable.


Shang Ziliang frowned and pondered, "Act secretly? But I want to warn him. How can we do that secretly?"


Follower Jia said, "Why don't we use a trick to make him suffer a bit, and then leave a warning… if he gets close to Junior Sister Xu again, he'll suffer in the future… but we won't reveal our identities, so even if his master wants to help him, she won't know who to look for."


Follower Yi stood up and picked up some minced meat from the bottom of the pot.


Shang Ziliang grinned, "Okay, how can we make him suffer?"


Follower Jia also smiled, "I thought of this earlier. Boss, do you remember Hakutaku?"Shang Ziliang looked at the cunning eyes of his follower, paused for a moment, and then smiled knowingly, "Not bad, you have some intelligence."


After discussing a few words, Shang Ziliang was relieved and felt hungry again. He picked up his chopsticks and prepared to eat something, but then he saw that the pot was empty.


"Hmm? Where's the food?" he asked.


"Yeah, where's the food?" the follower also didn't notice.


"I don't know," the other follower shook his head blankly, "It feels like it disappeared before we even started eating."



Chu Liang returned to his small room and meditated to cultivate his skills. Although he had the Big Head Doll now, he couldn't slack off on his actual cultivation when he had free time.


After about two hours, he took out the Soul Capturing Token and looked at it, but there was no new information.


It seemed that the Soul Realm was still quiet when that demon didn't speak. These demonic cultivators usually walked in the shadows and were all ruthless and cruel people who only thought about life and death matters. They wouldn't have much leisure time to chat.


He looked at the stone table outside and saw that there was a letter, which should have been delivered while he was cultivating.


He reached out and took the letter, opened it and saw two lines of small characters.


"Senior Brother Chu, I'll be waiting for you at Baota Peak at 5:00 in the afternoon…Xu Ziqing."


"Hmm?" Chu Liang was puzzled when he saw the letter.


Was this letter really written by Xu Ziqing?


"If this letter was really written by Junior Sister Xu, then she…" Chu Liang thought to himself, "Her handwriting is really ugly."

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