Vol.1 – Chapter 34 – Hakutaku’s young cub

Shu Mountain has 36 peaks, which actually only refers to the peaks with inheritance. If you count the desolate and ownerless peaks, there are more than a hundred peaks in the continuous sea of clouds.


Baota Peak is such a desolate and uninhabited peak.


Although it is uninhabited now, this peak is one of the most well-known peaks of Shu Mountain. Because back then, it was the location of the number one supreme human artifact, the Demon Suppression Tower, in the Wanbao Record!


Five hundred years have passed, and it is now a picturesque world of green mountains, lush forests, and flowing waterfalls.


Although the current disciples of Shu Mountain have not experienced it, they have seen the scene from the paintings of that time.


A magnificent bronze tower stood between heaven and earth, with the howling wind and monstrous demons all suppressed by the tower.


As if a miracle.


That bronze tower carried the glory of Shu Mountain for thousands of years, but now, although the place is full of birds and flowers, Shu Mountain is no longer what it used to be.


Chu Liang looked around at the scenery, feeling a little emotional.


As for Xu Ziqing, he didn't care too much. Although he didn't know why he was invited here, he naturally had to come out of politeness.


But the feeling of the letter he received was a bit suspicious, and it was likely not written by Xu Ziqing himself, maybe it was someone else's prank.


But it didn't matter, it was a good opportunity to see who did it.


Chu Liang wasn't careless, because he wasn't too worried about his personal safety. After all, he didn't have any enemies inside the mountain gate, and…


This is Shu Mountain, and his master is Di Nvfeng.


This master may not be of much use, but she definitely gave him a sense of security.


It is generally believed in Shu Mountain that if Di Nvfeng's disciples don't bully others, it's already good enough. Who dares to provoke them?


Thinking like this, as soon as Chu Liang landed, he looked around.


Suddenly, he heard a rush of footsteps coming from the woods ahead. It didn't sound like a person, but more like a wild beast.


"Hmm?" Chu Liang became slightly guarded.


Then, he saw a divine and majestic white figure rushing out of the woods!


This figure was seven feet tall, all silver-white, with a dragon-like head and deer-like antlers. Its neck was covered with pure white mane, and its long tail was like a tiger or leopard. Its four hooves were like galloping horses, and its white scales reflected the sunlight.


"Moo moo–"


This creature was making a sound like a deer, running out of the woods at high speed like a silver lightning bolt!


Chu Liang only slowed down before he could see what it was and exclaimed in surprise, "Hakutaku?"




This creature is a cub of the mountain guardian beast of Shu Mountain, Hakutaku.


Without giving him time to react, the silver lightning bolt charged straight towards him! He couldn't dodge in time!





"Yay!"In the distant mountain, three figures wearing leaves and grass on a big tree cheered sneakily.


They were Shang Ziliang and his followers.


Seeing Chu Liang collide with the divine beast Hakutaku, Shang Ziliang smirked, "Hehe, even if Di Nvfeng is powerful, does she dare to mess with Hakutaku?"


"Boss, be careful." The follower curled up and whispered, "If Hakutaku finds our tracks, it will be dangerous."


"I know." Shang Ziliang said impatiently.


The reason why they wanted to lure Chu Liang here was because they suffered a big loss not long ago.


Every major immortal sect has its own divine beast that guards the mountain. These divine beasts are derived from the great dao, loyal, powerful, and have long lifespans. Once an agreement is made, they can often protect an immortal sect for tens of thousands of years.


The divine beast that guards Shu Mountain Sect is Hakutaku.


Of course, it's not the one in front of them. The adult Hakutaku is knowledgeable, knows yin and yang, and is in charge of the heavenly element. It is a being close to a god.


The ancient Hakutaku that guarded Shu Mountain in the past was responsible for managing the Demon-Sealing Tower. Since the tower was lost, it seemed to feel guilty and has been in seclusion for many years.


The one in front of them is just its cub, a Hakutaku that is less than 600 years old.


Yes, for divine beasts with long lifespans, a hundred years may be equivalent to one year for humans, so this Hakutaku is indeed just a cub.


There is a special peak in Shu Mountain that guards the mountain gate divine beast. Disciples are prohibited from disturbing it, and it usually does not leave there.


But a few days ago, Shang Ziliang and his followers came to the Pagoda Peak to play when they were bored. As soon as they landed, they were attacked by this Hakutaku cub.


Not to mention that they dared not fight back against this Shu Mountain super-protected animal… In fact, the divine beast Hakutaku was born with almost the strength of the fifth realm, and they could not resist it at all.


It was a painful memory…


The three of them were trampled by the Hakutaku cub, and then they were knocked out by its horns… After returning to Cloud Remote Peak, they could only sleep on their stomachs for four or five days.


Afterward, they asked Shang Shuwen, his father, and learned that the Hakutaku cub would run to the Pagoda Peak for a few days every month recently. Moreover, when it was on the mountain, no one was allowed to approach the Pagoda Peak, otherwise its aggressiveness would be extremely strong.


Shang Ziliang could only admit his bad luck.


Today, seeing someone about to experience the misfortune they had suffered before, the three of them couldn't help but be overjoyed.




Their joyful expressions froze slowly and turned into shock and disbelief.


It seemed that they saw an incredible scene.Shang Ziliang's eyes were full of confusion as he muttered, "Is there something wrong?"


Follower A was dumbfounded. "I don't understand."


Follower B didn't say anything, but his gaze was also filled with confusion.


All three were at a loss.





The moment Chu Liang was tackled by the Hakutaku cub, he felt a sense of danger.


Although he had never seen this divine beast before, as a disciple of Shu Mountain, he was taught that the Hakutaku divine beast was their most precious friend and must not be harmed. Even if he was beaten up by it, he could only take it in silence.


Moreover, the speed and strength of this divine beast far surpassed his own, leaving him with no room to fight back…


But after Chu Liang fell to the ground and closed his eyes, the expected pain did not come. Instead, he felt a warm, sticky sensation on his face.


Slobber, slobber…


When Chu Liang opened his eyes again, he saw a pink tongue and the Hakutaku divine beast, which was incredibly fast and powerful, licking his face up close.


And as they made eye contact, the Hakutaku's eyes were filled with excitement and a strong sense of familiarity.


It was as if it knew him.


"Huh?" Chu Liang was a little confused.


The Hakutaku cub's affection couldn't be faked, but he had never seen it before. Even if he had seen it by chance, how could he, an ordinary disciple, have won the favor of a divine beast?


After a moment of contemplation, Chu Liang thought of the most likely possibility.


Could it be because…


He was handsome?


"Olorolo…" The Hakutaku cub let out a happy chirp.


Was it trying to talk to him?


But Chu Liang didn't understand the language of beasts, so he could only pat its neck in response.


"Olorolo…" The Hakutaku cub ran happily around Chu Liang twice before leaning its head against him and lowering its body.


"Hmm?" Chu Liang furrowed his brow.


Was it asking him to ride on its back?


Divine beasts rarely allowed humans to ride them, and if they did, it meant a significant level of recognition.


Chu Liang didn't want to refuse this rare opportunity, especially since the Hakutaku cub was so enthusiastic. He slowly got up and cautiously approached it.


He moved slowly, afraid that he might misunderstand its intention. If the Hakutaku cub suddenly turned hostile, he could quickly retreat and explain himself.


Just rubbing against it, not getting on.


Fortunately, it seemed that he understood correctly.


It wasn't until he was seated on the Hakutaku cub's back that it let out a happy "olorolo" and stood up straight before suddenly galloping away.




In an instant, they were moving at a speed several times faster than Chu Liang's full-speed sword technique, and they quickly disappeared into the dense jungle ahead.The trees around them flew backwards, and Chu Liang could hardly see the scenery on the roadside with his naked eyes. Suddenly, he leaped forward and saw a silver waterfall in front of him!


This is the big waterfall on the Pagoda Peak!


Legend has it that after the Tower of Demons left, a huge pit was left here, which later turned into a lake. And this waterfall falls vertically into the lake with a thunderous roar.


Seeing the lake ahead, the speed of the Hakutaku cub did not decrease at all. With a sudden leap, it collided with the waterfall in front of it.


"Hey!" Chu Liang couldn't help but shout.




With a muffled sound in his ears, the Hakutaku cub carried him straight into the waterfall, and after passing through the waterfall, there was not a mountain wall behind it, but a hollow cave.


It turned out that there was another world here!


The Water Curtain Cave?


Passing through the dense jungle and entering the Water Curtain Cave was not the end… it seemed to go all the way to the end?


The front of the cave was pitch black and seemed to be bottomless. The Hakutaku cub rushed all the way, leading Chu Liang to continue running forward. In a blink of an eye, they had already flown for several miles, and finally there was a fault ahead, and it jumped again!


It was only then that Chu Liang saw the end of this Water Curtain Cave.


It was a cave, and there was…


A woman?

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