Vol.1 – Chapter 32 – Hide

Clear white clouds drifted across the sky, and the bright sun shone on the sea of clouds. Everything on Shu Mountain appeared peaceful and serene.

Especially for those who had just experienced a life-threatening crisis, everything seemed particularly lovely.

After returning to Shu Mountain, Chu Liang rested briefly before starting to work again around noon.

He first went to the White Tower and found the cage empty.

There were two possibilities: either killing people did not earn rewards from the White Tower, as the previous rewards were given to evil spirits; or although he had used the Soul-Exchange Curse, the black-robed man had technically committed suicide, so the mark was not given to him.

As for which one was correct, it would have to be verified later.

Of course, this time was not without gains. He had collected many small items from the black-robed man and needed to check each one individually.

Although killing people did not provide rewards, the gains might be even greater because cultivators were all different from evil spirits, and each cultivator was a small treasure trove.

Although the magic weapons on the demonic cultivators were all sinister and treacherous, he could not use many of them. However, Shu Mountain would reward disciples with sword coins for the magic weapons turned in by demonic cultivators, so they would not be wasted.

He first opened the small porcelain bottles that sealed the ghostly creatures.

What the disciples of the Underworld Sect feared most were the ghostly creatures they had refined. Chu Liang thought that although he could not control these ghostly creatures, he could disperse them one by one with his sword. This would help them enter reincarnation and enable him to exchange them for rewards in the White Tower. He would definitely profit!

But when he opened those porcelain bottles, he was disappointed.

It seemed that the black-robed man had cast some kind of curse on the ghostly creatures when he refined them to prevent them from betraying him. After he died, all these ghostly creatures disappeared.

What a pity.

Chu Liang sighed silently.

All these small porcelain bottles were empty, leaving a void in his heart.

There were also some materials for cultivating demonic techniques, which Chu Liang did not recognize and probably would not use. He would have to turn them over to the Sword Transmission Hall later.

Then there was the Underworld Book, which increased one’s cultivation by killing people. It was an extremely sinister magic weapon. When he touched it, he could even feel the wails of those miserable souls… He did not need it.

There was also a sachet that the black-robed man had carefully preserved. When he opened it, he found three hollow dark copper balls, each the size of a walnut. They were extremely cold to the touch and carried a sense of fear.

It should be some kind of sinister magic weapon.

He would ask his master about it later.

Finally, there was a dark gold token engraved with the words “Soul Arrest.” It seemed to be a magic weapon too.

Chu Liang did not quite understand its use, but he thought that since the original owner was dead, there should not be too much danger. He tried to probe it with a trace of divine sense and looked inside.


His divine sense sank into the token, revealing a dark and murky space.There was nothing in this space except for a few lines of golden words floating around, seemingly a magical tool for transmitting information.

【Sha】: “I have broken through to the third level of the Five Elements Realm. The next level of cultivation requires Xuanming True Water or various kinds of abyssal monsters… When you travel the world, you must pay attention for me.”

【Fifty-Nine】: “Congratulations, Lord Sha. We will do our best to find it for you.”

【Sixty】: “Congratulations, Lord Sha. I will do my best.”

【Sha】: “Hmm? Why hasn’t Fifty-Eight responded for so long? Could something have happened?”

【Fifty-Nine】: “Another hour has passed. Is it possible that something happened to Fifty-Eight?”

【Sha】: “Fifty-Eight, please respond when you receive this.”

Chu Liang looked at these messages and thought of the magical tool he had heard of before. It seemed to be a kind of soul realm space that could transmit information across space for a few people through the connection of their souls.

However, Shu Mountain did not specialize in soul magic and did not have this kind of soul realm space, so he had never seen it before. It was normal for the demonic cultivators of the Underworld Sect to have this kind of magical tool since they specialized in soul magic.

Were there only four people in this soul realm space?

That Sha… and Fifty-Eight, Fifty-Nine, and Sixty. It was not difficult to tell who the group leader was just by their names.

And Fifty-Eight, who had not appeared all along, should be the former owner of the soul-locking token he was holding.

What should he do?

Should he reply?

There was no danger anyway, and he couldn’t follow the soul realm to catch him and beat him up. It was worth a try. So Chu Liang cautiously used his divine sense to input a message.

In an instant, the message appeared in the space.

【Fifty-Eight】: “Congratulations, Lord Sha, I will do my best to find it.”

When he didn’t know what to say, it was safest to just reply with a simple “me too.”

When there was no reply for a while, Chu Liang put the soul-locking token aside and sorted out the other items first.

After a moment, he felt the soul-locking token shake slightly.

Oh, it was vibrating.

He picked it up and saw that there was indeed another reply in the soul realm space.

【Sha】: “Where did you go just now? Is there any danger?”

Looking at the group leader’s question, Chu Liang pondered for a moment. He didn’t have much time to think, and if he didn’t reply for a long time, it would inevitably arouse suspicion. But saying the wrong thing could also make people notice that something was wrong.

He needed a reasonable reason for his long absence.

But he didn’t know this Fifty-Eight well, and lying with his identity would inevitably have flaws.

So he thought about it and decided to tell the truth.

【Fifty-Eight】: “I had a battle earlier and caught a Confucian cultivator in the God-Intention Realm. I took her into the Underworld Heavenly Book.”

【Sha】: “A Confucian cultivator in the God-Intention Realm? Not bad. If it is refined well, it can move freely in the daytime, which is a great help.”

【Fifty-Nine】: “Impressive.”

【Fifty-Nine】: “I wish I had that kind of luck.”【Chapter 58】: “I have been in the Jianghu for fifty-eight years, and my experience is far beyond yours. This is not just luck. You two still have a lot to learn from him.”

【Chapter 59】: “Yes, yes, yes.”

Chu Liang pretended to be confused and left.

It seemed that the “Sha” had reached the third level of the Five Elements Realm and was considered a master in the Mingwang Sect. The remaining fifty-nine seemed like a street ruffian, always coming and going, looking very idle. Sixty was relatively low-profile and not well-known.

After the brief conversation, he decided to report this matter to his master.

When he arrived at the small attic, Di Nvfeng was unusually sober and was looking at a newly popular romantic comic book. It was hard to imagine that such a heroic woman who could fly and escape would be so fascinated by such stories of infatuated men and women.

“Master, I have something to report.” Chu Liang greeted her politely.

“What’s wrong?” Di Nvfeng put down the comic book carelessly and asked.

“This is a treasure that I found on the black-clothed man…” He took out the three dark copper balls first. “I don’t recognize this item, may I keep it?”

“Oh?” Di Nvfeng glanced at it lazily and said, “This is the Xuan Sha Yin Lei.”

“The Xuan Sha Yin Lei?”

“It is a small gadget that can explode and cause fear at the same time.” Di Nvfeng said, “A person in the Golden Core Realm actually has three of them. It seems that he is keeping them as life-saving treasures. You can also use this little gadget. You can exchange it for some sword coins at the Sword Pavilion. It’s up to you.”

“I see…” Chu Liang nodded and said, “There is another thing.”

He briefly told Di Nvfeng about the content of entering the Soul Domain space just now.

“Oh?” Di Nvfeng suddenly became interested and sat up.

“The left and right guardians of the Mingwang Sect were recently seriously injured by the Jiuyi Immortal of the Wuyin Mountain. The Baiyin King was killed directly, and the Zijin Marquis was seriously injured and fled. The Zijin Marquis had eight Fang Jieyin, twenty-four Sha, and seventy-two Juhunshi under his command…”

“In the past, he relied on these Juhunshi to plunder souls, harm the innocent, and enhance his cultivation. That black-clothed man should be one of the Juhunshi.”

“Each Jieyin governs three Sha, and each Sha governs three Juhunshi. The structure under the Zijin Marquis is like this.”

“The Soul Domain space is formed by a trace of soul seed left by each person, entwined together to form a formation, so that they can contact each other from thousands of miles away. However…if one person’s soul dissipates, then this Juhun Ling should not be able to enter the Soul Domain space anymore. In the past, there have been people who killed the Juhunshi of the Mingwang Sect, but I haven’t heard that they could replace the Juhun Ling…”

Di Nvfeng was a bit puzzled.

Chu Liang thought for a moment and said, “Is it possible that the Juhunshi died, but his divine soul did not dissipate…he may have failed in his attempt and was absorbed into the Mingfu Heavenly Book…”He took out the Netherworld Scripture and showed it to Di Nvfeng.

In fact, he knew that the kind of magic weapon used by the demonic sects to communicate in secret could not be used by just anyone. Normally, if the soul of a Soulcatcher died, their Soulcatcher Token would immediately become useless.

The situation with number fifty-eight was extremely rare.

Di Nvfeng looked at it and roughly understood the situation. Suddenly, she smiled.


“Give this Netherworld Scripture to someone from the Sword Transmission Hall. Release and dissipate all innocent souls inside, leaving only the soul of the Soulcatcher.”

“You will hide in that soul realm space and try not to reveal any flaws…”

“Currently, the Purple Gold Marquis is heavily injured and hiding. Not only are people from the righteous path looking for him, but the infighting within the demonic path is also extremely severe. He dare not return to the Netherworld Sect and must be hiding somewhere to heal.”

“You will hide among his direct subordinates. If there is a chance, you may be able to find out where he is hiding…”

“When I directly kill the Purple Gold Marquis alone, it will be a great opportunity to show off. Then, what can Wang Xuanling do to compete with me?”

Imagining a bright future, Di Nvfeng’s smile became more and more insane.

Meanwhile, Chu Liang felt the weight of his responsibility.

Comrade Chu Liang, your mission is to hide!

“If Master kills the Right Protector of the Netherworld Sect, the rewards from the sect will definitely be generous, right?” He asked tentatively.

“Don’t worry. Whenever there are benefits, we will split it evenly between us. You will definitely not miss out on your share…” Di Nvfeng trembled as she laughed, and her laughter gradually became crooked. “Hehehehehe…”

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