Vol.1 – Chapter 31 – Happy body groping

“Chu Liang!” Song Qingyi cried out in sorrow.

She ran to Chu Liang, whose eyes had dimmed, in just a few steps. She was about to cry when she suddenly realized that something was wrong.


She could move?

While she was wondering, Chu Liang’s clear eyes suddenly turned and regained their brilliance.

“Ah…” Chu Liang breathed a sigh of relief and fell to the ground.

That split second just now was the most dangerous moment in his life.

From the moment he was taken into the grass hut by the black-robed man and saw the soul-capturing array, a bold idea popped into his mind. Facing a golden core realm demon cultivator who had rendered him powerless, it was almost certain death. If he had directly killed Song Qingyi and Chu Liang, they would have had no way to resist. But in order to preserve the integrity of his soul, he chose to directly capture their souls.

Normally, there would be no difference.

But at this moment, Chu Liang suddenly remembered the reward that had disappointed him.

The soul-swapping curse!

If there was still a chance to turn the tables, it might… depend on it.

So he struggled hard, not in vain, but to turn his body around and block the white jade talisman behind his back so that it would not be discovered.

It was precisely because of this that when the black-robed man wanted to attack Song Qingyi first, Chu Liang spoke sarcastically and provoked the black-robed man to capture his soul first.

When the black-robed man fell for it and tried to capture Chu Liang’s soul, Chu Liang also activated the white jade talisman at the same time.

The jade talisman shattered immediately and the soul-swapping curse took effect instantly.

Chu Liang’s soul and the black-robed man’s soul briefly exchanged places.

After entering the body of the black-robed man, Chu Liang felt a momentary deprivation of all his senses. Then his senses returned, but his body was still unable to move.

That feeling was like when your arm falls asleep, and it feels like a stranger’s arm. And this feeling spread throughout his body, making him unable to move.

Fortunately, this stiffness only lasted for three breaths.

At the same time, the black-robed man was horrified to find that he had inexplicably appeared in Chu Liang’s body, but the black light emitted by the Book of the Netherworld had already fallen on “himself”.

His soul didn’t even last for three breaths before it was captured by the Book of the Netherworld.

In other words, he was dead.

With the death of the black-robed man, the soul-nailing cone he had condensed with his magical powers naturally unraveled, and Song Qingyi was able to move again and rushed to Chu Liang’s side.

Then, after three breaths, Chu Liang’s soul returned to his original body in a flash.

The dangerous and thrilling soul-swapping journey came to an end.


With the death of the black-robed man, the black jade book fell to the ground, and the black candles in the array went out one after another.Chu Liang went forward and picked up the black jade book, feeling a chilling aura and a strange sensation in his heart. The artifact of the Mingwang Sect was indeed evil.

He then searched the body of the black-robed man and found a dark gold token engraved with the words “Capturing Souls,” as well as several small porcelain bottles that seemed to seal various ghosts…

Song Qingyi, with tears still on her face, watched his actions in shock and asked, “What…what are you doing?”

“Searching the body,” Chu Liang replied calmly.

“I know…” Song Qingyi knew he was searching the body, and that it was a common procedure after killing an enemy. But…how did he know it was a corpse?

Although everything indicated that the black-robed man was indeed dead, it was still too sudden. She was still confused and didn’t know what had happened, but Chu Liang had already calmly searched the body…

It felt strange.

“How did he die?” Song Qingyi asked after thinking for a while.

“Probably went crazy, or maybe something went wrong when he used his powers,” Chu Liang answered without hesitation.

As for using the soul-swapping spell, it was not necessary to mention it. Otherwise, it would raise suspicion.

Of course, the idea of going crazy was just a cover-up. Song Qingyi was not stupid and would not believe it. But after hearing this explanation, she knew that there were some things that Chu Liang did not want to reveal.

Song Qingyi did not ask any further, but Chu Liang’s evasion only made her more certain that he had killed the black-robed man.

To be able to kill a demonic cultivator in the Golden Core realm silently with his spiritual realm cultivation…

It was shocking.

Chu Liang lifted the black-robed man’s robe, revealing the face of an ordinary middle-aged man in his thirties or forties. It was hard to imagine that he was a demonic cultivator who killed people, or that he had such an old and hoarse voice.

Demonic cultivators usually used secret techniques to hide their appearance and change their voices. It was only after their death that one could see their true appearance.

After searching the body thoroughly, Chu Liang put the body down and removed the black-robed man’s shoes. He said, “Song Instructor, we’ll split these gains evenly later.”

“No, it’s okay…” Song Qingyi waved her hand and said, “You came to save me this time, and I’m very grateful. You can keep the gains for yourself.”

“That’s not necessary…” Chu Liang smiled slightly.

Looking at the gentle and polite young man in front of her, Song Qingyi suddenly felt a little dazed.

He was also the one who spoke sarcastically earlier, and now he was searching the body with joy…it was hard to understand him.Then Chu Liang pulled out a stack of silver bills from the boots of the black-robed man without any hesitation and put them in his pocket, saying, “I have to hurry, I don’t have much time left.”

“Hmm?” Song Qingyi became nervous again when she heard this. “Will there be more enemies coming?”

“No…” Chu Liang shook his head. “But my master should be here soon.”

As he spoke, a sharp sound suddenly rang out.

It was as if a phoenix was soaring in the sky, its cry echoing throughout the world. Birds within a hundred-mile radius felt their blood pressure suppressed in this instant and fell to the ground involuntarily, while those on the ground couldn’t help but bow towards the sky.


Suddenly, a huge explosion that could be heard throughout Yanjiao City, accompanied by rolling smoke and a mushroom cloud rising from the riverbank, shook the earth and alarmed everything around.


After a long time, the surroundings finally returned to calm.

But looking at this scene, there was no longer a grass hut, riverbank, or grassland…

Only a huge pit.

In the center of the pit was a small open space, where Song Qingyi stared with wide eyes, full of confusion.

Chu Liang stood up with his hands tied, looking ahead in shock.

In front of the smoke, a figure covered in flames, seemingly human-shaped, with a pair of giant fiery wings behind it, appeared. With a whoosh, the fiery wings were retracted.

The wind blew and the dust scattered.

The figure of Emperor’s Daughter Feng, with a cold and indifferent gaze, appeared. She wore a black robe with a red collar, was tall and imposing, and exuded an indescribable dominance.

She was like a raging fire and an iceberg.

She held Lin Bei’s neck from behind with her right hand, as if she were holding a little chick. Lin Bei rolled his eyes and turned purple, apparently unable to withstand the speed at which Emperor’s Daughter Feng flew in.

After Emperor’s Daughter Feng’s indifferent gaze swept around for a moment, she threw Lin Bei to the ground and asked, “Where did the enemy come from?”

“Master…” Chu Liang finally said, “The enemy is already dead…”

“Huh, dead?” Emperor’s Daughter Feng relaxed only then, shook her head, and returned to her usual lazy expression. She lifted the wine gourd and took a few sips. Only then did the killing intent on her body completely dissipate.

The air pressure around them suddenly dropped.

Chu Liang finally relaxed his shoulders.

Song Qingyi, who had been holding her breath for a while, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The terrifying pressure and destructive momentum just now were just the aftermath of Emperor’s Daughter Feng’s landing. Such a powerful aura could even make Chu Liang, who knew that it was his master coming to save him, instinctively hold his breath.

The power of a warrior in a state of battle was truly terrifying.

Just a glance from her was enough to make people suffocate!Di Nvfeng walked over with long legs, her fair thighs faintly visible through her robe with each step. She arrived beside the black-robed person and kicked him twice.

“He’s definitely dead, I thought we’d have a good fight,” she said, sounding somewhat disappointed. She looked at Chu Liang and asked, “Did you two kill a demonic cultivator at the Golden Core stage?”

Chu Liang wasn’t planning to reveal the secret of the White Tower to anyone until he understood it completely. Even to his trusted master, he didn’t feel it was necessary.

So he said, “This person’s death is somewhat suspicious. I’m more inclined to think it was an accident…”

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