Vol.1 – Chapter 30 – God’s Will Battle Golden Pill

Half a page of golden book fluttered forward in the air, with a clear light shining down, and Chu Liang followed closely behind.

Finding Song Qingyi was simple. All he needed to do was erase Lin Bei’s name from the half page of golden book and write Song Qingyi’s name with his true energy.

When he really used this treasure, Chu Liang realized that he not only needed to know the other party’s name when searching for someone, but also needed to manifest the other party’s figure in his mind with his divine sense to achieve the mysterious attraction.

It made sense, otherwise it would be very difficult to deal with countless people with the same name and surname.

The half page of golden book flew out of the city and arrived at a grass hut in front of a river beach. It was just dawn and the surroundings were eerie. Chu Liang stopped his footsteps and crouched down, staring at the tightly closed door and windows of the hut, feeling very strange. He sniffed the air and seemed to smell a bloody smell.

Something was wrong.

Chu Liang didn’t rush forward, but approached slowly, and then probed forward with his divine sense, wanting to investigate silently.

When a cultivator in the Divine Intent Realm opened his divine sense, the place he passed was like his ears and eyes, and he could observe things more clearly than with his eyes. With the breakthrough in his cultivation to the mid-stage of the Divine Intent Realm, his divine sense had also greatly extended.

But just as his divine sense entered the grass hut, he saw the scene inside the hut, the eerie array, the mysterious black-robed man, and Song Qingyi who was controlled…

At the same moment, he keenly sensed a subtle aura fluctuation.

Not good.

Chu Liang immediately became alert. The other party had made arrangements and was guarding against his divine sense.

But it was too late.

The black-robed man in the grass hut suddenly turned his head, his eyes sharp as starlight.


Chu Liang flipped and wanted to escape.

But with a loud noise, the door of the grass hut opened wide, and a ghostly figure floated out, flickering with a few afterimages, and had already caught up to Chu Liang’s back.

Feeling the cold wind behind his head, Chu Liang’s mind rang with an alarm. Seeing that he couldn’t escape, he instantly drew his sword and turned around to stab!


The white sword aura surged, more powerful than before, but the black-robed man seemed to ignore it. He stretched out his left hand and directly penetrated the sword energy, completely unharmed, and then clamped Chu Liang’s sword blade.


The sword aura was extinguished in an instant, and there was no movement.

Chu Liang shouted, “Watch my finger!”

He formed a finger gesture with his left hand, and a cold star flickered at his fingertip, poking towards the black-robed man.

But just as the black-robed man raised his hand to meet it, a red light suddenly burst out of Chu Liang’s sleeve.

The Binding Demon Rope!

It turned out that watching his finger was just a way to attract his attention. Chu Liang knew that the other party had at least reached the early stage of the Golden Core Realm, and he had no chance of winning if he fought head-on. That was why he wanted to secretly control the other party.

Unfortunately, in the face of absolute strength, this little trick was not worth mentioning.

The black-robed man flipped his hand and held the Binding Demon Rope in his palm. At the same time, a bony and rugged ghost hand protruded from his chest, grabbing Chu Liang’s neck!

Then, a second ghost hand emerged, holding a faintly long nail, and pushed into Chu Liang’s chest.


The Soul Piercing Nail.

“Ah!” The moment it entered his soul, Chu Liang felt like he had fallen into an icy cave, and his limbs and bones stiffened.

In an instant, he had no chance to escape or fight back, and was subdued without any resistance.

Divine Intent Realm vs. Golden Core Realm, a tragic defeat.

At this moment, he deeply realized the huge gap like a chasm between the third realm and the fourth realm. The idea of challenging someone of a higher realm was unrealistic.

The black-robed man laughed strangely twice, turned around and went back into the grass hut, throwing Chu Liang on the ground.”Hehe, are you here to save her?” He glanced at Chu Liang and then at Song Qingyi. “Buy one get one free, two soul spirits of godly realm. It’s really worth it…”

“Chu… Chu Liang…” Song Qingyi called out with difficulty as tears welled up in her eyes, seeing Chu Liang captured. She blamed herself for getting others killed because of her plea for help.

Chu Liang remained calm, struggling with all his might to wriggle and break free from the binding of the soul piercing nails, but to no avail. He exerted all his strength but only managed to turn halfway.

“Give up, you can never break free,” the black-robed man said, watching him struggle without stopping him. “Once I capture her soul into the Netherworld Book, it will be your turn next. You two can be together, no longer lonely.”

With that, he looked at the sky outside, his expression serious, preparing to activate the formation.

People in the demonic path roamed the world, hiding in the dark and honing their survival skills with small tricks, like the formation he had set up earlier that would be triggered once divine senses probed. For them, it was a necessary measure for survival.

Of course, he could easily capture the two godly realm spirits, but he also knew that there would be more to come. He had to complete the soul capturing ceremony as soon as possible and leave this place.

Without further ado, he raised his hand, and the spell changed. In an instant, all the black candles shot out dark flames, condensing in mid-air, faintly forming a portal!

“Come, my treasure…”

He looked at Song Qingyi with cold and crazy eyes, slowly raising his hand.

“Hermaprodite!” Chu Liang suddenly shouted beside him.

Although he was also unable to break free from the soul piercing nails, his cultivation was higher than Song Qingyi’s, and he spoke more fluently than her.

The black-robed man’s body stiffened, glancing at Chu Liang but ignoring him, continuing to raise his hand towards Song Qingyi.

“Asshole!” Chu Liang cursed again.

“Hmm?” The black-robed man glared at him, frowned, but still ignored him. After all, he would deal with him soon, why bother arguing with a dead man?

“Your mother is dead.”

“I am your father.”

“You despicable, backstabbing, wolf-hearted bastard. Did your parents marry their close relatives? Were they wicked in their past lives, giving birth to a short-lived bastard like you…”

Chu Liang’s face remained calm, his eyes indifferent, but his mouth kept spewing out venomous words, giving the black-robed man a good scolding with the most polite face and the rudest words.

At first, the black-robed man ignored him, but now he was so angry that his whole body trembled, pointing at Chu Liang with a trembling hand. “You… you… you… which sect are you from? Why is your upbringing so low?”

“My father is from Shu Mountain.” Chu Liang answered lightly.

“Good, good.” The black-robed man laughed in anger. “Do you think you won’t feel anything after you die? I will extract your complete soul and use the ghost fire and Yin knife to torture you for forty-nine days. Let’s see if you can still be so stubborn!”

With that, he raised his hand towards Chu Liang!

“No…” Song Qingyi screamed with all her might, tears streaming down her face.

Facing death, Chu Liang’s face was surprisingly calm.


The black-robed man’s spell hit, and a black light suddenly shot out from the black jade book in front of Chu Liang, enveloping his body.A burst of light and shadow was instantly sucked out of Chu Liang’s body and entered the portal composed of the Yin Fire. The radiance from the Black Jade Book shone brightly.


After the light dissipated, Chu Liang’s eyes were empty, without any trace of vitality, and had become a body without a soul.

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