Vol.1 – Chapter 29 – Have you seen the Yanjiao City during the hour of Yin?

Lin Bei had a beautiful dream tonight.

He dreamed that he was still in the Caiyue Tower, and a gentle and kind girl helped him lie down in a red canopy bed, and slowly took off his clothes one by one. One, two, three… then she sat on him and started to…

Slap his face.

She kept hitting him with one slap after another.

Pa, pa, pa…

“Hey? Hey? What’s going on?” Lin Bei struggled with his hands and finally opened his eyes.

Then he realized that it was not just a dream, something was actually hitting him!

It was a half-page of golden paper, which looked like a small piece of paper, but it hit Lin Bei’s face so hard that it hurt.

“What is this?” Lin Bei yelled twice, grabbed the half-page golden book, and saw a crooked name written on it with a glimmer of light.

Lin Bei.

“Huh?” Chu Liang was also awakened and pushed open the door from the next room. He saw Lin Bei holding the half-page golden book and said, “Isn’t this Master Song’s treasure?”

Lin Bei had seen Song Qingyi use this thing last night, and he suddenly remembered. He sat up and wondered, “Why did Master Song send this thing to me?”

Chu Liang and he looked at each other, and both of them flashed a sharp light in their eyes. They both spoke loudly:

“She’s in danger!” “She has a crush on me!”



After a pause, Lin Bei said awkwardly, “How did you determine that she is in danger…”

“Think about it, this is a self-defense treasure given to her by the Gentleman Hall. How could it be sent out so easily?” Chu Liang said, “It must be because she encountered some danger and couldn’t get away, so she had to use this method to ask for help. And the only cultivators she knows near Yanjiao City are the two of us.”

“Then… even if she is in danger, why did she write my name instead of yours? She must have feelings for me…” Lin Bei’s mouth was slightly hard.

“Is it possible because…” Chu Liang thought for a moment, “Your name has fewer strokes.”

Looking at the crooked “Lin Bei”, it is obviously not written by Song Qingyi under normal circumstances. It can be seen that the situation at that time must have been very urgent.

“What should we do now?” Lin Bei immediately changed the subject and stopped dwelling on this matter.

Chu Liang thought for a moment and said solemnly, “As a true disciple of the Gentleman Hall and with a magic weapon by her side, if Song Qingyi can’t even escape from danger, she may have the strength of the Fourth Realm. For now, we should split up. You go back to Shu Mountain to ask for reinforcements, and I will go to find Master Song to see the situation.”

“You go?” Lin Bei frowned, “But according to what you said, if the enemy has the strength of the Fourth Realm, what use would it be for you to go alone?”

“Just to confirm the situation. If there is any urgent danger, I can at least delay the time.” Chu Liang said, “When you go back to the mountain, don’t go anywhere else, go straight to Silver Sword Peak to find my master. There is no one among the elders of Shu Mountain who is more idle than her. If you go to find someone else, you may waste time, but she must not have woken up at this hour!”

His tone was full of certainty and confidence.

After a moment of contemplation, Lin Bei realized that if one person went back to the mountain and the other went to find Song Qingyi, the person who looked at the situation would be in greater danger.

So he said, “Since we are looking for your master, why don’t you go back to the mountain to ask for reinforcements, and I will go to see the situation.”

Chu Liang shook his head and said, “My cultivation level is higher than yours, so I should go.”

“Huh?” Lin Bei was taken aback, “Aren’t we both at the initial stage of the Divine Intention Realm? You…”Chu Liang didn’t say much, he directly released a surge of energy, which was obviously much stronger than before.

“You’re already in the middle stage of the Divine Will Realm?” Lin Bei was surprised.

When he first met Chu Liang, Chu Liang had just broken through the Divine Will Realm not long ago, and his cultivation was even stronger than Chu Liang’s by a hair.

How come after only a few days, Chu Liang had already broken through to the middle stage of the Divine Will Realm?

If Chu Liang had been cultivating in seclusion, it would be fine, but these days he had been doing tasks together with Lin Bei, eating at the same time, sleeping at the same time, and going to school at the same time…

Where did he find the time to cultivate?

Of course, Chu Liang couldn’t tell him that he had a big-headed doll doing hard labor, working for several days in one day, and only broke through the small realm last night.

So he had to ask seriously, “Have you ever seen Yanjiao City at midnight?”


“Enough talk, let’s hurry up and leave.” Chu Liang waved his hand to urge him.

In a dark grass hut outside Yanjiao City.

Song Qingyi stood in the corner of the room, her beautiful eyes full of fear and despair, but she couldn’t make a sound.

The black-robed man was in the middle of the room, using ink mixed with blood to draw something, then lighting up black candles one after another, the dim candlelight eerie and terrifying.

And not far from the door, there were several freshly killed chickens.

“Hehe, don’t be in a hurry…”

The black-robed man laughed strangely while drawing.

“It’s rare to encounter a soul in the Divine Will Realm. If I can capture you into the underworld book, I can definitely make up for the loss of my skinning ghost… no, I should say I’ll make a fortune.”

“If I use such a brutal method, killing you first, then extracting your life soul, I can only preserve eighty percent of your divine soul power at most.”

“But if you just wait patiently for me to prepare the Yin-Yang Soul-Capturing Formation and capture you into the underworld book, you can preserve one hundred percent of your complete divine soul.”

Song Qingyi’s breathing almost stopped.

She knew that the underworld book was the most vicious tool of the underworld sect, specifically designed to plunder life souls to increase their own cultivation. Every time a life soul was captured, the underworld book would add a page, and the holder’s cultivation would also be improved.

But those captured life souls could not enter the cycle of reincarnation and could only be trapped in the underworld book, suffering endlessly.

“And you’re also a Confucian cultivator, I’ve never encountered one before…”

“It’s said that the divine soul of a Confucian cultivator is the most clear and transparent, and even a ghost can travel during the day.”

“You’re so beautiful, I can refine you into a charming Rakshasa… no, with your scholarly appearance, it’s better to make you into a ghost in the painting, unpredictable and difficult to guard against, or…”

“No… don’t…” Song Qingyi struggled to say a few words, trying to break free.

But she was pierced by the soul-stabbing nail, and even if she tried her best, she could only move her fingers slightly, how could she escape from the devil’s grasp?

She looked outside in despair. Her last struggle was to use half a page of the golden book to send a message. But she wasn’t sure if the two Shu Mountain disciples could guess her intentions or if they had any means to save her.

But now, the terrifying shadow had already enveloped her.

“Fleshly shackles, eternal life in the underworld…”

The black-robed man raised his hand, his fingers gently flicked, and the last black candle was lit.

The formation was complete, and he slowly raised a black jade book.”My treasure, come and welcome your rebirth.” His eyes flickered with a faint light, cold and rampant, and he chuckled continuously, “Kekekekekekeke…”

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