Vol.1 – Chapter 26 – Appear

“Chu Liang, something’s happened…” Lin Bei burst in.

He rushed in with a panicked expression and looked around the room, momentarily stunned, “Even Instructor Song is here, wow, it’s quite lively.”

Standing or lying down, there were enough people to play a game of mahjong.

“Why are you here? Where’s Li Jue?” Chu Liang asked.

“Li Jue is missing!” Lin Bei said urgently.


“I was watching outside, and there was no movement for a long time. I found it strange, so I knocked on the door and saw that the window was open. Li Jue had disappeared! I came to find you right away,” Lin Bei said.

“Did you hear anything unusual?” Chu Liang asked.

“No,” Lin Bei shook his head, “There was no abnormal aura or sound. I suspect he might have sneaked away on his own, but I don’t know why he would do that.”

“He might have something to hide from us, and Li Jue might also be the target of Situ Yan…” Chu Liang’s mind raced, his eyebrows furrowed as he thought, “Where could he have gone? What should we do?”

“I…I can try,” Song Qingyi suddenly said.

“Do you have a way to find Li Jue?” Lin Bei and Chu Liang both looked at her.

“Yes,” Song Qingyi nodded lightly, then took out a half-page of old golden paper, which was empty but had a spiritual energy flowing around it.

She used her right hand to form a pen with her fingers and gently brushed it on the half-page paper. Suddenly, a vermilion red light appeared, and words formed under her fingertips.


After writing the name, Song Qingyi threw the half-page paper into the sky. It spun three times in the air and then seemed to find a direction, emitting a clear light as it flew out of the window.

“Follow it,” Song Qingyi said, following the direction of the clear light and flying out of the window with the half-page paper.

“Someone needs to stay and watch him,” Chu Liang pointed to Yan Xiaohu.

“I’ll do it,” Lin Bei volunteered this time.

Chu Liang nodded and followed Song Qingyi out.

Yan Xiaohu and Lin Bei looked at each other in silence for a moment.

After a brief pause, Yan Xiaohu asked cautiously, “So…what should we do now?”

“Let’s order some food first,” Lin Bei said.

“Huh?” Yan Xiaohu was confused.

Then he saw Lin Bei sitting comfortably in a chair, “And then wake them up, we can continue playing music, and then dance!”

“Is that okay?” Yan Xiaohu scratched his head, “Aren’t we still in danger?”

“You have me watching over you, so don’t worry,” Lin Bei patted his shoulder, “Although the person I was watching over just had an accident…but that was purely accidental. I hope to succeed this time…”

The conversation went in different directions.

Chu Liang followed Song Qingyi and the half-page golden paper, and they flew out of the city on the wind. Along the way, Chu Liang praised her, “Instructor Song, your magic tool is so convenient. As long as you know the name, there’s no one you can’t find in the world.”

“It’s not that simple. My cultivation level is not enough, and I can only track within the range of Yanjiao City,” Song Qingyi said.

“That’s still impressive,” Chu Liang said.

Song Qingyi added, “This half-page golden book is a protective treasure given to me by my master for this trip. It has many uses, but I haven’t fully mastered it yet.”

Chu Liang fell silent for a moment.

Her master is so kind to her…wait, why am I feeling sad?However, he also knew that this was not just Di Nvfeng’s problem. In Shu Mountain, unless one was an extremely outstanding disciple or had made great contributions, being bestowed with a magic weapon by the master was a rare thing. Even if one came from the poor Silver Sword Peak, it was still the same.

But in other immortal sects, it was a very common thing.

In the end, it was the difference in sect philosophy.

Especially among the three teachings, Confucian cultivators were slightly different from the other two. Besides cultivating divine abilities, Confucianism placed more emphasis on knowledge and morality, especially in the Gentleman Hall.

With Song Qingyi’s cultivation level, she should not receive such attention in other immortal sects. But in the Gentleman Hall, she might be able to gain the favor of the senior members of the sect with her excellent knowledge and morality.

The half-page golden book did not fly very fast. After a while, it came to a familiar place.

The back mountain of the academy, by the small lake.

“Li Jue is here.”

“Don’t be in a hurry, let’s take a look first.”

After determining the location from afar, Song Qingyi put away her magic weapon, and the night sky returned to silence. The two of them slowly moved forward, and soon saw a slender figure by the lake.


That figure was talking to the lake, and it was Li Jue.

“Why did you kill so many people…” Li Jue’s voice was very painful.

“It’s my fault that you died. Why don’t you just come and kill me? Why do you keep killing people…”

“Hmm?” Chu Liang, who was observing in secret, brightened up.

As expected.

Li Jue was hiding something.

“That day, you tied me up and wanted to scratch my face. I was really scared and struggled violently… and accidentally pushed you into the lake. At that time, I was really shocked and afraid, and didn’t care about anything else. I just ran back home all the way.”

“It was a long time before I thought about whether you would be in danger when you fell into the lake… But when I ran back to see you, I heard that someone had drowned in the lake…”

“I didn’t mean to… but it was indeed me who killed you.”

“I’ve been so scared these days, and I’ve been avoiding it… But now I don’t want to run away anymore…”

“Situyan, if you really become a ghost, come and find me, don’t kill anyone else.”


His voice was intermittent, and it drifted to Chu Liang and Song Qingyi’s ears with the wind.

It turned out that Li Jue was directly responsible for Situyan’s drowning, not Situyan’s suicide by drowning. No wonder Li Jue was so afraid. He had been experiencing unimaginable psychological torture these days, feeling guilty for accidentally killing someone and fearing the revenge of a vengeful spirit.

Today, he must have finally been unable to bear this kind of torture, so he came here.

But he had been talking alone for a long time, and nothing unusual had happened.

Li Jue looked up at his surroundings, “Are you not here, or do you not want to show up? Okay… then I’ll go down and atone for my sins myself…”

He muttered a few words and stood up, walking towards the lake below.

It seemed like he wanted to commit suicide!

“Li…” Song Qingyi immediately thought of stopping him, but Chu Liang held her back.

“Wait a little longer.” Chu Liang whispered.

Just as Song Qingyi was about to make a move, suddenly, a cold wind blew!The howling wind seemed to create waves on the flat ground, the cold wind chilling to the bone, sweeping in from all directions, and actually pushing Li Jue, who was halfway through his jump, back to the shore.

Plop! Li Jue fell to the ground, then immediately got up and asked, “Situ Yan, is that you?”

The raging cold wind finally converged in one place, forming a humanoid shape in front of him, but in an instant, it dissipated completely.

Only a faint ghostly shadow remained in its place.

It was a woman dressed in scholar’s robes, with a thick scar on half of her face. Besides the rumored Situ Yan, there could be no one else.

Li Jue saw the ghost he had always feared, but seemed to show a relieved expression, “You finally came to see me.”

Meanwhile, Chu Liang and Song Qingyi also became alert.

This strong Yin energy was not an ordinary grudge spirit, and the solid body was enough to prove it. Although they didn’t know what had happened to give her such cultivation…

But one thing was certain.

Situ Yan was the painted skin ghost!

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