Vol.1 – Chapter 27 – Decapitation

The cold wind blew, and the ghosts were looming.

The dead woman stood in front of Li Jue again.

Li Jue was surprisingly not afraid of all this. Perhaps the pain in his heart was more unbearable than death or ghosts.

The ghostly form of Situ Yan finally spoke in a low voice, “I don’t hate you, and I can’t kill you.” Her voice was cold, as if it came from the underworld.

Li Jue looked at her, at a loss for words.

Suddenly, Situ Yan yelled urgently, “Go!”

“What’s wrong?” Li Jue was frightened and seemed to be stunned, still sitting on the ground without moving.

Situ Yan screamed to the sky, and the wind howled around them. The surroundings became as cold as the underworld, and her eyes gradually emitted a crimson light.

“No…,” but her throat squeezed out these words hoarsely, struggling, lifting her head, and yelling at Li Jue again, “Go!”

Li Jue finally realized something was wrong and ran away unsteadily.

But as he left, Situ Yan’s black hair suddenly rose, revealing a terrifying ghost face covered in black veins!

“Stay!” Her voice turned completely cold.

She raised her hand, and her ghostly figure rushed towards Li Jue.

On the other side, Song Qingyi, who had been observing in secret for a long time, did not stand by this time. She said to Chu Liang, “I’ll deal with it.”

After speaking, she flew out with her jade ruler.

There is an ancient divine weapon in Junzi Hall that is listed in the top 100 of the Ten Thousand Treasures Record, called the Lianghe Jade Ruler. Song Qingyi’s weapon is a replica of the Lianghe Jade Ruler, called the Cunxin Ruler.

There are many such replicas in the cultivation world, and they are often made by the original owner of the treasure. The high-quality replicas are also of high grade.

The Cunxin Ruler was full of righteousness and flew towards Situ Yan. She was about to kill Li Jue, but was caught off guard and almost hit by the ruler.

Thanks to her current status as a ghost, her body was floating and flickering, and she barely avoided the attack.

But Song Qingyi’s attack followed closely behind. She threw the ruler out and hit Situ Yan’s waist, making a dull sound.


The ghostly body dispersed, and Situ Yan’s body fell heavily to the ground.

The ruler flew back into Song Qingyi’s palm, and she was about to pursue the attack, but saw a figure blocking her way.

Li Jue opened his arms to stop Song Qingyi and said in a mournful voice, “Teacher Song, don’t kill Situ Yan. She’s not a bad person, she’s very pitiful…””Li Jue!” Song Qingyi exclaimed urgently, “Situ Yan is dead! Now she has turned into a ghost, and only by dispersing her can she enter the cycle of reincarnation. If she continues like this, she will never be able to be reborn!”

“What?” Li Jue trembled at the news.

Song Qingyi was not lying, it was a common consensus in the immortal world that dealing with ghosts was a good deed, regardless of whether they were good or evil, dispersing them into the cycle of reincarnation was an absolute good deed.

During the delay, Situ Yan, who was lying on the ground, regained consciousness and let out a sharp scream. She lifted her hand and released a black gas towards them!

The black gas surged with the wind, instantly turning into an endless black mist that enveloped the entire lakeside.

“Trying to escape?” Song Qingyi immediately jumped high into the air, escaping from the range of the black mist. She then raised half a page of golden book above her head, with a clear light constantly covering the bottom to ensure that the painted ghost in the black mist could not escape.

But no figure came out.

After a long time, as the night wind invaded, the black mist on the lakeside gradually dissipated, and Song Qingyi landed again.

However, the scene in front of her stunned her.

Li Jue was sitting on the ground, looking dazed. Obviously, his experience just now had left him confused.

Next to him, another Li Jue also looked bewildered, looking around.

Yes, there were two Li Jues by the lake!

“What…what’s going on?” Li Jue A was panicked.

Li Jue B was also full of fear, immediately moving away from his other self and looking at Song Qingyi. “Teacher Song…”

Song Qingyi frowned at the two identical Li Jues in front of her, at a loss.

Who was the real one?

“I am the real one…” “I am the real one!” The two Li Jues said in unison.

Song Qingyi was at a loss for words.

At this moment, footsteps came from nearby bushes, and a handsome young man with a smile on his face walked out.

Chu Liang made a dazzling entrance.

He came to Li Jue A’s side and smiled, “I have a way. Fake Li Jue has never seen me before. Whoever can say my name is the real one.”

“You are Chu Liang!” Li Jue A immediately replied.

Li Jue B was stunned and speechless.

At this moment, the eyes of Chu Liang, Song Qingyi, and Li Jue A were all on him.

Just then, Chu Liang suddenly made a move, smashing a half brick towards the back of Li Jue A’s head with a loud bang!

Under the brick, black gas surged, and Li Jue A screamed in pain, instantly turning back into the form of the painted ghost!

Chu Liang didn’t give her any chance to struggle, his left hand revealed its true form as a brick, and his right hand held a sword that emitted a bright white light!


The long sword pierced through the painted ghost’s body, and cracks immediately appeared all over its ethereal body!

“Situ Yan…” Li Jue whispered softly.The painted skin ghost turned around and looked at Li Jue, relief flashing in its eyes.


The ghost body shattered and turned into dust.

“You…” Song Qingyi was curious. “It clearly said your name. How did you know it was fake?”

“I don’t know. I just thought that the painted skin ghost sneaks around the academy every day, so it’s possible it heard my name before,” Chu Liang smiled. “Asking questions was just a way to get closer to it. It’s safer to strike first.”

“Thank you so much for this,” Song Qingyi said.

If it weren’t for Chu Liang, the painted skin ghost would have caused her a lot of trouble.

“We are all righteous cultivators. It’s our duty to slay demons and monsters,” Chu Liang waved his hand.

Speaking of which, he also had to thank the painted skin ghost for causing some trouble in the end. If it had been easily subdued by Song Qingyi, he wouldn’t have been able to intervene. After all, it was a matter on the Confucianist’s territory.

Now that he had taken the head, Song Qingyi had to thank him too. It was quite good.

Only Li Jue was lost and confused, looking at the place where Situ Yan disappeared.

Chu Liang walked up and said, “If you want to redeem yourself, go to the government and confess your mistake. Suicide is not a way to escape everything.”

“Um…” Li Jue nodded gently.

Song Qingyi also felt a bit sad. She felt that Situ Yan’s life was pitiful, but she had also committed many mistakes. She didn’t know how to judge her.

The calm lake waves were stirred up by the night wind, helpless.

“Damn it!”

In a guesthouse not far from here in Yanjiao City, a black-robed man suddenly smashed the lamp on the table. It contained an extinguished black candle.


The lamp fell to the ground and shattered, and the black-robed man gritted his teeth.

“The painted skin ghost that I spent so much effort refining. If I could use it to collect more souls, I would have a chance to advance to the top of the soul gathering list. It’s hateful that it was killed in just a few days.”

“I want to see who dares to touch my painted skin ghost…”

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