Vol.1 – Chapter 25 – You guys go be doormen

Slap, slap, slap.

There was a knock on the door from outside.

“Come in.” Yan Xiaohu called out, his voice tense.

“Master Yan…” The person who came in was a madam swaying like the wind, swaying her waist and limbs as she walked into the room. “Ah, our Ruyi is really lucky. Just as a high-ranking official made an appointment to see her, you arrived right after. We can’t drive away customers when we are doing business, can we? You’ll have to wait a little longer until Ruyi finishes with him and comes over.”

The madam spoke while walking towards Yan Xiaohu, but he seemed to have not heard anything she said. He just stared at her footsteps, as if afraid she would come closer.

Seeing that the madam was about to sit next to him, Yan Xiaohu immediately moved to the side and gestured towards the seat behind the screen facing away from him. “Sit here, don’t come near me.”

“Alright, alright…” The madam laughed. “We’ve known each other for so many years, and you’re still so distant. I assure you, Ruyi definitely has feelings for you. The other day, when you didn’t come, she secretly talked about you with me…”

“Ruyi talked about me?” Yan Xiaohu became slightly interested upon hearing this.

“Huh?” The madam looked around, puzzled. “Didn’t I call those two little maids to serve you just now? Where did they run off to? They really have no manners.”

“You’ll see them soon…” Yan Xiaohu weakly said.

“Hmm?” The madam was just about to ask more when she suddenly felt a pain in the back of her head and everything went black.

Her beautiful body fell to the ground.

Chu Liang put away the brick behind her back and shook her head. “This one’s not it either.”

Yan Xiaohu got up and dragged the madam behind the screen, lying her down neatly next to the other two girls.

As he dragged her, he asked, “Brother Chu, why do I have to lure the skin-changing ghost here? Can’t I just go home and have my people protect me?”

“You can, as long as you never leave your house again.” Chu Liang said. “Thieves exist for a thousand days, but defenses must be maintained every day. If we don’t catch the skin-changing ghost now, you’ll always be in danger. Do you want that?”

“In that case…” Yan Xiaohu gave up.

As he was dragging, he suddenly heard the sound of fighting outside.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the door was kicked open and two bodyguards stumbled in.

“Oh, young master, she insisted on coming in and we couldn’t stop her!” The bodyguard got up and wailed.

“Hmm?” Yan Xiaohu was about to get angry when he looked up and saw the person who had barged in. He suddenly froze. “Teacher Song?”

Song Qingyi also frowned, looking angry. “Do you know how dangerous it is for you? You’re still messing around in a place like this. You…”

As she spoke, she suddenly stopped.

Because as she looked up, she saw Yan Xiaohu dragging a limp body, with two other girls lying on the ground next to him.

And Chu Liang was standing next to Yan Xiaohu…

“What are you two doing, doing such outrageous things?” She immediately questioned them.”It was all Chu ge who asked me to do it!” Yan Xiaohu quickly let go and shouted loudly.


The blame-shifting was fast.

Chu Liang was speechless for a moment, then explained to Song Qingyi, “I also thought that the painted skin ghost might approach Yan Xiaohu, so I came to protect him.”

Song Qingyi glanced at the three unconscious women, then looked up at Chu Liang as if she was looking at a pervert.

“These are just to check if they are painted skin ghosts, with a little side effect.” Chu Liang immediately said.

“Forget it, you two go out first!” Yan Xiaohu first drove out the two bodyguards, and then said, “Teacher Song, why are you here?”

“I am also here to protect you.” Song Qingyi was still a little puzzled, and asked Chu Liang, “Is your way of checking if they are painted skin ghosts… to beat them first and see if they fight back?”

“…” Chu Liang looked melancholy.

Clap clap clap.

After a while, the knocking on the door sounded again.

“Come in.” Yan Xiaohu became nervous again.

“Young Master Yan…” This time, a charming young woman with a graceful figure and a beautiful face came in. She was dressed in a plain palace dress, with a delicate and charming eyebrow, and her eyes were full of tenderness.

“Rouyi, you finally came.” When he saw this woman, Yan Xiaohu’s eyes straightened, and most of the tension in his eyes faded away.

“I was delayed for a long time just now. Are you angry with me?” Rouyi walked forward gracefully and asked in a coquettish manner.

“How could it be? When I see you… all my anger disappears.” Yan Xiaohu scratched his head and smiled.

“I knew it, only you truly love me and treat me well, unlike those stinky men.” Rouyi pouted and sat in a position with her back to the door.

“Uh…” Yan Xiaohu hesitated for a moment, but still pointed to the seat behind the screen, “Rouyi, sit there.”

“Huh?” Rouyi was taken aback for a moment, and chuckled, “Hehe, why are you acting so strange today?”

“No, I just want to face your face directly and see it more clearly.” Yan Xiaohu said.

“Okay, okay.” Rouyi reluctantly agreed, and then asked, “Isn’t today a day off? Why didn’t you go to the academy?”

“Just… didn’t feel like going.” Yan Xiaohu couldn’t say that he was beaten up in the academy and was embarrassed to go again.

Especially since the attacker was now behind the screen.

“Didn’t you say that the new teacher in your academy, Song Qingyi, is half as beautiful as me, and that you feel itchy every time you see her in class? Why are you too lazy to go see her now?” Rouyi said, “Men are really fickle.”

“Where…” Yan Xiaohu sat up straight, “You can’t talk nonsense, Rouyi.”

“Okay, okay.” Rouyi agreed again, and then looked at the injuries on Yan Xiaohu’s face, “Yan Shao, are you injured? What happened? Did you fight with someone?”

“Well… kind of.” Yan Xiaohu hesitated.

After all, it’s hard to define the difference between fighting and beating.”It really makes me feel sorry for you. I’ve never seen you get hurt before,” Rouyi pouted and said, “The person who hurt you is so bad! I curse him for you…”

“No, no, no!” Yan Xiaohu wanted to cover Rouyi’s mouth, and quickly said, “Don’t say that…”

“Hmph, it’s not necessary anyway.” Rouyi said, “That person’s ending must be very miserable now. Didn’t you say your father warned that anyone who dares to touch a hair on your head will either kneel and apologize or have their whole family killed? It’s so scary just thinking about it…”

“But that’s not true…” Yan Xiaohu quickly waved his hand, “My ancestors for six generations have all been law-abiding citizens…”

“Ah?” Rouyi was confused for a moment.

Yan Xiaohu seemed a little impatient and said directly to Rouyi, “It may hurt a little later, so bear with it.”

“Hmph…” Rouyi blushed and was about to act coquettish.


Another muffled sound.

The beauty fainted.

Chu Liang and Song Qingyi stood side by side behind her, looking at Yan Xiaohu with a cold and silent sneer.

Yan Xiaohu looked innocent.

At this awkward moment, there was a banging sound outside the door…

In just a few moments, two bodyguards skillfully rolled in and got up, wailing, “Young Master, he insisted on breaking in and we couldn’t stop him!”

“You couldn’t stop him…you might as well pack up and leave. Don’t be bodyguards tomorrow, go find a job as a doorman at a restaurant. I guarantee you’ll have a thriving business!” Yan Xiaohu vented his anger and spewed out fragrant words.

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