Vol.1 – Chapter 24 – You’re dangerous

Rainbow Moon Tower.

The largest Qinglou in Yanjiao City, a favorite gathering place for literati and scholars in the city.

Qinglou and brothels in this world are distinguished from each other. Brothels are simple and direct, specializing in selling their bodies. Most of them are not large in scale and are located in hidden places. Like the spider demon brothel that Chu Liang destroyed last time, it was in a small inconspicuous place outside the city.

Qinglou is more inclined to sell art, with a larger scale and a stronger nature of social gatherings. Normally, the good girls inside accompany people to drink and watch performances.

Of course, if you insist on making other requests, as long as the good girl agrees, it is not impossible.

However, those popular Qingguan people are difficult to approach. Even if you spend a lot of money, you can only get some opportunities for conversation and banquets. It is not easy to have a deep and simple communication.

Recently, Yan Xiaohu has been pursuing a popular Qingguan person in Rainbow Moon Tower, a girl named Rouyi.

These were all told to Chu Liang by the gatekeeper of Yan’s family. The old man was enthusiastic, and Chu Liang politely asked a few questions, and he said everything he knew.

As for Chu Liang’s polite gift of two taels of silver, there is no need to mention it.

It was already night.

When Chu Liang arrived at Rainbow Moon Tower, it was already a light song and a dance. Several women in soft gauze were dancing on the stage of the first floor hall, accompanied by musicians.

The guests below were seated in groups of three or five, eating and listening to music with the company of good girls. The second floor was a private room, with bead curtains separating each compartment. The third floor was a box, a place where generous or shameless masters would go.

There is no doubt that Yan Xiaohu is both generous and shameless.

So as soon as Chu Liang entered the door, he followed the stairs up.

Immediately, an old lady shaking a fan came up to him, her eyes shining, “Hey, this young master is obviously a newcomer, do you want to call a girl upstairs?”

“Hello, I’m looking for someone.” Chu Liang said, “Is Yan Xiaohu upstairs?”

“Oh, it’s Yan Young Master’s friend. Wait here, I’ll have someone take you there.” The old madam was easy to talk to.

After all, Chu Liang was handsome and courteous, a humble gentleman at first glance, and it seemed impossible for him to cause trouble.

She waved to a little servant and asked him to take Chu Liang to the third floor, outside a box.

There were two burly men with bulging temples standing outside the box. They looked like Yan Xiaohu’s new bodyguards, and their cultivation level was obviously higher than the two from last time.

“You wait here, young master, I’ll go in and inform him.” The little servant said.

“No need, I can go in by myself.” Chu Liang gently pressed him and walked up by himself.

The two bodyguards were intimidating. As soon as they saw Chu Liang approaching, they put on a posture of keeping strangers away. But Chu Liang was not afraid at all, and still politely approached and said, “Hello, I’m here to find Yan Xiaohu. I’m his classmate.”

“Classmate?” The left bodyguard frowned, “The young master said he doesn’t want to see anyone.”

The right bodyguard was more direct and said coldly, “Get lost.”

“I see…” Chu Liang smiled slightly.

“When will Miss Rouyi come?”In the private room, Yan Xiaohu’s face was displeased, and two trembling young girls in colorful dresses sat beside him, looking flustered and afraid of angering the little tyrant.

“Sister Rouyi is currently in conversation with someone, she’ll be here soon. Please don’t be impatient, Young Master Yan,” one of the girls said.

“I’ve spent thousands of silver for her, can’t I be put first?” Yan Xiaohu’s anger flared up, still bearing the wounds from the beating he received yesterday at the South Mountain Academy. He came here to relieve his frustration, only to be told that Miss Rouyi was busy and he had to wait.

As he was getting angrier, suddenly there were several banging sounds outside the door and two bodyguards tumbled in.

“Who are you?” Yan Xiaohu immediately stood up and shouted.

“Sir, he insisted on coming in, and we couldn’t stop him,” one of the bodyguards cried out.

“Who dares to provoke me, Yan Xiaohu, in Yanjiao City?” he was about to lose his temper.

Then, Chu Liang walked in, calm and composed.

“Ah…” Yan Xiaohu’s anger dissipated instantly, first with a moment of confusion, then a polite smile. “Chu…Chu Ge, it’s you.”

He was afraid of Chu Liang not just because he couldn’t beat him, but also because his father told him directly that they couldn’t afford to provoke such a person. Revenge was out of the question.

It was frustrating when someone’s background was even stronger than their fighting ability.

“I came to visit you, but they told me to leave,” Chu Liang said calmly.

“They’re so rude!” Yan Xiaohu frowned and shouted, “Both of you, get out!”

The two bodyguards were scolded for no reason and had to leave with the door closed.

“Hehe, Chu Ge, please sit,” Yan Xiaohu greeted him with a sycophantic smile.

“Thank you.” Chu Liang approached and looked at the two young girls beside him.

The two girls were young and in their perception, Yan Xiaohu was already the most vicious little tyrant in Yanjiao City. They couldn’t believe that this handsome young man made him so afraid.

So they became even more afraid.

But Chu Liang’s gentle smile soon dispelled their fear.

A young man with such a beautiful smile couldn’t be a bad person, right?

“What’s behind you, ladies?” Chu Liang pointed behind them, looking puzzled.

“What?” The two girls turned around to look.

Bang, bang.

Two muffled sounds were heard, and the two young girls fell to the ground with weak legs.

Chu Liang was holding a shiny gold brick behind them, looking disappointed.

“Ah…” Yan Xiaohu, who had witnessed the whole process, opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

He was a little confused.

The Yan family was also involved in gambling and prostitution. Yan Xiaohu had been hanging out in the red-light district with his elders since he was a child, and had seen all kinds of props in brothels.

But this was the first time he had seen a brick used as a weapon.

What kind of fetish was this?

Chu Liang weighed the gold brick in his hand and put it away. “Don’t worry, they’re fine, they just happened to trigger vertigo. But you’re dangerous, do you know that?”

“I’m dangerous?” Yan Xiaohu was stunned, then nodded.

Yeah.”Aren’t I in danger with you here?”

“Chen Da died last night. Among those who bullied Situ Yan, you are the only one left,” Chu Liang said straightforwardly. “Situ Yan may have become a painted skin ghost with the ability to transform into others. Anyone who gets close to you could be one of them.”

“What?” Yan Xiaohu exclaimed.

He had heard of stories like Situ Yan turning into a vengeful spirit, but he didn’t think much of it. He was different from those people because he practiced martial arts and had experts protecting him. Vengeful spirits wouldn’t be able to kill anyone in the Black Tiger Gang.


If it was the legendary painted skin ghost, it would be easy for them to kill a first realm warrior like him.

Even if Chu Liang was dangerous, he would only get beaten up. But if it was a ghost, it would be life-threatening.

He immediately understood the urgency of the situation and realized that Chu Liang must have come for him. He asked, “Chu Ge… can you help me?”

“I came to save you,” Chu Liang said. “I suspect that the painted skin ghost has targeted you, so I came to keep an eye on you. I have a way to distinguish the painted skin ghost. I need to check anyone who gets close to you tonight.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Yan Xiaohu nodded repeatedly and then pointed to the two girls on the ground. “Chu Ge, check them.”

“… ” Chu Liang paused and replied, “I already checked them.”

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