Vol.1 – Chapter 23 – Skin-changing ghost

“Because I’m afraid that… it would be a bit inappropriate during class… so…” Song Qingyi explained hesitantly, then suddenly frowned, “Why am I telling you this? If you don’t have anything related to the strange cases, you should go back now!”

“Sorry, I’m just a little curious.” Chu Liang smiled and started asking about the real matter, “Have you checked the bodies of those two students? Were they really killed by vengeful spirits?”

“Their deaths were gruesome, with heavy yin energy. It can be confirmed that they were killed by ghosts,” Song Qingyi replied, “But… I just feel like it’s not vengeful spirits, but some higher-level ghost…”

Vengeful spirits have low intelligence and unclear thoughts, often appearing frequently in the same location. Although they have strong attachments, they won’t have any complex operations.

It’s unlikely for vengeful spirits to lure two students from their homes to the lake to kill them.

Unless it was a coincidence.

“But Sutu Yan is just an ordinary girl with no cultivation…” Chu Liang said.

The strength of a mortal’s soul is limited, even if they have deep resentment after death, they can at most become stronger vengeful spirits.

If anyone can turn into a fierce ghost and their strength has no limit, then wouldn’t they just ascend to the heavens after death?

Higher-level ghosts either continue to cultivate and enhance their strength after becoming ghosts, or they had strong cultivation and soul strength before they died.

Sutu Yan, who had just died, obviously did not meet these two conditions.

“So it’s possible that other ghosts were responsible for the killings,” Song Qingyi said, “Or… it could be the work of demonic cultivators.”

Chu Liang nodded in agreement.

Some demonic cultivators specialize in refining the souls of creatures with deep resentment, turning them into tools or weapons for their cultivation. Their methods are cruel and inhumane.

Like the Mingwang Sect, which is currently in the limelight, they have many methods of cultivating with yin spirits.

Chu Liang also revealed to Song Qingyi what Li Jue had told him, but did not mention the story between Li Jue and Sutu Yan, only the names of the students in the class who might be targeted by Sutu Yan.

“Chen Da, Yan Xiaohu…” Song Qingyi nodded, “I’ll go check on them tomorrow.”

After the exchange, Chu Liang left the back mountain.

He returned to the Li Family’s residence in Yanjiao City.

“So Song Instructor is from the Gentleman’s Hall.” Lin Bei was a little surprised to hear this news.There are only two Confucian schools in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. One is the Shenglong Academy, which is backed by the imperial court and cultivates talents throughout the Yu Dynasty. The other is the more independent Junzi Hall.

Junzi Hall in Jiangnan was initially created by several great Confucians. At that time, several contemporary great Confucians often discussed learning and exchanged knowledge on the Jiangnan Yanyu Tower, which became a famous story. Later, any great Confucian recognized by them could join and become a place for ideological exchange.

Then someone proposed to name this place Junzi Hall. Any Confucian or Daoist gentleman recognized for their conduct, knowledge, and cultivation could have their name inscribed on Junzi Hall, spreading their reputation to future generations and lasting forever.

Since then, Junzi Hall has become a hall of honor in Confucianism, and countless scholars have taken Junzi Hall’s inscription as their lifelong goal. Gradually, Junzi Hall in Jiangnan also developed its own inheritance and became one of the ten earthly sects.

“The affairs of the academy are managed by Confucianists, so we don’t need to worry too much,” Chu Liang said.

“Confucianism is great,” Lin Bei said with a strange smile on his face. “I really like Confucianism.”

“Did Chen Da die?”

The next afternoon, Song Qingyi suddenly found Chu Liang and Lin Bei and brought bad news.

After finishing her morning classes, she went to visit Chen Da’s family as a teaching assistant, but saw the miserable scene of the Chen family.

“This matter is quite strange,” Song Qingyi said with a serious face.

Chu Liang and Lin Bei also became serious as they listened to her story.

“According to Chen’s family, since Zhang Cong and Wu Shaoan died, Chen Da has been locked in his room and dare not go out. Only when his parents come to deliver food can they see him.”

“Last night, when Chen Da’s father was delivering food to his son, he happened to see Chen’s mother holding a tray walking in. Chen’s father was a bit strange. Obviously, it was Chen’s mother who asked him to come and deliver food, so why did she come now?”

“But when he returned to the room and looked, Chen’s mother was lying on the bed.”

“Chen’s father immediately felt that something was wrong. When he went to Chen Da’s room to check, he found that Chen Da was already charred and lying on the ground, as if he had been burned to death.”

“But there was no smell of smoke in the room, no trace of burning, and Chen Da did not make any calls for help… He was burned to death out of thin air in a moment.”

“I checked it, and there was a strong Yin energy. It was the work of a ghost.”

Song Qingyi told the whole story without any concealment. For her, the sooner the matter was resolved, the better, and it was good if someone could help.”Chen’s mother who walked into Chen Da’s room that Chen Fu saw was a ghostly creature in disguise,” Chu Liang pondered and said, “There aren’t many ghostly creatures that can freely change their appearance to that of others.”

The illusion of human form is not difficult, and many evil spirits can do it. But it is difficult to transform into the appearance of anyone at will.

Besides having the great supernatural power of transformation, it is some unique racial talents, such as the fox clan among monsters, or…

“A skin-changing ghost!” Lin Bei exclaimed.

“Right, only a skin-changing ghost can freely transform into others. The two students before were probably deceived to the lake by the skin-changing ghost,” Song Qingyi said.

But how could Situ Yan, who had just died, become a skin-changing ghost with powerful abilities?

If the culprit was not Situ Yan, why did they kill the people she wanted to revenge against?

The skin-changing ghost is unpredictable and difficult to deal with, much more so than a grudge spirit.

It was evident that Song Qingyi was frowning and very troubled.

“Song Instructor, rest assured, we disciples of Shu Mountain have always been committed to eliminating evil and upholding justice. We will definitely help you with all our strength!” Lin Bei promised, patting his chest.

Then he returned to Li’s mansion and stared at Chu Liang.

“Think of a solution, handsome guy,” he urged anxiously. “I chose to come on this mission with you because of your intelligence.”

“Why did you make a promise to Song Instructor and come to me then?” Chu Liang laughed. “Our task is just to keep an eye on Li Jue, isn’t it?”

“Don’t you want to see Song Instructor’s sweet smile?” Lin Bei paused.

“I just want to fight the evil spirits,” Chu Liang replied coldly.

But of course, he would not be idle. After all, the skin-changing ghost posed a great threat to the world and must be eradicated as soon as possible.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Regardless of the identity of this skin-changing ghost, its actions follow the trajectory of Situ Yan’s revenge. So, as long as we guard its target, we will eventually catch it.”

With that, he stood up and said, “You keep an eye on Li Jue, I’ll go find Yan Xiaohu.”

“Why is it you going out again? You went out last night and ran into Song Instructor. Today, I want to go out!” Lin Bei stood up.

Chu Liang said, “Do you have a way to distinguish the skin-changing ghost?”

“…” Lin Bei sat down again and said softly, “Bring me back some supper when you come back.”

Chu Liang went all the way to Yan Xiaohu’s house, claiming to be his good friend and wanting to visit his injuries. However, he heard from Yan’s servants that the young master had already gone out to play.Translation:

Just yesterday he was beaten so badly that I thought he was staying at home to recover, but it turns out he went out to play.

It seems like this guy has a pretty good physical condition.

Chu Liang asked again, “So may I ask where Yan Xiaohu went to play?”

The servant laughed and replied, “You must not be very familiar with our young master. He went to the Colorful Moon Tower, of course.”

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