Vol.1 – Chapter 16 – Transmission Sword Hall

Juechen Sword: Made of wind-eroded gang iron as the main material, with twelve engraved arrays, light and agile. Produced by Taotie City, priced at three hundred sword coins.

Bengshan Sword: Made of earth mother’s refined steel as the main material, with fourteen engraved arrays, thick and tough. Produced by swordsmith Xuanchengzi, priced at five hundred sword coins.

Xuanyin Sword: Made of thousand-year cold iron as the main material, with thirty-six engraved arrays, sharp and cold. The producer is unknown, priced at eight hundred sword coins.

As if a gust of autumn wind had blown through, Chu Liang stood in front of the sword-selling counter in the Transmission Sword Hall, lost in thought.

He had never been to the Transmission Sword Hall before, and it was only after seeing Fang Ting’s stunning Thunder Sword that he had the idea of buying one himself.

He thought he had made a small fortune, but compared to the prices of these magic swords, it was insignificant. After seeing the prices, he suddenly felt…

The standard flying sword bracelet of Shu Mountain was also quite useful.

It could last for many years.

Usually, it was difficult for a God-Intention Realm disciple who frequently went on missions to earn a hundred sword coins in a month, and that was not even considering the expenses for other magical tools, elixirs, talismans, and divine abilities…

How long would it take to save up for a sword?

As he turned to leave, the attendant noticed him and warmly greeted him.

She was a tall female disciple with a smiling face who grabbed Chu Liang’s arm and said, “Are you looking to buy a flying sword for yourself, junior brother?”

“Yes,” Chu Liang nodded.

“Which one do you like?” the attendant asked.

“I’m just browsing. I can’t afford it,” Chu Liang said calmly.

“It’s okay. What’s your budget? Let me give you some advice,” the attendant smiled.

“I only have fifty sword coins,” Chu Liang replied. “But I see that even the cheapest one costs three hundred sword coins…”

“Um…” The attendant looked a little embarrassed for a moment, but quickly relaxed. “No problem. You came at the right time. Our Transmission Sword Hall has just launched a new installment payment plan.”

“Installment payment?” Chu Liang blinked.


Does Shu Mountain even have this kind of thing now?

“You can pay fifty sword coins upfront, and then pay ten sword coins per month for the remaining amount. It will be paid off in fifty months. How about that? Isn’t it thoughtful?” the attendant introduced.

Fifty coins upfront, two hundred and fifty coins short. Paying ten coins per month for fifty months means paying five hundred sword coins… Chu Liang quickly calculated in his mind.

In other words, it’s a four-year loan with doubled interest…

It’s really black.

“It sounds tempting, but I think I’ll pass,” Chu Liang smiled. “I’ll come back and take a look next time.”

Forget it, it’s better to go back and kill some monsters. Maybe he’ll get a flying sword by chance.

“Hey, don’t think it’s too expensive. This will be your first exclusive flying sword in your life, and it’s of great significance. What’s a little more expensive?” The attendant was still trying to persuade him.

But Chu Liang had already turned around.

His attitude was clear.

As he was about to leave, he almost ran into a petite figure coming towards him.

“Oops.” The person was a pretty girl in a light green dress. When she saw Chu Liang, she immediately exclaimed in delight, “Senior Brother Chu?”

“Sister Xu?”Chu Liang was a little surprised to see her. It was none other than Xu Ziqing, the junior sister from Yujian Peak who had just completed a mission together.

“What a coincidence to meet you here.” Xu Ziqing smiled.

“Yeah, are you also here to buy a flying sword?” Chu Liang asked warmly.

“Mhmm! I completed my first mission successfully, and my brother said he would reward me with a flying sword, so I came to pick one out myself.” Xu Ziqing laughed.

Chu Liang secretly thought that the White Tower’s rewards required him to work hard and fight monsters, while Xu Ziqing’s brother’s reward was simple and direct.

“That’s really nice.” He said sincerely.

“Hey, Chu Senior Brother, what sword did you buy?” Xu Ziqing asked again.

“I haven’t bought one yet. The flying swords here are too expensive, and I don’t have enough sword coins.” Chu Liang answered truthfully.

“Huh?” The little girl tilted her head and suddenly said, “Which one do you like? I can give it to you.”

“How can that be?” Chu Liang immediately refused, “Flying swords are so valuable, how can I accept it?”

This little girl was really generous.

A wise man once said that women only affect my sword-pulling speed… but a rich woman can give me a better sword.

The ancients did not deceive me.

“What’s the big deal? We’re good friends.” The little rich girl said, pulling him.

“No, no reward without merit.” Chu Liang shook his head resolutely.

Small things like Gathering Qi Pills were acceptable to receive, but he would never accept such an expensive flying sword for free.

“Okay…” Xu Ziqing pouted, seeming a little unhappy.

“Well, Xu Junior Sister, take your time choosing. I’ll go back first.” Chu Liang said goodbye.

“You still call me Xu Junior Sister. You said we’re friends, so you should call me Ziqing like everyone else.” The little girl said again.

“Okay, Xu Junior Sister.” Chu Liang agreed straightforwardly.

While the two were talking, another person came down from upstairs. Upon seeing Xu Ziqing, he immediately greeted her, “Junior Sister Ziqing!”

Turning his head, he was a skinny young disciple with high cheekbones and narrow eyes. He wore a Confucian robe, but had no scholarly demeanor.

Behind him were two other disciples dressed in the same way, looking like followers.

Xu Ziqing frowned slightly upon seeing this person, but still responded helplessly, “Senior Brother Shang.”

Although she was indifferent, she couldn’t resist the other party’s enthusiasm.

Senior Brother Shang took a few steps to Xu Ziqing’s side and smiled, “What a coincidence to meet you here.”

“Yeah, are you also here to buy a flying sword?” Xu Ziqing looked away and replied.

“Heh!” Senior Brother Shang puffed out his chest, “A few days ago, I led a team to eliminate the water monster in Huali River, and my father said he would reward me with a new flying sword, so I came to pick one out myself.”

“Not bad…” Xu Ziqing nodded expressionlessly, seeming to want to leave.

Senior Brother Shang quickly stopped her and asked with a smile, “Junior Sister Ziqing, what sword did you buy?”

“I haven’t bought one yet. I’m just looking.” Xu Ziqing replied.

“Huh?” Senior Brother Shang clapped his hands, “Then which one do you like? I can give it to you.”

“How can that be?” Xu Ziqing frowned and shook her head repeatedly, “Flying swords are so valuable, I can’t let Senior Brother Shang spend money on me.””What’s the big deal? Aren’t we… good friends?” Senior Brother Shang laughed sneakily twice.

“No way! No work, no pay.” Xu Ziqing looked very indifferent.

“Okay…” Senior Brother Shang had to give up.

“Then if Senior Brother Shang has nothing else to do, we’ll leave first!” Xu Ziqing didn’t buy the sword, pulled Chu Liang and turned around to leave.

Senior Brother Shang followed behind and said, “You still call me Senior Brother Shang, how unorthodox. We’re good friends, you can call me Brother Ziliang.”

“Got it, Senior Brother Shang!” Xu Ziqing left with Chu Liang without looking back…

“Ah…” Shang Ziliang sighed heavily, “Do you guys think it’s reasonable that Sister Ziqing always ignores me, a young and handsome talent like me?”

“Not reasonable!” “Absolutely unreasonable!”

The two followers behind him quickly gave their answers.

“So why is that?” Shang Ziliang looked up at the sky.

“Boss, is there a possibility… that Sister Ziqing already has someone she likes, so it makes sense for her to be cold to you?” follower A said.

“Hmm?” Shang Ziliang frowned, “Is that so?”

“I think the person next to her is very suspicious.” follower B said, “She looked at that kid just now with a strange expression.”

“Not just a strange expression, I also smell a strange smell on both of them…” follower A hesitated and didn’t dare to say more.

“Hmph…” Shang Ziliang pondered for a moment and said, “Go and find out for me, what’s the name and background of that kid? I want to see who dares to compete with me for Sister Ziqing…”

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