Vol.1 – Chapter 15 – Zhou Tian Puppet

The sun shines in the sky, and the flowers are laughing.

Silver Sword Peak welcomes another beautiful morning with clear waters and lush vegetation.

Chu Liang walks out of his small wooden house, stretches lazily, and limbers up his muscles.

His master has been away for the past few days, so he is the acting peak master of Silver Sword Peak, feeling quite powerful. Of course, even if Di Nvfeng comes back, he is still just a vice peak master.

After basking in the sun for a while, he returns to his room and carefully closes the door.

There is something he needs to do.

Last night, after returning from Zhennan Domain Mountain, it was already late. He parted ways with the disciples of Yujian Peak and returned to Silver Sword Peak alone, going straight to bed.

Now it’s time to reward himself.

With his divine sense sinking, he enters the White Tower, where the big-headed golden phantom of the man-faced demon is suspended in an iron cage. Chu Liang approaches and presses down on the “refine” character with his palm.


A red light flashes.

Chu Liang catches the radiance that floats out with his hand, and immediately receives a telepathic message in his mind.

[Zhou Tian Puppet]:

Used to run the Zhou Tian and assist in cultivation, it consumes one Qi Gathering Pill during the day and two at night, allowing for non-stop cultivation throughout the day. All the gained cultivation will be attributed to the host. Note that this puppet can only be used for auxiliary cultivation. There is a risk of damage if used for other malicious purposes.


Chu Liang holds the three-foot-tall doll in his hand and suddenly feels a sense of surprise.

It looks just like the man-faced demon, with a small body like white jade and a big head without facial features.

Perhaps because it has no expression, it looks a bit cute.

But of course, Chu Liang’s surprise is not because it’s cute.

It’s because… this is a cultivation aid that can be used 365 days a year, without rest. All the cultivation gains will be attributed to himself. Doesn’t this mean that his cultivation speed can double?

No, it’s more than double.

Among the three levels of the Three Realms, the three major realms of the Heavenly Realm are based on enlightenment. Once enlightened, one can achieve decades of hard work in one day. The three realms of the Earthly Realm mainly compete for resources, with personal cultivation being secondary. However, in the three realms of the Human Realm, personal cultivation is still the most important.

The Body Refining Realm hones the physical body, the Qi Condensation Realm develops the dantian and qi sea, and the Divine Intention Realm refines the divine sense… At this stage, cultivation gains are achieved through meditation, visualization, and energy cultivation, also known as running the Zhou Tian.

But everyone’s cultivation time is limited. Excluding daily activities such as eating, drinking, and excreting, one can only cultivate for a maximum of eight hours a day. However, one cannot only cultivate true energy, but also needs to spend time practicing divine abilities. Shu Mountain disciples also need time to complete missions and exchange for treasures and pills…So normally, if a cultivator can maintain four to five hours of cultivation every day, it’s already considered very diligent. For someone like Chu Liang who frequently goes on missions, on average he might only have two to three hours a day.

You have to know that cultivation time must be genuine, sitting there and slacking off won’t count.


As long as he has this big-headed doll, he can cultivate an additional twelve hours every day.

His cultivation speed may increase by four to five times!

This also means that he can focus more time and energy on demon slaying, which is exactly what he needs right now.

Thinking this, Chu Liang couldn’t wait to place the big-headed doll on the ground, sit facing it, and feed it a Qi Gathering Pill.

Then he placed his palm on the doll’s head.

Activate the Zhou Tian.

The cultivation technique that Chu Liang practices is the most orthodox “Nine Heavens Mysterious Heart Art – Divine Intent Chapter” of Shu Mountain.

Shu Mountain’s cultivation technique is famous in the cultivation world for not having any special features, but it is stable and solid. As long as disciples cultivate to the same realm, their overall strength is often superior to others.

When Chu Liang activated the Zhou Tian, the body of the big-headed doll turned transparent, with white lines moving along a complex route, emitting a radiance.

When Chu Liang finished activating the Zhou Tian and removed his palm, the face of the big-headed doll had actually turned into his own! The radiance was still flickering, indicating that it had entered a state of cultivation.

Chu Liang understood that the doll had become his own shape inside and out.

Three Qi Gathering Pills a day, although it was not a small consumption, it was still a big profit compared to the output of all-day cultivation.

Chu Liang secretly made up his mind not to let the big-headed doll stop.

If necessary, I’ll go slay some lantern monsters to feed you.

However, it’s a bit strange that this Zhou Tian puppet clearly has no intelligence, and is just an emotionless cultivation machine, but there is still a difference in the amount of Qi Gathering Pills consumed during the day and at night.

One pill during the day, two pills at night… it seems like overtime with double pay.

Sigh, it’s really not following the rules.

Thinking this, he suddenly felt that it would be better if this big-headed doll was a person…

In that case, he could customize an impossible performance target for it, such as reaching the Golden Core realm within three days, otherwise deducting Qi Gathering Pills. If it couldn’t be achieved, it would have to work overtime voluntarily. In this way, all its overtime behavior would be spontaneous, and it would have nothing to do with him.

Not only would he not have to pay double, he wouldn’t even have to pay once. Just one Qi Gathering Pill would allow it to work for a full twelve hours.

If it didn’t achieve the performance target by the deadline, then he could deduct some more.In the end, it might have worked so hard for itself and still owed itself a Qi Gathering Pill…

Chu Liang didn’t take out the Big Head Doll, leaving it to work in the space of the White Tower.

This thing looked a bit strange after all, and it wasn’t good to take it out and let others see it. It was better to just leave it in there.

The space where the White Tower was located was mysterious, and Chu Liang hadn’t fully studied it yet. He only knew that it could be used like a storage magic tool, but only items obtained from the White Tower could come in and out.

After that, he set off for the Tongtian Peak.

After completing the mission in Zhennan Territory, the people of the Yujian Peak thought that Chu Liang had lost a lot, but in fact, he had won big.

Although the consumption of the Lingmao Tengyue Talisman was precious, it was ultimately costless. He exchanged it for several doses of the Hundred Flowers Powder that could detoxify and a useful puppet for cultivating the Zhou Tian technique, which was definitely a huge gain.

In addition, he also received a reward of fifty sword coins.

The reward for one mission was only about ten sword coins, and he wouldn’t have received so much if the others hadn’t given him their rewards. Chu Liang had never had so much money in his hands before.

When a poor man suddenly becomes rich, he naturally has to spend some money.

He first went to the Alchemy Hall and bought a gourd of Qi Gathering Pills, enough to feed the Big Head Doll for a while. Then he went out and turned left, arriving at the Sword Transmission Hall.

The Sword Transmission Hall was in charge of Shu Mountain’s flying swords, and when Chu Liang entered, he went directly to the place where swords were sold at the entrance.

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