Vol.1 – Chapter 17 – Give me the money

“That Shang Ziliang is the son of the Peak Master of Cloud Remote Peak.” After leaving the Sword Transmission Hall, Xu Ziqing muttered to Chu Liang, “He always acts like he’s so powerful because his father is the Peak Master. I’ve never liked him. And he always comes to me, which I hate.”

“I see.” Chu Liang nodded.

The Peak Master of Cloud Remote Peak, Shang Shuwen, was a Confucian cultivator on Shu Mountain. He was once renowned for his talents and had even left his mark at the Jiangnan Gentlemen’s Hall. But his son didn’t seem to be much of anything.

Just then, a flame fell like a shooting star from the southeast and landed in the direction of Silver Sword Peak.

Chu Liang’s eyes lit up. “Junior Sister Ziqing, I think my Master has returned. I’ll go meet her first.”

“Okay…” The little girl nodded and watched Chu Liang leave, reluctant to part.

Chu Liang flew back to Silver Sword Peak on his sword and saw the emperor’s daughter, Di Nvfeng, sitting in her loft wearing a long black robe with red trim. Her chest was trembling as if she was angry.

Her anger caused her Phoenix Blood Jade to flicker.

“Master.” Chu Liang approached her. “I’ve come to welcome you back.”

“Is everything fine these past few days?” Di Nvfeng asked.

“Yes, I completed a mission without any problems.” Chu Liang nodded. “And how was your trip, Master?”

“Don’t even mention it.” Di Nvfeng scowled. “I was looking for monsters in the East Sea, but the Penglai Sect came out and accused me of destroying the ecology. They wanted me to leave! If I didn’t fight back, they wouldn’t have stopped!”

Chu Liang remained silent for a moment. Her actions were exactly as he had predicted.

Although she said she was looking for monsters, her behavior was certainly not calm. When there were monsters causing trouble, Di Nvfeng could help eliminate the danger. But when there were no monsters, she herself was the danger.

Her actions probably caused chaos in the East Sea, which made the people of Penglai Sect notice and stop her. As one of the Nine Heavenly Sects, Penglai Sect’s territory was in the East Sea, so they naturally would not allow her to cause trouble at their doorstep.

Her behavior was reasonable.

Thinking this, Chu Liang said, “The people of Penglai Sect are so rude!”

“Exactly!” Di Nvfeng nodded in agreement. Then she felt something was off and raised an eyebrow at Chu Liang. “You’re usually not this obedient. Did you come to me for something?”

“I came to welcome my Master back, as I should.” Chu Liang smiled. “But…I do have something to discuss with you.”

“When I was on a mission with the disciples of Jade Sword Peak, I encountered a junior disciple in the early Golden Core stage who was far stronger than me. His flying sword and magic were both extremely powerful, and he wasn’t even the main force of Jade Sword Peak. I’m worried about how we’ll compete with them at the Shu Mountain Conference. So I was wondering if Master could teach me some powerful magic to strengthen myself, in addition to diligent cultivation.” Chu Liang said.

“You still have time to get stronger, so believe in yourself.” Di Nvfeng said nonchalantly.

Chu Liang continued, “I also feel that I don’t know enough powerful magic. So I was hoping Master could teach me more.”

“Divine power?” Di Nvfeng was taken aback. “How can I teach you something I don’t possess?”

She was telling the truth.

Initially, the reason why the Shu Mountain Sect Leader didn’t allow her to take on disciples was not only due to her obstinate personality, but also because she was a body cultivator.

A body cultivator was different from a martial arts cultivator. They cultivated their physical body through the Dao. They didn’t cultivate martial arts and only forged a strong body.

Di Nvfeng’s Red Flame Phoenix God Body was unquestionably powerful in its ability to cultivate the Dao through the body. However, body cultivation was extremely rare and required a series of coincidences to be successful. What she cultivated couldn’t be passed down to her disciples.


Apart from inheriting from their master, the disciples of Shu Mountain could also obtain divine powers from the Law Enforcement Hall. If they wanted to learn a divine power that even their master didn’t know, they could just go to the Law Enforcement Hall and buy it.

Chu Liang smiled slightly. “So, the disciple wants to go to the Law Enforcement Hall to buy some.”

Di Nvfeng narrowed her eyes, sensing a hint of danger. “Then go ahead and buy it.”

“I…I’m just short on money…” Chu Liang said softly.

“Hmph.” Di Nvfeng sneered. “You’re just trying to find a way to get money from me, aren’t you?”

“This is all for the great cause of our master,” Chu Liang said earnestly.

He was always adhering to the art of language.

“Well…” Di Nvfeng lifted her chin, her sleeve slipping down to reveal a fair wrist. “You need divine powers and magical tools, and I can help you think of a way…but if you need money, I really don’t have any.”

“Isn’t the monthly salary for our master on Shu Mountain high? And aren’t there additional subsidies for the peak master…” Chu Liang asked cautiously.

Actually, he had always been puzzled. The Silver Sword Peak was always poor, and he had grown used to it and didn’t think much of it. But as he grew older, he saw that other peaks were very wealthy, which made him wonder. Especially since there was only him as a disciple on the Silver Sword Peak, there was no need to divide resources.

Even if his master could give him a little pocket money every month, he should be able to save enough to buy a flying sword.

“Alas.” Di Nvfeng sighed. “What can that little money do…I not only have no money, but I also owe a large amount of external debt.”

“Why is that?” Chu Liang was puzzled.

Di Nvfeng patted the wine gourd at her waist. “Do you think it’s easy to buy the wine that can make someone like me drunk? This Drunken Immortal Brew costs five hundred sword coins per gourd.”


He had always seen Di Nvfeng drinking this wine since he was a child. It turned out that a gourd of this wine cost as much as a flying sword?

He was shocked.

This wasn’t alcoholism, this was burning money.

“Everything I told you is the truth. In short, apart from my external debt, I have nothing. I’ve been traveling around the world for these years and haven’t had a single magic tool or weapon. I rely solely on my physical body,” Di Nvfeng said, spreading her hands and looking like she didn’t care. “Even if you really need money, I have nothing to sell. If I had to sell something, I could only sell my physical body.”

Chu Liang’s eyebrows twitched. “Is that convenient?”

“Get lost.”

Chu Liang returned to his small wooden house in disappointment. His plan to get money had failed, and he had just learned the bad news that Di Nvfeng didn’t plan to quit drinking for another hundred years.

It seemed that in the future, he could only rely on himself.

If he wanted flying swords, magical tools, elixirs, dowries, or talismans, he had to save up on his own…

Or just not buy them and wait for the monsters to explode.

As he turned over a mountain, he unexpectedly saw a familiar figure.

Thick eyebrows, big eyes, a brocade robe, and full of positive energy. It was Lin Bei, a disciple of the Jade Sword Peak.

“Hey hey hey!”Upon seeing Chu Liang, Lin Bei immediately let out a loud laugh and greeted him, “Brother Chu, you finally came back.”

“Brother Lin, why are you waiting for me here? Is there something wrong?” Chu Liang asked.

“Of course.” Lin Bei smiled broadly, “I now know of a highly rewarding task that requires two skilled, quick-witted, and handsome disciples of the Godly Intent Realm to complete together. I thought of no one but us in Shu Mountain!”

Chu Liang ignored his flattery and asked, “Where do we need to go?”

“Yanjiao City, South Mountain Academy.”

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