Vol.1 – Chapter 14 – Our Hero Chu Liang

The Man-Faced Fiend walked calmly…

Chu Liang didn’t want it to be this way.

They were originally following behind Fang Ting, but they had fallen behind.

When Lin Bei saw Fang Ting being hit by a giant tree branch and falling to the ground, he wailed, “Ah! It looks like Senior Brother Fang can’t catch up to the demon! Our mission is going to fail.”

Chu Liang could only sigh and calmly say, “If Senior Brother Fang can’t do it, then I’ll have to give it a try.”

“Hmm?” Lin Bei heard him and tilted his head, feeling that it sounded strange.

Then Chu Liang took out a talisman.

Yes, if Fang Ting could catch up to the Man-Faced Fiend, he wouldn’t want to waste the only talisman he got from the White Tower.

The Lingcat Leap talisman!

It was said to greatly improve agility.

Chu Liang flicked the talisman with his left hand, and a flame burned it to ashes with a loud bang.

Once the talisman was activated, Chu Liang instantly felt a cat spirit will awakening inside him, and his body began to move uncontrollably in a straight line.

With a little force, he leaped several zhangs and landed lightly.

This Lingcat Leap talisman was really powerful!

The effect was unexpectedly good.

If the White Tower had after-sales service, he would definitely give this talisman a five-star rating.

After adapting to this power in just a few moments, he began to use his full body technique to chase after the Man-Faced Fiend. Looking down from high above, one could see a black shadow and a white shadow maintaining an astonishing high speed, and the distance between them was rapidly closing.

Gradually, he came up behind the Man-Faced Fiend, and Chu Liang even felt a sense of excitement. He could sense that the cat spirit inside him was excited by the thrill of the hunt.

Thanks to the fact that the effect of the talisman only lasted for a quarter of an hour, otherwise he might really have been affected by something bad.


When the Man-Faced Fiend turned around and saw him, a look of horror appeared on its face… Chu Liang couldn’t help but be excited, and even subconsciously licked his palm.

He didn’t know how much damage this light lick had caused to the young Man-Faced Fiend’s soul.

The Man-Faced Fiend had already realized that something was wrong with this person and desperately wanted to fly forward.

But could it escape?

It was difficult.

Chu Liang suppressed the impulse to continue playing with it and rushed forward, wielding his sword in his hand, and a three-foot sword energy swept out!

The Man-Faced Fiend seemed to have sensed it and immediately turned transparent, avoiding this close-range sword strike!

This strange creature was extremely agile, but its combat power was not strong. Its only talent was this momentary transformation, which allowed it to escape from Fang Ting’s sword energy prison.


This transformation could only last for a moment.

It was not very meaningful against an enemy who could keep up with its speed.

When its form returned to normal, Chu Liang had already lifted his left hand, and a red light flew out from his sleeve.

The Binding Demon Rope!

There was no way to avoid it at such a close range.

The Man-Faced Fiend happened to have a humanoid body, and the Turtle Shell Binding was completed instantly.

In that moment, it felt like a thousand horses were running in its heart, and a voice was shouting…


I knew this person was a pervert!

I knew it!

Living in the Southern Territory Mountains with countless demons, every demon had the awareness that they could die at any time.


It could accept death, but it was difficult to accept death in such a shameful manner.But life is just like this, many things you can’t accept, they still happen. Like the autumn wind that causes the flowers to wither, or the river that flows eastward taking away those who have passed, the vast sky is helpless…

Before it ended, all that could be seen was the gleam of swords.

Control and execute the kill.


Watching Chu Liang return with the Human-Faced Jade Spirit Flower in hand, the rest of the team was momentarily incredulous.

They couldn’t believe that at the moment when the mission was about to fail, it was him who stepped forward to turn the tide!

Fang Ting furrowed his brows and asked, “Junior Brother Chu… how did you do it?”

Xu Ziqing asked excitedly, “Senior Brother Chu, you’re so amazing. Why didn’t you say anything before?”

Lin Bei asked admiringly, “Brother Chu, how did you become so proficient in your technique? Can you teach me?”

Xu Ziqing looked at him puzzled, “Huh? What technique?”

The little girl still couldn’t quite grasp the strangeness of the Binding Demon Rope.

“Oh, body movement, body movement!” Lin Bei quickly corrected himself.

“It’s nothing…” Chu Liang smiled faintly, “I just used a stronger talisman, and once it was used, it was gone. I’m also very distressed about it.”

“I see.” Everyone suddenly understood.

Actually, they had guessed as much. With Chu Liang’s early stage of the Divine Intent Realm, it was unlikely that he had such a technique. If he had had such a magical power earlier, there would have been no need to hide it.

It was probably some kind of hidden elixir or talisman.

As for the origin of the talisman, no one asked.

In the world of cultivation, it is taboo to inquire about other people’s magical instruments, talismans, elixirs, and magical powers…

The reason is simple: cultivation level can be seen, unless the difference in cultivation level is too great, it is also difficult to hide. But these things can be hidden and can make up for the difference in cultivation level at critical moments.

Everyone has their own little secrets, some of which are even used to save their lives, so naturally they don’t like to be known. Sometimes a little bit of information can make the difference between life and death.

The origin of treasures and the like, like Shu Mountain, a famous orthodox sect, is not too strange, but many wild cultivators in the world have no clean treasures on their bodies.

But no matter where you are, it is not a smart move to ask about it.

And as the only disciple of Silver Sword Peak, all of his master’s resources were bestowed upon Chu Liang alone, so it was not surprising that he had some treasures on him.

What they were thinking now was how Chu Liang, with his early third realm cultivation, was able to surpass Fang Ting, who was in the fourth realm, with such speed. This talisman must be of considerable value.

It might even be his last resort for survival.

The sword coins earned from this mission were certainly not enough to exchange for such a talisman.

And he used this precious treasure at great personal cost just so the team could complete the mission! Without hesitation!

After experiencing this short journey, the impression of Chu Liang among the others, who had been somewhat hostile to him because of his background in Silver Sword Peak, had undergone a significant change.

The so-called charm of personality.

If Shu Mountain were to choose a Five Good Disciples now, they would definitely vote for Chu Liang without hesitation!

Xu Ziqing smiled and said, “Senior Brother Chu, since you used such a precious talisman, let me give you my share of the reward for this mission to make up for your loss.”

Anyway, she really didn’t care about the reward. With her master and brother covering her, the meaning of her doing missions was more for experience.

Chu Liang heard this and smiled, “That’s not necessary…”

Fang Ting also said, “Indeed, you sacrificed so much for the success of the mission, you can’t let yourself suffer too much. You can have my share too.”Translation:

He came mainly to bring Xu Ziqing, and he didn’t care so much about the reward. Previously, when the human-faced demon snatched the jade essence flower, he almost thought he would lose face. Chu Liang’s efforts really saved this family, and his gratitude at this moment was indescribable.

Chu Liang was about to politely refuse, but then he heard Lin Bei next to him say, “Brother Chu, don’t refuse! Everyone can see how much you have contributed! You are our hero, how can we let you feel cold? I’ll give you my share too, if you don’t accept it, it’s like treating us as outsiders!”

“Well…” Chu Liang smiled again and had to say, “This is really embarrassing.”

Luren opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but with two “ah ba” sounds, he suddenly felt something was strange… Like there was no need to say anything?


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