Chapter 33 – Isn’t it just cheating?

In the office of the Executive Vice President, Zhang Lili shared her suspicions with Guo Danu.

After listening, Guo Danu furrowed his brows and asked, “Are you saying that Ye Qiu went to look for Shaocong, and he was extremely angry at the time?”

“Yes,” Zhang Lili said. “If it weren’t for Director Bai, Ye Qiu might have really killed me.”

“You and Ye Qiu were lovers, together for so long, would he really bear to kill you?” Guo Danu didn’t believe what Zhang Lili said at all.

“President Guo, I’m not lying to you, everything I said is true,” Zhang Lili urged anxiously. “I was terrified back then.”

“Tell me exactly what happened at that time.”

Then, Guo Danu sat in his chair and listened carefully to Zhang Lili’s account.

Five minutes later.

Guo Danu had a basic understanding and said, “Zhang Lili, go find Ye Qiu right now. If Shaocong’s disappearance has anything to do with Ye Qiu, you must find out where Shaocong is now.”

“President Guo, why don’t you ask Ye Qiu yourself?”

Zhang Lili was reluctant to go, the murderous look in Ye Qiu’s eyes that morning still haunting her.

Guo Danu’s face darkened as he said, “You want me, the Executive Vice President, to personally look for a little caregiver? Zhang Lili, aren’t you overestimating him?”

“President Guo, you misunderstood, what I meant was…”

“I don’t care what you meant, go find Ye Qiu immediately, find out if Shaocong’s disappearance has anything to do with him. If it does, find out where Shaocong is.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“If it’s not him, you still need to figure out where Shaocong is, otherwise, I won’t give you the position to stay at the hospital, nor will I let Shaocong marry you.”

Zhang Lili’s face turned pale in an instant, and she quickly said, “Rest assured, President Guo, I guarantee I’ll find Shaocong. I’ll go look for him right now.”

After speaking, Zhang Lili hurriedly ran out.

“Idiot!” Guo Danu cursed, his eyebrows tightly knitted as he muttered to himself, “Shaocong, Shaocong, where on earth did you run off to?”

Three seconds later.

Guo Danu grabbed the phone on his desk, dialed a number, and when connected, he politely said, “Hello, I’m looking for Lei Hu… Lei Hu isn’t there? Where did he go? You don’t know… Well then, please have him call me back when he returns. My name is Guo Danu, I’m the Executive Vice President of Jiangzhou Hospital, okay, thank you…”

Guo Danu hung up the phone, his frown deepening.

“What’s going on today, Shaocong is missing, and I can’t get in touch with Lei Hu, it’s like I’ve hit a streak of bad luck.”

Suddenly, Guo Danu’s eyelids twitched violently, a sense of unease spreading over him.

Ye Qiu left Lin Jingzhi’s ward and, at the corner of the corridor, ran into Zhang Lili.

For this woman who had betrayed him, Ye Qiu chose to ignore her and walked straight past her.

“Stop!” Zhang Lili called out.

Pretending not to hear, Ye Qiu kept walking.

Zhang Lili quickly stepped in front of Ye Qiu, angrily saying, “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

“Are you calling me?” Ye Qiu replied indifferently. “I thought it was a dog barking.”


“Good dogs don’t block the way!”

Ye Qiu added another line.

Zhang Lili’s face turned green with anger. Normally, she would have turned and walked away without hesitation, but now she couldn’t leave. Even if she was furious, she had to find out where Guo Shaocong was, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to stay at the hospital, nor could she marry Guo Shaocong.

Recently, there were rumors in the hospital that Guo Danu would replace the soon-to-retire old president and become the new president of Jiangzhou Hospital.

After hearing this, Zhang Lili started to push for marriage, hoping to marry Guo Shaocong sooner because if she could marry Guo Shaocong, she would be the daughter-in-law of the president, and wouldn’t she walk sideways in the hospital in the future?

“I said, good dogs don’t block the way, didn’t you hear?” Seeing that Zhang Lili didn’t move aside, Ye Qiu said coldly.

Zhang Lili suppressed the anger in her heart, sighed deeply, and said, “Ye Qiu, why bother? No matter what, we were together for so long, even though we’ve broken up now, can’t we just be ordinary friends?”

“I don’t want to be friends with you,” Ye Qiu looked up at Zhang Lili and said, “I find it dirty.”

“You—” Zhang Lili was almost driven mad with anger, glaring at Ye Qiu, wishing she could fight him.

However, reason told Zhang Lili that she had to hold back her anger and find out where Guo Shaocong was.

Zhang Lili took a deep breath and said, “I admit, it was my fault about our relationship, I betrayed you. But do you know why?”

“I know,” Ye Qiu said. “You think I’m a poor boy, with no background, no power, no influence, I can’t give you the life you want, right?”

“That’s right.”

Ye Qiu sneered, “Actually, all the reasons boil down to eight words, despising the poor and loving the rich, vain and conceited.”

Zhang Lili retorted, “In this world, which girl doesn’t love vanity? Is it wrong to love vanity? Even if it’s wrong, I’ve only made a mistake that all girls in the world would make.”

“It’s pointless to say these things now, I have to go to work, please step aside.”

Ye Qiu’s attitude remained cold, but his tone softened a bit, thinking that Zhang Lili had come to apologize to him.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Lili didn’t apologize but instead asked, “Ye Qiu, did you find Shaocong this morning?”

So she came to me for Guo Shaocong, I thought she was here to apologize to me, how self-delusional.

Ye Qiu felt a wave of desolation in his heart and remained silent.

“Why is it so hot here, Ye Qiu, are you hot?” While speaking, Zhang Lili unbuttoned her white coat, revealing the low-cut camisole underneath, and a swath of fair skin appeared.

Little did she know, Ye Qiu seemed as if he hadn’t seen it, his eyes clear as ever.

Zhang Lili was annoyed inside, cursing, what’s with the pretense of being high and mighty, aren’t all men driven by their lower half?

She didn’t know that the more she acted like this, the more disgusted Ye Qiu felt.

“Was this the tactic you used back then?” Ye Qiu asked.

“What are you talking about?” Zhang Lili didn’t catch on for a moment.

“I mean, when you seduced Guo Shaocong, did you also use this tactic? Don’t you find it cheap?”

Zhang Lili was furious, “Ye Qiu, can’t you speak properly? Is it such a big deal that I dumped you, to make such a fuss like a resentful woman, are you even a man?”

Ye Qiu looked at Zhang Lili with a strange expression, truly surprised that someone could be so brazen about cheating, was she even human?

“Now I understand, it wasn’t you who were blind, it was me.”

“How could I have fallen for such a freak.”

“Get lost!” Ye Qiu pushed Zhang Lili aside and strode away.

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