Chapter 34 – Strange disease

“Ye Qiu, just you wait, one day you’ll regret this!” Zhang Lili stamped her feet in frustration, yelling after Ye Qiu’s retreating figure.

She was truly furious.

She had intended to find out Guo Shaocong’s whereabouts, but instead, she ended up being humiliated by Ye Qiu.

“What a loser, just because I dumped him, he acts as if I killed his mother. It’s infuriating!”

Suddenly, Zhang Lili remembered why she was looking for Ye Qiu in the first place, “Oh no, I still haven’t found out where Shaocong is. What should I do now?”

Ye Qiu returned to the Surgery department, ready to report to Bai Bing. As he approached the director’s office, he overheard voices from inside:

“Director Bai, the situation with the patient in bed five is very grim.”

“We’ve consulted together but still haven’t found a treatment.”

“Moreover, the patient had two episodes of shock today and has been moved to the ICU. If we don’t find a treatment soon, I’m afraid…”

Peeking in, Ye Qiu saw Bai Bing speaking with three senior experts.

“Director Bai, we must find a way to treat the patient immediately. Given the patient’s current condition, they won’t last much longer.”

“If the patient dies in our department, the responsibility will be enormous.”

“Director Bai, I suggest we inform the patient’s family and consider transferring them to another hospital.”

Bai Bing’s brow furrowed as she asked, “Our hospital is the best in Jiangzhou. If we transfer the patient now, where do we send them?”

One of the experts chuckled, “There are many good hospitals in our country. We could transfer the patient to the Capital Union Medical Hospital or to the Minghai Jiaotong University Hospital.”

“I think that’s a viable option,” another expert added. “Especially the Capital Union Medical Hospital, which specializes in treating intracranial hematomas. They have the nation’s top experts; perhaps they can save the patient. As long as the patient doesn’t die in our department, that’s what matters.”

Bai Bing remained silent for a long time.

The patient in bed five had a common condition, a hematoma due to a head injury, which was stable after surgery. However, today’s sudden complications and shock had put the patient’s life at risk.

Worse still, even after a joint consultation by the three experts, the cause of the condition remained a mystery.

Then, one of the experts spoke up, “Director Bai, the situation is urgent. We should notify the family to start the transfer process.”

“The patient’s condition is deteriorating. We can’t delay any longer.”

“Director Bai, please make a decision quickly!”

Bai Bing looked up and asked, “If we arrange for a transfer now, given the patient’s current state, can they survive the trip to the Capital?”

“It’s hard to say,” one expert replied.

“What do you mean by ‘hard to say’?” Bai Bing pressed. “I want to know the likelihood of the patient surviving the trip to the Capital if we transfer them now.”

The three experts exchanged glances, but this time, no one spoke.

“I need a definite answer from you,” Bai Bing insisted.

After a full thirty seconds, an expert with glasses adjusted them and said, “The chances are probably less than one in a thousand.”

“In that case, transferring doesn’t seem to make sense,” Bai Bing concluded.

“Director Bai, you can’t say that. Transferring is very significant,” one expert countered. “As long as the patient doesn’t die in our department, everyone is safe. If we don’t transfer and the patient dies, who will take the responsibility?”

Bai Bing’s expression turned slightly displeased as her gaze swept over the three experts. She spoke, “Experts, what you’ve said is not unreasonable, but let me ask you, what was your original purpose in practicing medicine?”

“To save lives and help the injured,” they replied.

“Then let me ask you another question. The patient is dying, why aren’t you trying to save them?”

“Director Bai, it’s not that we don’t want to save the patient, we simply haven’t found a way to treat them. Suggesting a transfer is a last resort.”

“But you’ve just said that even with a transfer, the chance of survival is less than one in a thousand. Isn’t transferring them now akin to sending them to their death?”

With that, the three experts were at a loss for words.

Bai Bing continued, “I know what you’re worried about. If the patient dies in our department, it could ruin your lifelong reputation.”

“You three are seasoned experts with deep experience and are nearing retirement. If the patient dies now, it could impact your reputation.”

“But you also said, the original purpose of practicing medicine is to save lives and help the injured. Now, when the patient is in dire need, instead of trying your utmost to find a treatment, you come to me suggesting a transfer. Do you think this is helping the injured?”

One expert said with a pained expression, “Director Bai, we truly have no other options.”

“If the patient dies in the department, who will take the responsibility?”

“We’ve spent our lives in medicine, diligently working, and we don’t want to tarnish our careers just before retirement.”

“Please understand us, Director Bai.”

Bai Bing looked disappointed, “Experts, I thought you would be role models for our Surgery department, an example for everyone to learn from. Yet now, you’re so afraid of taking responsibility.”

“Every medical student knows that doctors are human, not gods. There are many diseases that doctors can’t cure, and what we can do is try our best to treat every patient.”

“As long as we’ve done our best, even if we can’t save the patient in the end, we have a clear conscience. I believe the patient and their family will understand.”

“If you’ve tried your best and still haven’t found a way to treat them, and the patient unfortunately passes away, it’s not your fault.”

“If the family doesn’t understand and insists on accountability, let them come to me.”

“I’ll take all the consequences.”

“But now, experts, you’ve disappointed me greatly.”

“Since you’re afraid of taking responsibility, I’ll treat the patient myself!” Bai Bing said, and quickly left the office, heading straight for the ICU.

In the office, the three experts whispered among themselves.

“Director Bai is going to personally treat the patient, what do we do?”

“Let her treat. If the patient dies, it’s not our concern.”

“Director Bai is young and impulsive, she hasn’t faced setbacks and doesn’t understand how tense doctor-patient relations are. Once the patient dies, she’ll see.”

Ye Qiu, overhearing the experts’ conversation outside the door, felt some disdain. They say that the older a doctor gets, the better their medical skill, but it seems the older they get, the smaller their courage.

Ye Qiu hurried to the ICU, and upon arrival, he saw Bai Bing and a special consultant doctor examining the patient’s condition.

“How strange, the vital signs are normal, so why the two shocks?” Bai Bing murmured with furrowed brows.

“I’ve been practicing medicine for ten years and have never encountered such a case,” the special consultant doctor said.

“Did you consult with other experts in the hospital?” Bai Bing asked.

“Yes, but they couldn’t figure it out either,” the special consultant doctor replied.

Without hesitation, Bai Bing instructed, “Connect with the experts at the Capital Union Medical Hospital immediately to see if they have any solutions.”

“Before you arrived, I had already contacted them. They said they hadn’t encountered such a case either and suggested that we… wait and see.”

Bai Bing felt a sinking feeling. Wait and see? Wasn’t that just waiting for death?

At that moment, the heart monitor emitted a sharp alarm. The special consultant doctor turned to look, his face paling:

“Not good, the patient’s heartbeat is rapidly weakening, ninety, eighty, sixty, forty… the patient is fading fast…”

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