Chapter 32 – Cry, make a scene, act coquettishly

In the ward, Ye Qiu used a Maoshan Talisman to remove the finger marks from Lin Jingzhi’s face.

“How does it feel?” Ye Qiu asked.

“It’s cool, like I’ve applied a facial mask,” Lin Jingzhi replied.

“Does it still hurt?”

Lin Jingzhi shook her head: “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Sister Lin, that woman earlier looked like trouble. She probably won’t let this go easily. I think it’s best if you hire a couple of bodyguards for your protection,” Ye Qiu suggested.

Lin Jingzhi smiled and said, “With you protecting me, why would I need bodyguards?”

“I’ve been transferred from my caregiver position.”

As soon as Ye Qiu said this, the smile on Lin Jingzhi’s face vanished.

“Where have you been transferred to? Surgery?” Lin Jingzhi asked angrily. “Was it Bai Bing’s doing? This is too much. I’m going to call your hospital’s president right away.”

With that, Lin Jingzhi picked up her phone and quickly dialed the number.

Ye Qiu hurriedly explained, “Sister Lin, it’s not Director Bai’s fault. It was my own decision to go back to surgery.”

“You don’t have to cover for Bai Bing. As the Director of Surgery, without her order, you couldn’t have been transferred.”

“You’re right, the order was given by Director Bai, but it was because I approached her.”

“Why would you want to leave??” Lin Jingzhi looked at Ye Qiu with confusion, and suddenly, tears welled up in her beautiful eyes as she said with a sense of grievance, “Is it because you dislike me that you want to leave?”

“Look at what you’re saying. How could I dislike you? You’re so beautiful, I think no one could dislike you.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I really do.”

“Then why do you want to transfer?” Lin Jingzhi was puzzled.

Ye Qiu said, “Sister Lin, I’ve told you before, my dream is to become a great doctor. What is greatness? It’s doing extraordinary things in ordinary positions. That’s greatness.”

“The reason I studied medicine is to help the world, to save lives and heal the wounded, to relieve more people from the suffering of illness.”

“And to achieve this dream, the first step is to return to surgery. Only by dealing with various patients every day can my medical skills improve.”

“Sister Lin, I hope you can understand me!”

Lin Jingzhi asked Ye Qiu, “Then who will take care of me when you’re gone?”

Ye Qiu replied, “The hospital will arrange a new caregiver.”

“But I don’t want anyone else to take care of me. I want you.”

“Sister Lin, those caregivers in the hospital have been working for many years, each one more experienced and attentive than me. They will take even better care of you.”

“I said, I want you to take care of me.” Lin Jingzhi suddenly looked at Ye Qiu with affectionate eyes and said softly, “If I were your girlfriend, would you have the heart to leave me in the care of other caregivers?”

“No,” Ye Qiu continued, “If you were my girlfriend, I would have my mom take care of you.”

He said it casually, but Lin Jingzhi seemed interested.

“I think your suggestion is very good. Why not let your aunt take care of me?” Lin Jingzhi said with a smile, “That way, I can get to know your mother in advance and work on our mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.”

Ye Qiu knew Lin Jingzhi was joking. He was just a doctor still on probation; how could someone like Lin Jingzhi be interested in him?

“Sister Lin, stop joking,” Ye Qiu said. “You’ll be able to leave the hospital after a few more days.”

“But I don’t want to be discharged.”

“Why not?”

Ye Qiu was very puzzled. All the patients he had encountered before wanted to be discharged as soon as possible, but Lin Jingzhi said she didn’t want to leave the hospital, which was quite baffling.

“Because I’ll miss you.” Lin Jingzhi rested her chin in her hands and gazed at Ye Qiu with tender affection, her beautiful eyes almost brimming with charm.

Here we go again.

Ye Qiu felt a headache coming on; Lin Jingzhi liked to tease him too much.

“Sister Lin, you need to take good care of yourself in the future.”

Thinking that he wouldn’t be able to accompany Lin Jingzhi every day, Ye Qiu also felt a bit of regret. After all, being with such a stunning beauty always lifted his spirits.

“Can’t you really take care of me?” Lin Jingzhi asked again.

Ye Qiu explained, “After returning to surgery, I’ll be very busy and truly won’t have time to take care of you.”

“Can you promise me one thing, then?”

“What is it?”

Lin Jingzhi said, “I want you to promise to visit me once a day.”


“Can’t you even fulfill such a small request? You said you don’t dislike me, but it seems you really do.”


A tear rolled down Lin Jingzhi’s cheek.

Ye Qiu panicked.

He was most afraid of women crying.

When he was with Zhang Lili, as soon as she cried, he was at a loss and would agree to any of her demands.

Now, in this situation, he could only agree to Lin Jingzhi.

“Sister Lin, please don’t cry. I promise I’ll visit you every day.”

“And you have to promise to be on call.”

“Sister Lin, you know how busy the surgery department is. I can’t guarantee to be on call…”

“Wuu… You heartless scoundrel, after taking advantage of me, you don’t want to take responsibility?” Lin Jingzhi didn’t let Ye Qiu finish his sentence and started crying loudly.

“Alright, alright, I promise you, I’ll be on call. Please, stop crying, okay?”

Ye Qiu was desperate, afraid that others would hear and misunderstand. When it came to dealing with women, he was a novice; he couldn’t even handle Zhang Lili, let alone Lin Jingzhi.


Lin Jingzhi suddenly burst into laughter and said, “Actually, I just wanted to tease you to see if you really cared about me.”

“Sister Lin, please don’t make such jokes in the future. You said I took advantage of you, when have I ever done that?”

“Have I never taken advantage of you? Speak with your conscience.”

“I really haven’t…” Ye Qiu’s words were cut short as he caught sight of a vast snowy field.

Majestic and spectacular.

“Now, do you still deny it?” Lin Jingzhi’s eyes twinkled with slyness.

Ye Qiu’s face flushed red, and he quickly averted his gaze.


In the office of the Executive Vice President of Jiangzhou Hospital.

Guo Danu’s face was grim.

Zhang Lili stood in front of the desk, her head bowed, tears swirling in her eyes.

“Do you feel wronged?”

“Let me tell you, you’re not wronged at all.”

“I entrusted Shao Cong to you, to take good care of him. How did you take care of him?”

“And with something as serious as Shao Cong’s disappearance, you kept it a secret. If I hadn’t visited Shao Cong’s ward and found him missing, were you planning to keep it from me forever? Do you even consider me as the Executive Vice President?”


Guo Danu slammed his hand on the desk, startling Zhang Lili into crying out loud: “President Guo, I was wrong, I was wrong…”

“Shut up!” Guo Danu shouted, “If anything happens to Shao Cong, I won’t let you off.”

In desperation, Zhang Lili said, “President Guo, I think Shao Cong’s disappearance has something to do with Ye Qiu…”

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