Chapter 29 – Something happened

Ye Qiu returned to the hospital and headed straight for the Surgery outpatient clinic.

Upon entering, he saw Qian Jinglan’s wrist wrapped in gauze and asked anxiously, “Mom, how are you?”

“I’m fine, just a superficial skin wound. Director Bai has taken care of it,” Qian Jinglan replied before asking, “Qiu, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Ye Qiu cast a grateful look at Bai Bing and said, “Director Bai, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Ye Qiu then instructed Qian Jinglan, “Mom, no matter who asks, you must say you didn’t see Guo Shaocong today, understand?”

“Qiu, what’s going on? Tell me, did you do something illegal?” Qian Jinglan was very nervous.

“Mom, don’t worry about it. Just do as I say if anyone asks.”


Qian Jinglan nodded, her expression heavy with concern. Although Ye Qiu didn’t spell it out, she had a vague feeling that something significant had happened.

“By the way, Qiu, Director Bai just told me that you’re being transferred back to Surgery to continue as a probationary doctor. Work hard and aim to obtain tenure soon. You mustn’t let Director Bai down.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll work hard. Mom, shall I take you home now?”

“You go to work, I can get back by myself.” Qian Jinglan then cheerfully said to Bai Bing, “Director Bai, thank you for your help today.”

“It’s no trouble, Auntie. You should head back and rest.”


“Director Bai, I’ll walk my mom out and be right back.” Ye Qiu escorted Qian Jinglan to the hospital entrance.

While waiting for the taxi, Qian Jinglan advised Ye Qiu, “Qiu, there are many ways to solve problems in this world, not all require extreme measures. If you must, make sure you leave no trace. And if you’re in trouble, you must tell me. No matter when, I’d lay down my life to protect you.”

Qian Jinglan’s eyes were resolute, her demeanor exuding a calm confidence.

Ye Qiu was taken aback; it was the first time he had seen such a quality in Qian Jinglan, and it felt a little foreign to him.

Realizing her own change, Qian Jinglan coughed twice and quickly reverted to her usual middle-aged woman demeanor, asking softly, “Qiu, does Director Bai have a boyfriend?”

“Mom, why do you ask?” Ye Qiu was puzzled.

“I think Director Bai is quite nice. She’s beautiful, has a great figure, and she’s the Director of Surgery. Why don’t you pursue her?”

“What, you want me to pursue Director Bai?”

Ye Qiu was so shocked his eyes nearly popped out. The thought had never even crossed his mind.

Who was Bai Bing? She was the Director of Surgery at Jiangzhou Hospital, a medical doctorate holder, the icy goddess in countless people’s hearts.

And him? Just a probationary doctor without any power or influence, pursuing his own boss? Was he out of his mind?

Qian Jinglan said, “I think Director Bai is quite good. Although she seems cold on the outside, she’s actually warm-hearted, attentive, and kind. And I’ve noticed that her figure is definitely capable of bearing a son.”

Ye Qiu was speechless and said, “Mom, do you know who pursues Director Bai? They’re either second-generation wealthy or officials’ kids, all young and rich with talent. None of them have succeeded with Director Bai. Do you think I stand a chance?”

“I believe you do, I have faith in you,” Qian Jinglan said. “I’m a woman, and I can feel that Director Bai looks at you differently.”

“How is it different?”

“I can’t quite put it into words, but I can sense that she has a fondness for you,” Qian Jinglan chuckled. “It would be wonderful if Director Bai could become my daughter-in-law.”

“Mom, I advise you to give up that idea. Whether it’s educational background, age, family background, or social status, I’m not suitable for Director Bai.”

“You haven’t even interacted with Director Bai, how do you know you’re not suitable? Let me tell you…”

“Mom, the taxi’s here. You better go back!” Ye Qiu hurriedly helped Qian Jinglan into the taxi.

“Qiu, take this matter to heart. I believe in you,” Qian Jinglan encouraged him even as she got into the car.

“Alright, alright, I got it. You go back now!”

Watching the taxi drive away, Ye Qiu felt helpless.

“What’s gotten into Mom today, suggesting I pursue Director Bai? Doesn’t she see I’m not in her league?”

“But honestly, if I could win over a heavenly beauty like Director Bai, it would be worth dying for.”

Ye Qiu arrived at the Director of Surgery’s office.

Upon entering, he saw Bai Bing drinking water.

At that moment, Bai Bing had taken off her white coat, revealing a tight-fitting professional outfit. Perhaps because of her figure, the shirt was stretched open, and from Ye Qiu’s angle, he could see a glint of amber light.

So white!

Just as the thought crossed Ye Qiu’s mind, Bai Bing’s gaze swept over, and she asked coldly, “What are you looking at?”

Ye Qiu’s face flushed, and he quickly covered up, “Nothing.”

Bai Bing eyed Ye Qiu suspiciously, sat down in her office chair, and said, “I’ve already spoken to the Medical Affairs Department. You can go handle the paperwork and transfer back to the department.”


“You can go now.”

After Bai Bing spoke, she lowered her head to look at the medical record.

Ye Qiu was somewhat stunned; he thought Bai Bing would ask about Guo Shaocong, but she didn’t bring it up at all, as if nothing had happened.

It was unexpected.

Ye Qiu hurried to the Medical Affairs Department to complete the paperwork, then went to find Lin Jingzhi. He felt it was necessary to inform her about his departure from the caregiver position.

Although he hadn’t known Lin Jingzhi for long, she had been kind to him and taught him many life lessons, especially regarding handling Guo Shaocong. If it weren’t for Lin Jingzhi’s words ringing in his ears like a warning bell, Ye Qiu wouldn’t have been so decisive.

From a distance, Ye Qiu saw two bodyguards in black suits and sunglasses standing at the door of Lin Jingzhi’s ward, immobile like door gods.

“I wonder who’s visiting Sister Lin. They seem to have quite the presence.”

Ye Qiu muttered to himself as he approached the ward, only to be stopped by the two bodyguards.

“Mr. Qian has ordered that no one is allowed in,” one of the bodyguards said.

“I’m a doctor, please step aside,” Ye Qiu replied politely.

“Mr. Qian has ordered that no one, no matter who, is allowed in. Even if you were the hospital director.”

“Get lost!” the other bodyguard barked rudely at Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu frowned, about to speak, when suddenly, a woman’s curse came from inside the ward: “Lin Jingzhi, you whore!”


A crisp slap followed.

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