Chapter 28 – Eliminate the threat completely

Jiangzhou is known for two famous mountains: one is Yunwu Mountain, where the powerful congregate, and the other is the desolate Nanshan.

At this moment…

Atop Nanshan, Zhao Yun’s subordinates were vigorously digging a hole with shovels.

As for Lei Hu, he was bound hand and foot, kneeling before Ye Qiu, pleading for mercy.

“Mr. Ye, I beg you, please don’t kill me. It was all Guo Shaocong’s doing. He said if I killed you and your mother, he’d give me a million.”

Lei Hu, a burly man with a scar across his face, looked fierce, but now he was trembling with fear.

“So, if he told you to kill, you’d kill? If he told you to eat shit, would you eat that too?” Ye Qiu said coldly.

“Mr. Ye, if you spare my life, I’ll be your ox, your horse, no, I’ll be your dog, woof woof woof…” Lei Hu even started barking like a dog.

“You’re not worthy of being my dog,” Ye Qiu had already decided to eliminate the threat completely.

“Mr. Ye, you and your mother depend on each other, and she loves you so much. Have you thought about her? If you kill me, you’ll break the law and face its punishment. If you end up in jail, your mother will be alone and helpless. Can you bear that?”

Lei Hu was making a last-ditch effort, knowing that Ye Qiu’s Achilles’ heel was Qian Jinglan, hoping to persuade him with these words.

Unfortunately, he underestimated Ye Qiu’s resolve to kill.

“No matter the consequences, today, neither of you will leave here alive.”

As Ye Qiu spoke, he glanced at Guo Shaocong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, recalling Lin Jingzhi’s words to him: a man must be ruthless to stand firm.

If he showed mercy today, Guo Shaocong and Lei Hu might seek revenge in the future.

Therefore, killing them both was the only way to prevent future troubles.

“You’ll go to jail for killing me!” Lei Hu shouted. “Mr. Ye, is my worthless life worth dying for?”

Ye Qiu sneered, “Did I say I would do it myself?”

Lei Hu was taken aback.

“Brother Zhao, I’ll trouble you with this,” Ye Qiu suddenly said to Zhao Yun.

Zhao Yun smiled, “It’s a trifle, no need for thanks.”

Lei Hu then realized that Ye Qiu intended for Zhao Yun to kill him. If that were the case, not only would no one know of his death, but Ye Qiu would also avoid all responsibility.

After all, with Zhao Yun’s skills, he could leave no trace behind.

But Lei Hu couldn’t accept dying like this.

“Mr. Zhao, I beg you, for the sake of our past service under the Dragon King, please persuade Mr. Ye to spare me! I promise to live a good life from now on!”

“Live a good life? You think you have a future? To tell you the truth, the Dragon King has wanted to deal with you for a long time,” Zhao Yun said. “He’s been aware of every single thing you’ve done these past years.”

“Not to mention the distant past, just this year. In March, you forced out residents for a construction group’s demolition, and when an elderly couple refused to move, you actually killed them with an excavator.”

“In May, you saw a young and beautiful female teacher in the university town. You assaulted her, and to prevent her from reporting you, you filmed it and threatened her. You even visited her multiple times afterward, driving her to a mental hospital.”

“A month later, at a club, you ordered expensive foreign wines and couldn’t pay the bill. You and your brothers made excuses, claiming the wine was fake, smashed up the place, and extorted a hundred thousand from the owner.”

“And more…”

Zhao Yun listed over a dozen of Lei Hu’s misdeeds in one breath.

“The brothers have reported your actions to the Dragon King. If it weren’t for his ill health and lack of time, do you think you’d still be alive?”

“In our world, we have rules, loyalty, and a code of honor. You reap what you sow. Lei Hu, be a good person in your next life.”

Lei Hu felt a chill run through him. Zhao Yun’s words confirmed his inevitable death today.

“Brother Zhao, the hole is ready,” a subordinate reported.

“Lei Hu, any last words?” Zhao Yun asked.

Lei Hu managed a wry smile, “At this point, it’s all my own fault. Mr. Zhao, could you grant me a quick death? I don’t want to be buried alive.”

Zhao Yun glanced at Ye Qiu, who showed no objection, and nodded, “Alright, I promise you.”

“Thank you!” Lei Hu closed his eyes, ready to face death.

Zhao Yun drew a dagger, and with a swift motion of his right hand, he slit Lei Hu’s throat.

With a gush, Lei Hu was dead.

“Bury him,” Zhao Yun said expressionlessly.

“Yes!” The subordinates threw Lei Hu’s body into the pit and quickly filled it in.

Guo Shaocong sat to the side, pretending to be calm. He thought Ye Qiu was just trying to scare him, but after witnessing Lei Hu’s murder, he became frightened.

“Help, help…” Guo Shaocong screamed at the top of his lungs.


Zhao Yun slapped Guo Shaocong’s face, annoyed, “Shut up! Out here in the wilderness, even if you scream your lungs out, no one will come to save you.”

Guo Shaocong finally broke down and begged Ye Qiu for mercy, “Ye Qiu, I was wrong, please don’t kill me. I’ll give you back Zhang Lili, and I can even get my father to give you the hospital spot. Just don’t kill me, I’ll give you anything you want, please.”

“Bury him!” Ye Qiu commanded without another word, ordering Zhao Yun’s subordinates to bury Guo Shaocong alive.

Soon, Guo Shaocong, along with his wheelchair, was thrown into the pit.

“Ye Qiu, don’t kill me, I was wrong, I won’t dare oppose you again, please don’t kill me…” Guo Shaocong cried out, his tears and snot mixing, utterly pitiful.

“Guo Shaocong, farewell!”

Ye Qiu smiled and waved, then instructed Zhao Yun’s subordinates, “Bury him slowly, let him experience the fear of death.”

“Understood.” The subordinates slowed their pace in filling the grave.

Guo Shaocong struggled to climb out of the pit, but his injuries were too severe to muster any strength. Soon, the dirt reached his neck, leaving only his head exposed.

“Ye Qiu, spare me, I beg you, I don’t want to die, I haven’t married yet, I want a son, I… fuck your mother! I won’t let you off even as a ghost!” Guo Shaocong’s face twisted with venomous hatred as he screamed.

“After you become a ghost, come find me, and I’ll make sure your soul is scattered to the winds.”

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