Chapter 30 – I never hit women, but you’re the exception

Ye Qiu’s expression shifted subtly as he clearly sensed that someone had slapped Lin Jingzhi in the hospital room.

“Move aside!”

He commanded the two bodyguards.

“Are you deaf? I told you to scram.”

“Don’t make me get rough if you don’t leave now.”

The bodyguards spoke with hostility, their faces flashing with menace.

“One last time, move, or don’t blame me for being impolite,” Ye Qiu’s voice suddenly turned icy.

Unexpectedly, upon hearing his words, the bodyguards laughed instead.

“Impolite to us? Hahaha, who do you think you are? You’re as skinny as a lamppost, thinking you can take us on…”


Before one bodyguard could finish his sentence, Ye Qiu knocked him out with a punch.

The other bodyguard reacted quickly, swinging a roundhouse kick at Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu sidestepped slightly, dodging the attack, and grabbed the bodyguard’s leg, yanking him off balance, causing him to fall to the ground with a thud.


With lightning speed, Ye Qiu delivered a kick that knocked out the second bodyguard, then he hurried into the hospital room.

Upon entering, he saw a woman in a cheongsam, heavily made-up, standing by the bedside.

The woman appeared to be in her early forties, dressed in flashy jewelry, holding a limited edition Hermès bag in her left hand, while her right hand pointed at Lin Jingzhi, berating furiously: “You wretch, if it weren’t for you, would my brother have died so miserably?”

“My brother loved you so much that he was willing to break with the family to marry you, yet you poisoned him. Lin Jingzhi, are you even human?”

“Do you have no conscience at all?”

Ye Qiu roughly understood what was happening. Bai Bing had mentioned that Lin Jingzhi had a fiancé who was poisoned to death by her.

It seemed that this woman must be the sister of Lin Jingzhi’s deceased fiancé!

Ye Qiu glanced at Lin Jingzhi again and saw her sitting on the hospital bed, a bright red handprint on her left cheek, her expression extremely cold.

For some reason, seeing her like this, Ye Qiu felt a pang of heartache.

The woman continued to curse Lin Jingzhi, her words getting uglier by the minute.

“Lin Jingzhi, do you think you’ll get away with poisoning my brother?”

“Don’t think I don’t know about your deeds in Jiangzhou over the years. A woman building such a large corporation, you must have climbed into many men’s beds, right?”

“Do you know what people in the Capital are saying about you? They say you’re promiscuous and unfaithful.”

“I think they’re being too kind. In my opinion, you’re nothing but a whore!”

In an instant, Lin Jingzhi lifted her head, her gaze icy as she stared at the heavily made-up woman, saying, “Qian Yanru, if not for the fact that you’re Qian Dong’s sister, I would not let you leave this room alive today.”

“Oh, you want to poison me like you did Qian Dong?” The woman sneered. “Lin Jingzhi, you’re too full of yourself. Even if you were in perfect health, do you think you could kill me?”

“I almost forgot, your leg is broken. If I were to seek revenge for Qian Dong right now, you wouldn’t be able to fight back, would you?”

A fierce murderous intent appeared on the woman’s face as she stepped forward, closer to the bed.

“What do you want?” Lin Jingzhi asked coldly.

“I want to avenge Qian Dong.” The woman said, and then she fiercely grabbed Lin Jingzhi’s throat.


Ye Qiu bellowed.

The woman was so frightened that she quickly let go. Although she wanted to avenge her brother, she had never killed anyone before. It was her first time, and she was nervous and guilty.

“Who are you?” the woman asked hurriedly.

“Wearing this white coat, what do you think I am?” Ye Qiu said sternly, his face stern: “Causing a ruckus in the hospital room, what kind of behavior is that?”

The woman’s face turned from green to white, her eyes nearly shooting fire. Who was she to be yelled at by a mere doctor?

“Do you know who I am?”

After saying this, the woman suddenly felt stupid. If this little doctor knew her identity, would he dare to speak to her in such a tone?

“I’ll tell you, I am…”

“No matter who you are, you’re not allowed to make noise here, and you’re certainly not allowed to harm my patient,” Ye Qiu said seriously.


“Please leave.”

“You’re kicking me out?” The woman’s eyes widened, staring at Ye Qiu as if he were a monster. She couldn’t believe that this insignificant doctor dared to kick her out.

“This is a special care ward. The hospital has rules that prohibit the entry of unrelated persons. Although I don’t know how you got in, as a doctor of this hospital, I have the right to kick you out,” Ye Qiu continued. “Please leave immediately, or I will call security to remove you.”

The woman was furious, pointing at Ye Qiu and cursing: “A little doctor dares to bully me, you’re finished! You’re done for!”

“Ah Long, Ah Hu, why aren’t you coming in?”

The woman shouted towards the door.

In the past, whenever she encountered trouble, her two bodyguards would appear immediately to solve her problems. But today, this little doctor was chasing her away, why hadn’t Ah Long and Ah Hu come in?

Perhaps they hadn’t recovered from last night’s exertions.

In any case, the woman was very displeased.

“Are you calling for those two bodyguards at the door? If so, they probably won’t be coming in,” Ye Qiu reminded her.

“What do you mean?”

“Go out and see for yourself.”

The woman hurried out.

Ye Qiu then turned to Lin Jingzhi with concern, “Sister, are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Lin Jingzhi managed a strained smile on her beautiful face.

“That’s good, I was just…” Before Ye Qiu could finish, the woman stormed back in, pointing at Ye Qiu and demanding, “Did you do this?”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Qiu feigned ignorance.

Lin Jingzhi was still confused by the woman’s and Ye Qiu’s conversation, not knowing that her two bodyguards had been knocked out by Ye Qiu.

“You know what I’m talking about,” the woman glared at Ye Qiu angrily. “Why did you knock out my bodyguards?”

Ye Qiu chuckled, “Oh, so they were your bodyguards? I thought they were just a couple of watchdogs.”

“You… you’re courting death, daring to treat my bodyguards like that, I… I understand now.” The woman suddenly had an epiphany, pointing at Lin Jingzhi and shouting, “Was it you?”

“Did you instruct this boy to knock out my two bodyguards?”

“Lin Jingzhi, you dare to mess with me, I’ll fight you to the end.”

The woman lunged at Lin Jingzhi like a madwoman.

However, before she could get close to the bed, Ye Qiu slapped her away, saying coldly, “I never hit women, but you’re the exception!”

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