Chapter 27 – Bury them alive!

Ye Qiu stared at Lei Hu with an icy gaze, devoid of any emotion.

“Tell me, how do you want to die?”

The moment Lei Hu slapped Qian Jinglan, Ye Qiu had already harbored the intent to kill.

Lei Hu felt a hint of fear towards Ye Qiu, but his tone was defiant as he said darkly, “Kid, do you know who I am?”

“I don’t know, nor do I want to know,” Ye Qiu replied. “Harm my mother, and there’s only one outcome for you: death.”

“You want to kill me?” Lei Hu suddenly laughed. “Don’t you know that killing is against the law?”


Like a specter, Ye Qiu materialized in front of Lei Hu, his hand striking Lei Hu’s face.

Lei Hu’s expression turned blank, unable to believe that he had been hit, and by a mere caregiver with no background at that!

This was…

The ultimate humiliation!

Rage! Fury!

Lei Hu felt a blaze of anger burning in his chest, wishing he could tear Ye Qiu to pieces.

“Do you know who I am?” Lei Hu roared.

“I have no interest in who you are. I’ll ask you one more time, how do you want to die?” Ye Qiu’s eyes grew colder.

“You want me dead? Then I’ll kill you first.” As Lei Hu spoke, he suddenly drew a gleaming dagger from his waist and lunged at Ye Qiu.

It must be said, Lei Hu was quick, pouncing towards Ye Qiu in the blink of an eye, the dagger aiming straight for Ye Qiu’s chest.

Ye Qiu stood his ground, throwing a punch.


His fist collided with the dagger, and with a “clang,” the dagger shattered, while Ye Qiu’s fist remained unscathed.


Lei Hu was shocked, only now realizing he had underestimated Ye Qiu, who was far stronger than he had imagined.

A fist shattering a dagger was a feat Lei Hu had witnessed years ago by a master on the Tiger List. The dagger had broken then, too, and the master’s fist was unharmed.

Could this kid be a master on the Tiger List?

But he’s so young!

Thinking this, Lei Hu turned to flee, seeking to avoid the sharp edge, but Ye Qiu didn’t give him the chance. Stepping forward, he landed a punch on Lei Hu’s shoulder.


The shoulder blade fractured.


Lei Hu’s scream was piercing in the quiet, unfinished building, sending shivers down one’s spine.

But this was just the beginning.

Ye Qiu seized Lei Hu’s right arm, snapping it with a “crack,” breaking the bone.


Ye Qiu followed with a kick to Lei Hu’s knee, and Lei Hu fell to his knees with a “thump.”

“Please, don’t kill me, don’t kill me,” Lei Hu begged, his face stricken with terror.

“If only you knew then what you know now,” Ye Qiu said as he grabbed Lei Hu’s neck.

Life and death hung in the balance.

Lei Hu shouted loudly, “If you kill me, the Dragon King won’t let you off!”

Ye Qiu’s brow furrowed as he asked Lei Hu, “You know the Dragon King?”

“I know the Dragon King; he’s my boss,” Lei Hu hurriedly said. “Young man, I was wrong today. Please spare me, and I’ll apologize to you and your mother. I beg you.”

Ye Qiu’s frown deepened; this guy was actually one of the Dragon King’s men, complicating matters.

If he killed him, it would be a slight to the Dragon King, but if he didn’t, Ye Qiu feared future troubles.

When he had beaten Guo Shaocong before, Lin Jingzhi had said that Ye Qiu wasn’t ruthless enough and reminded him that it’s easier to provoke the King of Hell than to fend off a little devil, warning Ye Qiu to be wary of Guo Shaocong’s revenge.

Ye Qiu hadn’t taken it seriously at the time, but he hadn’t expected Guo Shaocong to act so quickly, calling on underworld figures and even kidnapping his mother to kill him.

Ye Qiu turned to look at Qian Jinglan, who, through tears, said, “Qiu, promise me, don’t kill anyone, don’t do anything illegal, okay?”

“Okay,” Ye Qiu released his grip.

Lei Hu collapsed to the ground like a pile of mud.

Ye Qiu untied Qian Jinglan’s hands and feet, then tidied her hair, saying self-reproachfully, “Mom, it’s all my fault, I’ve dragged you into this.”

“I’m fine,” Qian Jinglan said, standing up with Ye Qiu’s support.

Just then, a rush of footsteps came from outside.

Two seconds later, Zhao Yun appeared.

Dressed in black, with a stern face, Zhao Yun was followed by four burly men.

Seeing that both Ye Qiu and Qian Jinglan were unharmed, Zhao Yun breathed a sigh of relief.

He then swept his gaze across the room.

Noticing a dozen or so people unconscious on the ground, Zhao Yun’s face showed shock. He was about to speak when Lei Hu rushed over, kneeling before him and pleading miserably, “Mr. Zhao, save me!”

“What happened?” Zhao Yun asked.

“It was him!” Lei Hu pointed at Ye Qiu and said to Zhao Yun, “This kid knocked out all the brothers and wants to kill me. Mr. Zhao, you must save me!”

Zhao Yun didn’t believe it, saying, “With Ye Qiu’s small frame, he could knock out so many of you?”

“It was him, I saw it with my own eyes, and he broke my arm,” Lei Hu insisted. “If you don’t believe me, Mr. Zhao, you can ask Guo Shao.”

Zhao Yun glanced at Guo Shaocong, whose face was pale. Lei Hu was unaware of the truth, but Guo Shaocong knew that Zhao Yun and Ye Qiu had known each other for a long time and seemed to have a good relationship.

“Is heaven trying to destroy me?” Guo Shaocong was terrified, trembling slightly.

Lei Hu missed this detail, still pleading with Zhao Yun, “Mr. Zhao, you must save me…”


Zhao Yun kicked Lei Hu to the ground.

“Mr. Zhao, why?” Lei Hu was confused; why would Mr. Zhao kick him out of the blue?

Zhao Yun said coldly, “Ye Qiu is my brother, and you dared to touch him. I think you don’t want to live!”

What, Ye Qiu is Mr. Zhao’s brother? How could that be?

He’s supposed to be a bastard with no background, isn’t he?

Lei Hu’s mind buzzed, blank.

“Zhao, keep an eye on them for me, I’ll be right back,” Ye Qiu said to Zhao Yun, then helped Qian Jinglan out.

Three minutes later, Ye Qiu returned alone.

“Little brother, how do you plan to deal with these two?” Zhao Yun asked.

Pointing at Lei Hu, Ye Qiu said, “I was about to act, but he said he was under the Dragon King, so I didn’t kill him. Is he really one of the Dragon King’s men?”

“He hasn’t been for a long time,” Zhao Yun explained. “Lei Hu violated the gang’s rules, refused to change, and two years ago, he molested a woman in broad daylight, even took photos, and the woman, unable to bear the humiliation, committed suicide by jumping off a building. Because of this, he was expelled from the gang by the Dragon King.”

“So he’s scum. If I kill him, the Dragon King won’t mind, right?” Ye Qiu asked.

“He won’t mind,” Zhao Yun confirmed, then asked again, “Little brother, how do you plan to handle them?”

“Bury them alive!”

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