Chapter 26 – How do you want to die?

Ye Qiu arrived in such a hurry that he was still wearing his caregiver uniform. With his delicate features, he looked like a student, but at this moment, his face was filled with ferocity, and a chilling light flickered in his eyes.

“Brother Lei, he’s here,” Guo Shaocong said with a smile.

Lei Hu turned his head to look and saw Ye Qiu walking in. He released Qian Jinglan’s hair and snorted coldly, “After I deal with your son, I’ll take care of you.”

Seeing Ye Qiu, Qian Jinglan shouted at the top of her lungs, “Qiu, run! They’re going to kill you.”


Fearing that Ye Qiu might escape, Lei Hu gave the order, and his underlings, armed with clubs, quickly surrounded Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu ignored them, his gaze landing on Qian Jinglan’s face as he asked with concern, “Mom, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Qiu, you need to leave, they want to kill you…”


Lei Hu slapped Qian Jinglan across the face and cursed, “Keep yelling, and I’ll kill you.”

In an instant, Ye Qiu’s gaze fixed on Lei Hu, and he said coldly, “Dare to hit my mom, you’re dead.”

Lei Hu glanced at Ye Qiu and saw endless murderous intent in his eyes, which made his heart tighten.

For a moment, Lei Hu had the illusion that it wasn’t Ye Qiu who was staring him down, but a peerless beast. In less than two seconds, his back was soaked with cold sweat.

Then, Lei Hu found it somewhat laughable.

“He’s just a powerless little caregiver, with no background. What do I have to fear?”

With that thought, Lei Hu sneered, “Kid, you might as well end yourself now, spare yourself some pain. Otherwise, Guo Shao will cripple you first, then slowly torture you to death.”

Only then did Ye Qiu’s murderous gaze shift to Guo Shaocong.

This time, he was truly angry, extremely so. Guo Shaocong had dared to kidnap his mother, crossing his bottom line.

“Ye Qiu, I didn’t expect you’d really dare to come,” Guo Shaocong said with a relaxed smile, seemingly pleased, perhaps thinking that his revenge was imminent.

“What exactly do you want?” Ye Qiu asked coldly.

“You’re asking me what I want? Are you stupid? Why else would I call you here if not for revenge?” Guo Shaocong’s smile gradually twisted into a ferocious sneer, “Ye Qiu, you broke my knees and arms. Today, I will return the favor twofold.”

“You think a bunch of trash can take me down?” Ye Qiu’s lips curled in disdain, not taking the group seriously at all.

In the past, facing so many people, Ye Qiu would indeed have been beaten down, but now he had unblocked his Ren and Du meridians and was confident in handling these thugs.

“Didn’t expect you to be so cocky, kid. I want to see just how long you can keep it up,” Lei Hu shouted, “Number Two, take him down.”

One of the thugs stepped forward, a baseball bat in hand, and arrogantly asked, “Where do you want me to start? Left leg, right leg, or maybe… the third leg?”

The other thugs burst into laughter.

Ye Qiu glanced at the young thug and cursed, “Trash!”

“Damn, you still dare to insult me at death’s door? Looks like you’re tired of living.” The young thug raised his baseball bat and swung it hard at Ye Qiu’s head.

“Qiu, be careful!”

Tears streamed down Qian Jinglan’s face as she turned her head away, unwilling to witness the impending horror.

However, the baseball bat stopped abruptly twenty centimeters above Ye Qiu’s head.

The young thug looked closely and realized that Ye Qiu had caught the other end of the bat.

“Oh, quick reflexes,” the young thug said with a smirk, trying to yank it back.

But the bat might as well have been rooted in Ye Qiu’s hand; no matter how hard the thug pulled, it didn’t budge.

“Is that all the strength you have, daring to rush out first to be cannon fodder?”

With a slight exertion of his wrist, Ye Qiu snatched the baseball bat and swung it back, hitting the young thug squarely in the chest.


The young thug was sent flying, landing a dozen meters away, spitting out blood and immediately losing consciousness.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

Especially Guo Shaocong, who looked at Ye Qiu as if he had seen a ghost, exclaiming, “When did his strength become so great?”

Lei Hu’s face was also grim.

Little did they know, Ye Qiu himself was equally shocked.

That strike, he had only used half his strength, and it had sent the young thug flying unconscious. What would have happened if he had used his full strength?

He probably would have killed the guy!

Ye Qiu’s confidence surged. Holding the baseball bat, he pointed at Lei Hu and commanded coldly, “Come and meet your death.”

“You think knocking out one of my men changes anything? I’ll tell you, no matter how strong you are, you’re still doomed today,” Lei Hu then ordered his thugs, “Brothers, together, take him down.”


Although the thugs agreed readily, not one of them charged at Ye Qiu.

The sight of their comrade being knocked out by Ye Qiu’s bat had made them realize that whoever went first would end up just like their brother, or possibly worse.

So, no one wanted to be the first to step forward.

Guo Shaocong was dissatisfied and snorted, “Look at your men, Brother Lei, a bunch of cowards.”

“Guo Shao, it’s not the brothers’ fault. It’s just that the kid’s strike was too fierce. I think they need a little incentive.”

“What do you mean?”

Lei Hu said, “A generous reward brings out the brave.”

Guo Shaocong understood and declared, “Whoever helps me kill Ye Qiu will get an extra ten thousand each.”

Instantly, the thugs charged at Ye Qiu like they were on steroids, howling as they went.

Then, a bizarre scene unfolded.

Ye Qiu wielded the baseball bat, smashing anyone who came near. They were sent flying like baseballs, landing a dozen meters away, spitting blood and falling unconscious.

In less than three minutes, a dozen thugs were all down on the ground.

Guo Shaocong was stunned.

Is this… even human?

Lei Hu was also stunned.

Was he always this good at fighting?

Even Qian Jinglan was staring at Ye Qiu with a blank expression, thinking, “Is this really my son? When did Qiu become so powerful?”

“Not a single one of you can fight, all useless,” Ye Qiu said, then pointed the baseball bat at the shocked Lei Hu and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Lei, Lei Hu,” Lei Hu’s voice trembled, a sense of unease rising from within.

“Tell me, how do you want to die?”

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