Chapter 25 – Lei Hu

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Zhongbei Road's unfinished building was the largest in Jiangzhou.


Years ago, a major real estate company spent a fortune to acquire this land, vowing to build the tallest skyscraper in Jiangzhou. However, the project was abandoned halfway when the company went bankrupt and the boss fled, leaving Jiangzhou with its biggest unfinished construction project.


Over the years, the city government had tried to find another company to take over the project, but for various reasons, none succeeded.


So, the unfinished building remained as it was.


Although it somewhat marred the city's image, for the homeless and beggars with nowhere to go, it was a perfect refuge, shielding them from rain and sun.


Early this morning.


A group of uninvited guests suddenly arrived at the unfinished building, looking fierce and wielding clubs, they drove out all the beggars and vagrants.


At the moment, on the ground floor of the unfinished building, about a dozen men stood in a line, each holding a club, as if waiting for something.


Not far away, two people were talking.


One of them was Guo Shaocong.


Guo Shaocong sat in a wheelchair, his body wrapped in bandages, revealing only his face, looking like a mummy.


"Guo Shao, it's almost fifteen minutes. Will that kid show up?" asked a middle-aged man in his forties with a buzz cut and a terrifying scar on his left face.


"He'll come. I have the old woman in my hands; he wouldn't dare not to," Guo Shaocong said confidently.


Scarface glanced at Qian Jinglan, who was unconscious on the ground, a sinister light flashing in his eyes, and said, "Guo Shao, can we discuss something?"


"What is it?" Guo Shaocong eyed Scarface warily and asked, "You're not going to raise the price, are you? I'm telling you, we agreed earlier that you'd take out Ye Qiu for one million, not a penny more."


"What are you talking about, Guo Shao? Am I, Lei Hu, the kind of person who goes back on his word? We agreed on one million, and once the job is done, I won't ask for a penny more," Scarface said.


Guo Shaocong was puzzled and asked, "Then what do you want to discuss?"


"Actually, I want to ask you, Guo Shao, after we deal with that kid, can you leave her to me?" Lei Hu pointed at the unconscious Qian Jinglan.


Guo Shaocong was even more puzzled, "Lei Ge, what do you want with this old lady?"


Lei Hu chuckled and said, "I have peculiar tastes. I'm not interested in young and pretty girls; it's the mature ladies that I fancy."


Guo Shaocong felt nauseated and thought to himself, that's way too twisted!


"So, Guo Shao, after we take out that kid, can you give this woman to me?" Lei Hu said, "If you leave her to me, I'll take ten thousand less; you can give me nine hundred thousand."


"Let's stick to the original plan, one million after the job is done, and as for this woman, she's yours," Guo Shaocong said.


"Thank you, Guo Shao."


"But I must remind you, after you've had your fun, dispose of her to avoid any complications."


"Got it," Lei Hu said with a grin.


"Where am I?" At that moment, Qian Jinglan slowly opened her eyes, still not fully conscious.


She remembered going downstairs to buy groceries, but as soon as she reached the bottom, she was grabbed by two people and thrown into a van, and then…


"This is a good place," Lei Hu suddenly said, leaning in close to Qian Jinglan.


"Ah!" Qian Jinglan was startled by the scar on Lei Hu's face and asked in alarm, "Who are you? What do you want?"


"Don't be scared, it's safe here. Just do as I say, and you'll be fine soon," Lei Hu chuckled.


"Who exactly are you?" Qian Jinglan demanded.


Seeing the dozen or so men with clubs, she sensed that her situation was dire.


"Old lady, don't you recognize me?" Guo Shaocong turned his head and looked at Qian Jinglan coldly.


"Guo, Dr. Guo? Why are you here?" Qian Jinglan was astonished.


"Why am I here? Hahaha, that's a good question. Let me tell you the truth, I'm waiting for your precious son."


"Waiting for Ye Qiu? Dr. Guo, what do you want with Ye Qiu?" Qian Jinglan didn't understand at first.


"You'll find out soon enough," Guo Shaocong said with a menacing look.


Realizing something was wrong, Qian Jinglan struggled and shouted, "Let me go, or I'll call the police."


"Call the police?" Guo Shaocong scoffed disdainfully, "Do you think you have the chance to call the police now?"


Qian Jinglan's hands and feet were tied with ropes; she couldn't even stand, let alone call for help.


"You're kidnapping me; do you realize that's a crime?" Qian Jinglan said sternly.


"Of course, we know," Lei Hu laughed, "If it weren't a crime, I wouldn't be doing it."


Qian Jinglan's heart sank; she fully understood that Guo Shaocong was here for revenge.


"Dr. Guo, it was wrong for Ye Qiu to hit you, I apologize. Please don't make it difficult for Ye Qiu, I can compensate you, Dr. Guo…"


"Compensate? Indeed, compensation is needed," Guo Shaocong said viciously, "Ye Qiu crippled me last time, today, I'll use his life as compensation."


Qian Jinglan turned pale and pleaded, "Dr. Guo, please don't hurt Ye Qiu, I beg you…"


"Save your breath, you're in no position to negotiate. You're a mudy Bodhisattva trying to cross a river, barely able to save yourself," Lei Hu said, then walked up to Qian Jinglan and gave her a hard look.


"What are you going to do?" Qian Jinglan asked in terror.


"I didn't notice before, but now that I've taken a good look, I realize you're quite beautiful. With a little makeup, you'd be quite the catch. I can hardly wait," Lei Hu said with a laugh, reaching for Qian Jinglan's leg.


"Don't touch me!" Qian Jinglan screamed, trying to shrink back, and yelled, "If you dare touch me, you'll die a horrible death."


"Hahaha, it won't be me dying today, but your son. And if you don't behave, you'll die too."


With that, Lei Hu suddenly grabbed Qian Jinglan's chin, sneering, "I advise you to be obedient. Once your son is dealt with, I can make sure you have a good time."


"Get away!" In her anger, Qian Jinglan headbutted Lei Hu.


Caught off guard, Lei Hu was knocked to the ground. Furious, he got up and slapped Qian Jinglan hard across the face, cursing, "You wretched woman, how dare you resist! Do you want to die?"


He then grabbed Qian Jinglan's hair and said viciously, "After I kill your son, I'll deal with you."


Just then, the figure of Ye Qiu appeared at the entrance.

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