Chapter 14 – Eerie disease

Ye Qiu was startled and looked up at the Dragon King.

He saw that the Dragon King’s complexion was rosy and full of vitality, and he didn’t look like he was about to die at all. He quickly said, “Dragon King, don’t joke with me. I can see that you are in good health.”

“I’m not joking. I really am about to die,” the Dragon King said seriously.

“I’m just a small doctor, and I’m still on probation. If you really have a serious illness, I can’t cure it!” Ye Qiu regretted it.

If he had known that he would get into such a situation, he wouldn’t have come here at all.

The old man in front of him was a big shot in the underground world of Jiangzhou. If he couldn’t cure him, he might end up losing his life.

“I believe you can cure me,” the Dragon King said.

Ye Qiu smiled bitterly and said, “I doubt you would believe it, and I don’t even believe it myself.”

“Little Ye, you are young, and young people should have confidence in themselves,” the Dragon King continued to smile. “Do you know why I chose you?”

Ye Qiu shook his head.

He felt very strange. Why did the Dragon King invite him, an unknown doctor, to treat his illness, when there were so many famous doctors available?

Could it be…

Is he out of his mind?

The Dragon King seemed to sense what Ye Qiu was thinking and asked with a smile, “Do you think I’m out of my mind?”

“I dare not.”

“In fact, the main reason I invited you here is because when we met yesterday, you asked me if I was sick. Do you remember?”

“I remember.”

Ye Qiu wished he could slap himself. If he had known, he wouldn’t have said anything yesterday.

The Dragon King said, “For nine years, I have visited many famous doctors, but none of them could detect my illness. Only you, after meeting me once, were able to see that I was sick. Therefore, I believe you can cure me.”

Ye Qiu smiled bitterly and said, “Dragon King, to be honest, I was just speaking casually yesterday…”

“Speaking casually and being able to see that I was sick, this shows that your medical skills are extraordinary.”

Extraordinary my foot!

If I were that skilled, would I have been assigned to the caregiver station?

Ye Qiu made up his mind that he couldn’t cure this illness.

The Dragon King was not an ordinary person. If there were any problems during the treatment, he might not even know how he would die.

Although Ye Qiu’s dream was to become the greatest doctor in the world, the premise was that he had to stay alive!

If he didn’t have his life, what was the point of having a dream?

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu said, “Dragon King, you are overestimating me. I am just a small doctor on probation. Just today, I have been assigned to work as a caregiver at the caregiver station. Maybe in a couple of days, I will be kicked out of the hospital. I really can’t treat your illness. You should find someone else!”

“Are you… refusing me?” The smile on the Dragon King’s face gradually disappeared.

Ye Qiu fell silent.

Silence was consent.

“Do you know what happened to those who refused me in the past?”

“What happened?”

“Zhao Yun, you tell him.”

Zhao Yun looked at Ye Qiu and said, “Those who refused the Dragon King in the past were all thrown into the river to feed the fish by me.”

Ye Qiu took a sharp breath, his face turning pale with fear, and said, “Dragon King, please don’t scare me. I’m easily frightened.”

“I’m not scaring you. It has been many years since anyone dared to refuse me,” the Dragon King said, standing with his hands behind his back. “I invited you here because I believe you have the ability to cure me.”

“As long as you can cure my illness, I can give you endless wealth and glory, and you can walk sideways in Jiangzhou from now on.”

“If you can’t cure me…”

The Dragon King’s voice suddenly paused.

“If I can’t cure you, will you kill me?” Ye Qiu asked nervously.

“Are you afraid of death?” the Dragon King suddenly asked.


Ye Qiu thought that as long as a person, they would be afraid of death!

“Since you are afraid of death, then do your best to cure me. Because I am also afraid of death.”

Upon hearing the Dragon King’s words, Ye Qiu knew that he had no way out. He had to cure the Dragon King’s illness.

Otherwise, he might not even be able to save his own life!

“I will start by examining your body!” Ye Qiu said.

“Are you willing to treat me?” the Dragon King asked.

Of course, if I’m not willing, I might die. How could I not be willing?

For the first time, Ye Qiu felt that being a doctor was a high-risk profession.

The Dragon King laughed heartily and said, “Little Ye, are you scared?”

“No,” Ye Qiu insisted.

The Dragon King laughed heartily and said, “Zhao Yun didn’t lie to you. Among those who refused me in the past, they were all thrown into the river to feed the fish by him. However, none of those people were doctors.”

Ye Qiu suddenly had a feeling of being tricked.

The Dragon King said, “The people I killed were all deserving of death. Doctors save lives and heal the wounded, and killing them would be a loss of virtue.”

“Dragon King, to be honest, I don’t understand your condition at all, and I can’t be sure if I can cure it,” Ye Qiu said.

The Dragon King smiled and said, “Ye Qiu, if you do your best and still can’t cure me, I won’t blame you. It can only mean that my time has come, and the heavens want to take me.”

“Then let me examine your body now!”

“Alright!” The Dragon King sat down and asked, “What do you need me to do?”

“Just follow my instructions,” Ye Qiu said, staring at the Dragon King’s face, observing meticulously.

Yesterday, when he saw the Dragon King, Ye Qiu had a feeling that the Dragon King was sick, and very seriously so. However, at the time, the Dragon King denied it, and he didn’t take a closer look.

After staring at the Dragon King for a while, Ye Qiu’s brow furrowed.

The Dragon King’s complexion was rosy, his eyes were bright, and from his facial expression alone, he didn’t look like a sick person at all. In fact, he gave the impression that he was even healthier than an average person.

“Weird!” Ye Qiu muttered to himself and then said, “Dragon King, give me your right hand.”

The Dragon King extended his right hand.

When Ye Qiu held the pulse of the Dragon King’s right hand, he was shocked. It felt like he was holding a piece of ice.

The Dragon King’s arm was so cold that it was chilling, as if it had been frozen in a cold storage. A deep, bone-chilling cold penetrated his palm, and Ye Qiu couldn’t help but shiver.He couldn’t help but feel a pang of pity for the old man before him, wondering how the Dragon King had managed to endure all these years.

Closing his eyes, he carefully took the pulse.

Ye Qiu found that the Dragon King’s pulse was very steady, showing no signs of illness.

Ye Qiu furrowed his brows again and said, “Dragon King, please give me your left hand.”

The Dragon King handed over his left hand to Ye Qiu.

The situation was the complete opposite of the right hand.

The Dragon King’s left hand was scorching hot, as if it were a piece of burning charcoal, holding it made the palm feel seared.

Ye Qiu took the pulse again.

Strangely, the Dragon King’s pulse still appeared very steady, with no abnormalities to be seen.

How could this be?

“Little Ye, do you see anything?” the Dragon King asked with a chuckle.

“Let me think,” Ye Qiu said, frowning, and stood pondering on the spot for a full ten minutes before suddenly exclaiming, “I’ve got it.”

“What do you know?” the Dragon King asked urgently.

“You are gravely ill, with less than seven days to live!”

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