Chapter 13 – I am close to death

On the car.

Ye Qiu said, “Mom, I’m sorry for making you suffer today.”

“You silly child, what are you talking about,” Qian Jinglan said, “You encountered so many things at the hospital, and you actually hid it from me. If I hadn’t gone to the hospital today, how long were you planning to keep it from me?”

“I just didn’t want you to worry.”

“Listen to your mom’s advice, don’t force it. If you can’t stay at the hospital, then change to another hospital. As for Zhang Lili, she has changed, she’s not the kind girl she used to be. It’s better to break up.”


“Mr. Zhao is looking for you for a reason, I won’t keep you any longer, I’ll get off in front.”

After the car stopped, Ye Qiu helped Qian Jinglan get off.

“Mr. Zhao, thank you for today,” Qian Jinglan said politely.

“Auntie, no need to be polite, it’s just a small matter,” Zhao Yun also said politely.

Qian Jinglan reminded Ye Qiu again, “Come back early, I’ll be waiting for you to come home for dinner. Today, mom made your favorite Mapo Tofu.”

“I know.”

After the car started, Ye Qiu said somewhat embarrassedly, “My mom is like this, a bit talkative. I’m sorry, Mr. Zhao, for letting you see that.”

“It’s quite alright.”

Quite alright?

Ye Qiu looked at Zhao Yun with confusion.

The latter remained silent, focusing on driving.

Silence filled the car.

Ye Qiu hesitated to speak several times.

After a full twenty minutes, Zhao Yun suddenly spoke, “Dr. Ye, you must have a lot of doubts in your mind, right?”

“Yes,” Ye Qiu admitted.

“Ask whatever you want, and I’ll tell you everything I can.”

“Who is the Dragon King?” Ye Qiu asked as soon as he opened his mouth.

This question had been on his mind the whole way.

“The Dragon King is the king of the underground world in Jiangzhou! He was once a top-notch expert!” Zhao Yun continued, “In fact, you have already met the Dragon King.”

“Is it the old man in Tang-style clothing who was with you yesterday?” Ye Qiu asked.


It was him!

When Ye Qiu saw the old man in Tang-style clothing yesterday, he felt that the old man was not an ordinary person. Now it seems that his guess was not wrong.

“Is the Dragon King his real name?” Ye Qiu asked again.

“No, it’s just a title,” Zhao Yun said, “The Dragon King’s real name is Long Qianqiu, but he is known as the Dragon King in the martial arts world.”

I see.

“May I ask, Mr. Zhao, what is your relationship with the Dragon King?” Ye Qiu was curious about Zhao Yun’s identity.

“I am the Dragon King’s personal bodyguard.”

“Then your martial arts skills must be very powerful, right?”

Zhao Yun smiled and did not answer.

The car drove into the city center area, then entered a secluded mountain road. Ye Qiu looked out the window and asked, “Are we going to Yunwu Mountain?”

“Yes, the Dragon King lives in Yunwu Mountain.”

Ye Qiu was shocked.

In the center of Jiangzhou, there was a 500-meter-high mountain peak called Yunwu Mountain, which had beautiful scenery and a pleasant environment.

In the early days of the founding of the country, it was a park, but it was later developed into a top-notch wealthy area. Only the top dignitaries of Jiangzhou were qualified to live in Yunwu Mountain.

Fifteen minutes later.

Rows of exquisite villas with Chinese-style charm appeared in Ye Qiu’s sight, scattered among the lush trees, tranquil and serene.

The car continued to drive towards the highest peak, and finally stopped in front of an ancient and elegant villa.

“Dr. Ye, we’re here,” Zhao Yun said.

Ye Qiu nodded and got out of the car, only to see four guards standing at the entrance of the villa, all of them strong and sharp-eyed.

The aura of these four guards was similar to that of Zhao Yun, but slightly weaker.

“Zhao, brother!”

Seeing Zhao Yun, the four guards respectfully greeted.

“This is Ye Qiu, a guest invited by the Dragon King,” Zhao Yun pointed to Ye Qiu.

The four guards glanced at Ye Qiu and quickly stepped aside.

“Dr. Ye, please follow me,” Zhao Yun led the way.

Ye Qiu stepped through the gate and saw a courtyard covering hundreds of square meters, with pavilions, ponds, rockeries, and various exotic flowers and plants, giving off a taste of a summer resort.

In the middle of the courtyard, there was a sturdy parasol tree, at least a hundred years old, with luxuriant branches and leaves.

Under the tree, there was a stone table.

On the stone table lay a piece of paper.

The Dragon King was practicing calligraphy.

“When the Dragon King is practicing calligraphy, he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Walk lightly,” Zhao Yun whispered.

Ye Qiu nodded.

The two walked to the side of the Dragon King. Ye Qiu leaned over and saw a few sentences written on the paper:

“Settling all the world’s affairs, winning fame in life and death. Pity the white hair.”

The strokes were powerful, and there was a fierce and domineering aura between the lines.

“The calligraphy is good, but…”

Ye Qiu suddenly spoke.

“But what?” the Dragon King asked calmly.

“But the killing intent is too strong.”


The Dragon King dropped the brush in his hand, raised his head, and fixed his gaze on Ye Qiu.

In an instant.

Ye Qiu felt as if he was being stared at by a peerless beast, and his body’s hair stood on end.

Seeing this, Zhao Yun quickly said, “Ye Qiu, apologize to the Dragon King.”

“Do you also know calligraphy?” the Dragon King asked before Ye Qiu could apologize.

“A little.”

In the Ye Family’s heritage, there was a lot of knowledge about calligraphy.

“You just said that the killing intent is too strong, do you think my state of mind when writing is not right?” the Dragon King asked again.Ye Qiu had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “The author of this poem is Xin Qiji, a renowned anti-Jin general of the Southern Song Dynasty. He advocated vehemently for the recovery of the Central Plains throughout his life but faced exclusion and attacks, leading to his lack of employment and nearly twenty years of idle living.”

“This poem was written by Xin Qiji during his time of disappointment, while he resided in Xinzhou.”

“In the poem, he expresses his desire to kill enemies and serve his country, to establish a name for himself. However, the line ‘Alas, white hair sprouts anew’ reveals Xin Qiji’s frustration and anger at being unable to serve his country, a sorrow and pain he could hardly articulate!”

“The characters you’ve written, with strokes as sharp as silver and hooks as firm as iron, exude a thick killing aura, which is in stark contrast to the poet’s state of mind. Yet, they are filled with a spirit as if one could swallow thousands of miles like a tiger, which reminds me of a verse by Cao Cao: ‘An old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop a thousand li, and a noble warrior in his twilight years harbors a heart of boundless ambition.’”

The Dragon King stared at Ye Qiu, his gaze as profound as an abyss, not uttering a word, but the immense aura around him remained.

Ye Qiu was so nervous that cold sweat seeped from his forehead.

After a full two minutes, the Dragon King suddenly burst into hearty laughter and said, “Ye Qiu, you are quite impressive.”

Hearing this, Ye Qiu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, the Dragon King asked kindly, “Ye Qiu, I had Zhao Yun invite you over; I hope we didn’t interrupt your work?”

“Not at all.”

“That’s good.” The Dragon King’s smile faded, and he said solemnly, “Ye Qiu, I’ve asked you to come because there is something I need your help with.”

“What is it?” Ye Qiu asked.

“I need your help to cure my illness,” the Dragon King said. “I am close to death.”

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