Chapter 15 – Yin-Yang Serpent Gu


Life expectancy is less than seven days!

Zhao Yun’s face changed drastically, and he sternly shouted, “Ye Qiu, do you know what you’re talking about? If you dare to talk nonsense again, be careful, I won’t be polite to you.”

“Shut up!”

The Dragon King raised his head and glared at Zhao Yun, then said to Ye Qiu, “Zhao Yun’s temper is like this, don’t argue with him. You just said that my life expectancy is less than seven days, have you already figured out the cause of my illness?”

“Yes.” Ye Qiu nodded.

“What is the cause?” Zhao Yun asked. In his opinion, so many doctors couldn’t figure out the cause, what could Ye Qiu see?

“If I’m not mistaken, Dragon King, you are afflicted with a strange poison,” Ye Qiu replied.

Upon hearing this, the Dragon King’s expression changed slightly.

Zhao Yun was first stunned, then couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ye Qiu, how did you figure it out?”

“This kind of strange poison is very rare and exists in the Miaojiang area. It is known as Gu poison,” Ye Qiu said seriously.

Even the Dragon King couldn’t remain calm.

“I didn’t make a mistake in finding you. So many medical experts couldn’t find the cause, but you discovered that I was afflicted with Gu poison after just a short while. Impressive!” The Dragon King continued to ask, “What else have you discovered?”

“Dragon King, I will now ask you a few questions, and I hope you will answer truthfully,” Ye Qiu said.

“Okay, ask.”

“After you were poisoned, your body didn’t show any abnormalities at first. It was only after half a year that symptoms began to appear, right?”

“Yes. At first, there were no symptoms, and half a year later, I had unbearable abdominal pain during the day. I went to the hospital for a check-up, but nothing was found,” the Dragon King confirmed.

Ye Qiu nodded and said, “Gu poison is not an ordinary poison, but a mysterious art. The ‘Yaozhou Records’ has a record of it, saying: ‘The Yi people have Gu breeders, their art is secret and not known to others.’ Furthermore, Gu poison is generally hidden in the blood, and ordinary medical methods cannot detect it.”

“You’re right. At that time, Zhao Yun took me to many hospitals, but nothing was found,” the Dragon King added.

Ye Qiu continued, “The Gu poison lurked in your body for half a year before symptoms appeared. At first, you had unbearable abdominal pain during the day, and later, it was unbearable at night, right?”


“Later, you started to feel cold, especially sensitive to the cold, as if you were in an ice cellar every day, right?”

“Yes!” The Dragon King said, “Even during the hottest days, I had to sit by the fire, and when I slept, I had to cover myself with a quilt.”

“This condition has been with you for three years. After three years, your body began to show completely opposite symptoms, becoming very sensitive to heat, right?”

“Yes!” The Dragon King nodded heavily and said, “In the dead of winter, with heavy snow outside, I was wearing short sleeves in the room and still felt hot.”

“After that, your body gradually became half cold and half hot, just like you are now. I guess that this condition has only been present for less than half a month. Is that right?”


“From the first appearance of abdominal pain to the current symptoms that have not disappeared, especially in the past year, they have become very regular. Every night at twelve o’clock, the pain starts, and it stops at six in the morning. The pain is like ants gnawing at your heart, and no method can relieve it, right?”

“Yes, everything you said is correct.”

At this point, Ye Qiu was almost certain of what kind of Gu poison the Dragon King was afflicted with.

“Little Ye, do you have any more questions?”

“I don’t have any more questions, but I have a small request, I hope you will cooperate,” Ye Qiu said.

“What request?”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Ah!?” The Dragon King looked at Ye Qiu in astonishment, with a strange look in his eyes.

Seeing his expression, Ye Qiu knew that this old guy must have misunderstood, and quickly said, “Don’t get me wrong. I want you to take off your clothes so I can confirm the Gu poison on your body.”

“I see!” The Dragon King chuckled and took off his shirt.

Ye Qiu walked around to the Dragon King’s back, took a look, and took a cold breath, murmuring, “It’s just as I expected.”

On the Dragon King’s back, the skin was distinctly colored, with one side dark red, as if it had been charred, and the other side was abnormally white, as if it had been frozen in a cold storage. At the intersection of the back, there was a meridian protrusion over an inch long, purple in color, like two small snakes coiled together, filled with a cold aura.

“Ye Qiu, what did you see?” Zhao Yun couldn’t help but ask.

Ye Qiu’s face was solemn as he said, “I can now be one hundred percent sure that the Gu poison the Dragon King is afflicted with is the Yin-Yang Snake Gu!”

“You can see that?”

The Dragon King was extremely shocked.

After all, over the years, the Dragon King had seen many doctors, many of whom were renowned healers, but not one of them could see that he was afflicted with Gu poison.Ye Qiu, not only did he recognize it at a glance, but he also accurately identified the type of Gu poison.

Could this young man be a medical prodigy?

Little did the Dragon King know, the reason Ye Qiu could diagnose his illness and accurately describe the symptoms was entirely due to the legacy in his mind.

The inheritance of the Ye Family Ancestor was profound and boundless. When Ye Qiu was pondering earlier, he was actually searching for medical records with symptoms similar to those of the Dragon King.

Eventually, he found the Yin-Yang Serpent Gu.

To be cautious, Ye Qiu deliberately asked the Dragon King a few questions and examined the meridians on his back, finally confirming that the Dragon King was indeed afflicted with the Yin-Yang Serpent Gu.

The Yin-Yang Serpent Gu is an extremely insidious Gu poison. The victim does not die immediately; in fact, at the beginning, there are no noticeable symptoms at all. Usually, it lies dormant in the body for half a year before symptoms begin to manifest.

Then, it slowly torments the victim.

It starts with a fear of cold, followed by a fear of heat. Eventually, the Gu poison disrupts the body’s balance of Yin and Yang, causing one side of the body to be hot and the other cold, accompanied by constant abdominal pain, making life worse than death.

It’s unimaginable how the Dragon King has endured these years.

Ye Qiu felt some sympathy for the Dragon King and said, “These years must have been very tough for you, haven’t they?”

“Indeed. Nine years now, every time the poison flares up, the abdominal pain is unbearable, and there’s no cure. It’s truly a fate worse than death,” the Dragon King said with a carefree smile. “But, no matter how painful, I’ve endured it.”

Ye Qiu expressed his admiration: “Your willpower is commendable. If it were someone else, they probably wouldn’t have lasted three years.”

“I’ve been practicing martial arts since I was young, so my physique is a bit stronger than the average person. Little Ye, since you can see the Gu poison in me, does that mean you can cure me?”

The Dragon King looked at Ye Qiu with hopeful eyes.

Ye Qiu gave a wry smile: “You’re overestimating me. The Yin-Yang Serpent Gu is not an ordinary Gu poison. Curing it is as difficult as ascending to the heavens.”

“Is there really no way?” the Dragon King asked, unwilling to give up.

Ye Qiu thought for a moment and said, “Actually, it’s not that there’s no way, unless…”

“Unless what?”

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