Chapter 12 – In Jiangzhou, he is the sky

Several security guards quickly surrounded Ye Qiu, rolling up their sleeves and looking ready to act at any moment.

Bai Bing urgently said, “Vice President Guo, Ye Qiu is from our Surgery department. Can you give me some face?”

Vice President Guo Danu coldly glanced at Bai Bing and said, “My son is also from your Surgery department. Why didn’t you protect my son?”

Bai Bing was speechless.

“Director Bai, today I only want to hold this kid accountable. I hope you won’t stop me, otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving you face.” Vice President Guo Danu ordered the security guards, “Take him down for me.”

“Wait!” Bai Bing quickly said, “Vice President Guo, these are hospital security guards, not your personal thugs. You have no right to order them to beat people.”

“Ridiculous! I am the Vice President of the hospital. Apart from the President, I can order anyone, including you!”

“According to the hospital management regulations, no leader in the hospital can abuse their power.”

“Don’t talk to me about those useless things. I just want to avenge my son today. You guys, take him down for me.”

“Any problems that arise, I, Guo Danu, will take full responsibility!”

With the conversation reaching this point, the security guards no longer hesitated.

“Director Bai, please step aside, or don’t blame us for being impolite,” one security guard said.

Ye Qiu also said, “Director Bai, please step aside. I can handle these guys.”


“Director Bai, please trust me.”

Ye Qiu’s face showed strong confidence. He had already digested a bit of inheritance, although it was only a little, it was enough to deal with these security guards.

“Then… be careful.” Bai Bing hesitated for a moment, then pulled Qian Jinglan to the side.

Ye Qiu faced the security guards alone.

The security guards also stared at Ye Qiu, clenched their fists, and prepared to make a move.


With a loud roar, a Maybach rushed in from outside the gate, then elegantly stopped in front of Vice President Guo Danu.

The car door opened, and a middle-aged man got out of the driver’s seat.

He had a resolute face and fierce eyes.

Seeing the middle-aged man, Ye Qiu felt a little strange. Why was Zhao Yun here?

The moment Vice President Guo Danu saw the middle-aged man, he directly dropped Guo Shaocong and quickly walked up to the middle-aged man, respectfully asking, “Mr. Zhao, what brings you here today?”

Zhao Yun glanced at the scene, his expression unchanged, and said calmly, “I’m here to handle some business.”

“Mr. Zhao, there’s no need for you to come in person. If you have any business, just give the order, and I will make sure it’s done properly.” Vice President Guo Danu nodded and bowed, like a servant.

“You?” Zhao Yun finally looked at Vice President Guo Danu and said, “Can you handle the task that the Dragon King has given?”

Dragon King!

Upon hearing this name, Vice President Guo Danu’s heart trembled.

At the same time, his confusion deepened.

Why did the Dragon King send Mr. Zhao to the hospital?

Could it be that a big shot is hospitalized here?

That shouldn’t be the case!

If a big shot were hospitalized at Jiangzhou Hospital, as the Vice President, he would definitely know all about it.

Just then, Zhao Yun walked up to Ye Qiu and said, “Dr. Ye, we meet again.”

“Hello, Mr. Zhao,” Ye Qiu said politely.

“Dr. Ye, do you have time now?” Zhao Yun asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Ye Qiu pointed to the security guards and said, “They are ready to take me down.”

Zhao Yun looked up, his eyes sharp as he glanced at the security guards.

Suddenly, the security guards, as if being stared at by a fierce tiger, trembled and took a few steps back involuntarily.

They saw the killing intent in Zhao Yun’s eyes.

“Vice President Guo Danu, what’s going on?” Zhao Yun asked in a deep voice.

Vice President Guo Danu hurriedly replied, “Mr. Zhao, Ye Qiu injured my son, and I’m planning to seek revenge on him.”

“Your son?” Zhao Yun glanced at Guo Shaocong on the ground and said, “He’s not even dead yet, and you want revenge?”

With that said, everyone was stunned.

Vice President Guo Danu didn’t understand the meaning behind Zhao Yun’s words and asked, “Mr. Zhao, are you saying…?”

Zhao Yun said, “Dr. Ye is a friend of the Dragon King. I am here on the Dragon King’s orders to invite Dr. Ye to the mansion.”

“What? He’s a friend of the Dragon King?” Vice President Guo Danu looked at Ye Qiu in disbelief.

As far as he knew, the Dragon King’s friends were all old men in their sixties, and they were the kind of big shots who could cause an earthquake in Jiangzhou with a stomp.

Ye Qiu was only in his early twenties, just a probationary doctor. How could he be a friend of the Dragon King?

Could there be something fishy going on here?”What, do you suspect that I’m deceiving you?” Zhao Yun’s expression was somewhat displeased as he pointed at the Maybach and said to Guo Danu, “If you don’t believe it, you can see for yourself, that’s the Dragon King’s exclusive seat.”

“Mr. Zhao is joking, how could I dare to doubt you,” Guo Danu said, while sneakily glancing at the Maybach’s license plate.

Jiang A!

A unique license plate.

This was undoubtedly the Dragon King’s vehicle.

Guo Danu began to feel a bit of panic in his heart.

The Dragon King actually sent a personal bodyguard to pick up Ye Qiu in his exclusive car. This treatment was not low at all. What exactly was Ye Qiu’s relationship with the Dragon King?

Really just friends?

Zhao Yun said, “I am now going to take Dr. Ye to meet the Dragon King, do you have any objections?”

“I have no objections.”

Where would Guo Danu dare to object? Despite being the Executive Vice President of Jiangzhou Hospital, he was nothing in front of a real big shot.

“It’s best if you have no objections, but if you do, come at me,” Zhao Yun’s face showed a fierce light.

Guo Danu’s heart skipped a beat, a feeling of unease filled his entire body, and he hurriedly said with a smile, “Mr. Zhao, even if you gave me a thousand guts, I wouldn’t dare to have any objections!”

“That’s for the best. Dr. Ye, please!” Zhao Yun took the initiative to open the car door for Ye Qiu.

Seeing this scene, Guo Danu’s eyelids twitched; this was completely the treatment of a big shot!

“I want to take my mother with me, is that okay?” Ye Qiu said.

Zhao Yun glanced at Qian Jinglan and nodded, “Of course.”

Ye Qiu helped Qian Jinglan into the car and said to Bai Bing, “Director Bai, thank you for today. I’ll treat you to a meal another day.”

Seeing that Ye Qiu was about to leave, Guo Shaocong anxiously said, “Dad, how can you let them go? Stop Ye Qiu, kill him…”

“Shut up!”

Guo Danu glared fiercely at Guo Shaocong, then bowed and nodded, saying, “Mr. Zhao, please take your time leaving!”

Zhao Yun drove away with Ye Qiu and his mother.

It was only then that Guo Danu finally let out a long breath and straightened his back.

Guo Shaocong, unable to contain his anger, questioned, “Dad, why did you let Ye Qiu get away? Aren’t you going to avenge me?”

Guo Danu’s face was filled with bitterness as he said, “About today’s matter, I’m afraid we have to admit defeat.”


“Because he is a friend of the Dragon King.”

“Just because of that?” Guo Shaocong said angrily, “Who is the Dragon King? Why are you so afraid of him? Is he even more awesome than the King of Heaven himself?”

Guo Danu sighed deeply and said, “In Jiangzhou, the Dragon King is the sky!”

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