Chapter 11 – Cripple him


Just as Ye Qiu’s right foot was about to step down, a shout suddenly rang out.

Ye Qiu quickly stopped his foot and looked up, only to see Bai Bing striding over from not far away, her face cold.

For some reason, Ye Qiu felt a little flustered. This feeling was like a primary school student who had done something wrong and was caught by the teacher.

Seeing Bai Bing, Guo Shaocong seemed to see a lifesaving straw and desperately shouted, “Director Bai, save me! Ye Qiu is going to kill me, please save me…”

Taking advantage of the situation, Zhang Lili also said, “Director Bai, Ye Qiu has gone crazy, he wants to kill someone, please stop him.”

“Let go of Dr. Guo,” Bai Bing said coldly, looking at Ye Qiu.

“Director Bai, listen to me…”

“Let him go!” Without waiting for Ye Qiu to finish speaking, Bai Bing ordered in a commanding tone.

Little did she know, her tone only stirred up strong dissatisfaction in Ye Qiu. “You are not my superior now, why do you have the right to tell me to release someone?”

Bai Bing, angry and anxious, shouted, “Don’t you want to stay in the hospital?”

“Regarding the medical records, it was Guo Shaocong and Zhang Lili who framed me together. Without investigating clearly, you sent me to the caregiver station. I don’t want to stay in such a hospital!”

Ye Qiu had made up his mind. Even if he couldn’t be a doctor, he wouldn’t starve to death with his skills.

Suppressing her anger, Bai Bing advised, “Ye Qiu, although I am not your superior now, I am still your teacher. After all, I guided you during your probation period.”

“If you still recognize me as your teacher, then listen to me and let go of Dr. Guo.”

“You’ve studied medicine for so many years, finally passed the medical exam, are you going to give up so easily?”

“By doing this, are you honoring your mother?”

Bai Bing’s last words struck Ye Qiu’s heart like a heavy hammer. He turned his head and saw Qian Jinglan’s tearful face.

For a moment, Ye Qiu felt overwhelming guilt in his heart.


“Qiu, let go of Dr. Guo!”


“Mom already knows, he’s a jerk and you were right to hit him, but if you sacrifice yourself for such a jerk, it’s not worth it.”

Qian Jinglan’s words were like a warning bell, instantly calming Ye Qiu down.

Yes, sacrificing himself for a jerk like Guo Shaocong was truly not worth it.

“Guo Shaocong, listen to me. I’ll spare your life for now, but if you dare to bully my mom again, I will definitely kill you.” Ye Qiu moved his foot, supporting Qian Jinglan and said, “Mom, let’s go.”

“Stop!” Zhang Lili stood in front of Ye Qiu and said, “You beat Shaocong like that and now you want to leave?”

“A good dog doesn’t block the way, move aside!” Ye Qiu’s expression turned cold.

“I’ve already called Vice President Guo. Until he arrives, none of you are allowed to leave.”

“Zhang Lili, are you looking for trouble?”

“Ye Qiu, at this point, I advise you to be honest. You’ve crippled Shaocong. If he reports you, you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison.”

Hearing Zhang Lili’s words, Bai Bing finally noticed that Guo Shaocong was covered in blood.

This is bad!

He’s in big trouble!

Bai Bing quickly said, “Ye Qiu, take Auntie and leave as far as possible.”

“Director Bai, what do you mean?” Zhang Lili glared at Bai Bing, dissatisfied, and said, “Ye Qiu has been violent and caused serious injury to Shaocong. If he leaves, who will take responsibility? Will you take it?”

“I will!”

“You?” Zhang Lili looked at Bai Bing in surprise.

Bai Bing said, “I already mentioned it in the Medical Affairs Department yesterday. If Ye Qiu makes another mistake, I will take responsibility for him.”

“What’s your relationship? Why do you want to take responsibility for him?” Zhang Lili felt uneasy in her heart and thought, could it be that Ye Qiu and Bai Bing are really having an affair?

“What’s the relationship between me and Ye Qiu is none of your business. Ye Qiu, take Auntie and leave,” Bai Bing ordered.

“Director Bai, if I leave, what will you do?”

“Don’t worry about me, I have my ways.”

Ye Qiu was very moved.

Bai Bing not only helped him, but also prepared to take responsibility for him. He didn’t know whether to say this woman was good or foolish.

But as a man, how could he let a woman take responsibility for everything?

“Director Bai, thank you for your kindness. I caused the injury, I don’t need you to take responsibility for me,” Ye Qiu said.

“I’m doing this for your own good,” Bai Bing urged, “You’ve injured Guo Shaocong like this. Will Vice President Guo let you off?”

“If it’s investigated, you’ll go to jail.”

“Guo Shaocong’s father is the Vice President, and he’s a well-connected figure in Jiangzhou. If you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to leave.”

“Director Bai, I know all of this, but I’m not afraid of him.”

Ye Qiu had made up his mind. He was willing to risk it all, as Lin Jingzhi said, he who is shoeless need not fear shoes. He had no worries.

Bai Bing continued to persuade Ye Qiu, “Have you thought about your mother? If you go to jail, what will she do? Can you bear to let her be alone?”

“Director Bai, thank you.” Qian Jinglan spoke at the right time and said, “Thank you for taking care of Ye Qiu. As his mother, I am really grateful to you. However, a real man should take responsibility for his own actions. If Ye Qiu can’t even do that, he doesn’t deserve to be my son.”

“But Auntie, Ye Qiu is still so young. If he goes to jail, his whole life will be ruined.”

“Director Bai, you don’t need to worry. Qiu won’t go to jail. Although I don’t have much ability, I can still protect him.”

Qian Jinglan’s words were resolute and full of absolute confidence.

Bai Bing was very puzzled. Qian Jinglan was just an ordinary woman, where did she get such confidence?

She carefully looked at Qian Jinglan for a while, feeling more and more familiar, and there was even a sense of intimacy in her familiarity.”Auntie, have we met before?” Bai Bing suddenly asked.

“Mm, once before,” Qian Jinglan smiled and said: “It was me who brought Ye Qiu to report to the Surgery department on his first day. I even greeted Director Bai at that time.”

So that’s how it was. Bai Bing was about to speak when a roar came from behind: “Who hit my son?”

Turning around, they saw a portly bald middle-aged man, accompanied by several security guards, charging out from the inpatient department with a menacing air.

This middle-aged man was Guo Shaocong’s father, the Executive Vice President of Jiangzhou Hospital, Guo Danu.

“Uncle, you’ve arrived just in time, Shaocong is injured,” Zhang Lili said anxiously.

Guo Danu hurried over to Guo Shaocong, squatted down, and asked eagerly: “Shaocong, how are you? Is the injury serious?”

“Dad, save me, I’ve been crippled…”


Upon closer inspection, Guo Danu realized that all of Guo Shaocong’s limbs were broken, and a murderous intent flashed across his face as he bellowed: “Who did this?”

“It was him.” Zhang Lili pointed at Ye Qiu and said to Guo Danu: “Uncle, it was him who injured Shaocong.”

“Even if the King of Heaven himself were here today, he couldn’t save you.” Guo Danu’s eyes were filled with venom as he stared at Ye Qiu and shouted at the security guards: “What are you standing around for, cripple him for me!”

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