Chapter 10 – If you want to stand firm, you must have a strong heart



Ye Qiu rushed over like a wild horse and grabbed Guo Shaocong by the throat.


"Dare to bully my mom, you're asking for death!"


Ye Qiu roared loudly.


Qian Jinglan was the closest person to him in this world, and he would never allow anyone to bully her.




Guo Shaocong kicked Ye Qiu hard in the stomach, but it didn't push Ye Qiu away. On the contrary, the immense strength in Ye Qiu's arm made it difficult for Guo Shaocong to move.


"Ye Qiu, if you have the guts, just kill me," Guo Shaocong said angrily.


"Do you think I won't?" Ye Qiu exerted more force, and Guo Shaocong's face turned red, finding it extremely difficult to breathe.


"Ye Qiu, let go of Shaocong!" Zhang Lili hurriedly shouted.


"Get lost!" Ye Qiu bluntly ordered. In his eyes, Zhang Lili and Guo Shaocong were birds of a feather.


"You… you…" Zhang Lili was both angry and anxious, and quickly said to Qian Jinglan, "Auntie, please persuade Ye Qiu. If something happens to Shaocong, Ye Qiu will pay with his life."


Qian Jinglan also realized the situation and stood up, firmly grabbing Ye Qiu's arm, saying, "Qiu, let go of Dr. Guo."


"Mom, he bullied you, I will never let him off," Ye Qiu stubbornly said.


"Dr. Guo didn't bully me, it was my own choice. Please let go of Dr. Guo."


"I won't let go."


Qian Jinglan was so anxious that tears were about to flow, saying, "Qiu, you won't even listen to me?"


When Ye Qiu saw the tears in his mother's eyes, his heart trembled, and reluctantly let go of his hand.


"Cough…" Guo Shaocong coughed for a while before catching his breath, and said gloomily, "Old lady, you see it, in broad daylight, your son actually wanted to kill me. Can someone like him stay in the hospital?"


Zhang Lili also glared at Ye Qiu, angrily saying, "Ye Qiu, you're really capable, did Shaocong offend you? Apologize to Shaocong quickly."


"Fucking apologize," Ye Qiu glared at Zhang Lili and said coldly, "You know how my mom has treated you. Today, you actually joined Guo Shaocong in bullying my mom. Are you still human?"


"I didn't bully Auntie, if you don't believe me, ask her."


Qian Jinglan intervened, saying, "Qiu, Lili didn't bully me, it was my own decision."




"Ye Qiu, did you hear that? I didn't bully her, it was the old lady's own decision to kneel," Guo Shaocong said, "You dared to fight with me, we're not finished."


Ye Qiu was about to speak, but Qian Jinglan dragged him behind, saying, "Dr. Guo, I'm sorry!"


"Ye Qiu didn't know the situation just now, and thought I was wronged, so he was a bit impulsive. Please forgive him."


"This money is a token of my appreciation, consider it as compensation for Dr. Guo's mental distress."


Qian Jinglan took out a thousand yuan from her pocket, bent over, and handed it to Guo Shaocong with a humble attitude.




Guo Shaocong slapped Qian Jinglan in the face.


"Dr. Guo, you…"




Another crisp slap sounded.


"This little money? Trying to dismiss me like a beggar?"


Guo Shaocong was arrogant and said, "Old lady, let me tell you, even if you give me a million, I won't let your son off."


"Daring to hit my mom, I see you're really tired of living." Ye Qiu clenched his fists, full of anger, wanting to fight Guo Shaocong.


"Qiu, don't make trouble." Qian Jinglan firmly held Ye Qiu's arm.


"Mom, this bastard is too much. He dared to bully you in front of me. I won't…"


"Shut up." Qian Jinglan sternly scolded Ye Qiu, then smiled and said to Guo Shaocong, "Dr. Guo, I'm really sorry. I'll go back and persuade Ye Qiu, and I'll bring him to apologize to you another day."


Qian Jinglan felt humiliated, but for the sake of Ye Qiu's future, she could endure anything.


To prevent Ye Qiu from being impulsive again, she pulled Ye Qiu hard, wanting to leave here as soon as possible.


Unexpectedly, just as they turned around, Guo Shaocong picked up a brick from the flower bed next to him, took advantage of their unpreparedness, and directly hit Ye Qiu's back with it.


With a "crack," the brick broke in half.


Guo Shaocong was stunned, thinking, did this guy practice an indestructible body? How could he be unharmed?


At the same time, Ye Qiu's anger soared. Guo Shaocong had been so ruthless. If the brick had hit the back of his head just now, he might have died.


In that instant, Lin Jingzhi's words to him echoed in his mind.


"Remember what I said, for a man to stand firm, he must have a ruthless heart."




Ye Qiu turned around, grabbed Guo Shaocong's throat at an incredible speed, and then, before the latter could fully react, violently threw Guo Shaocong to the ground.




Guo Shaocong's head hit the concrete ground, and blood gushed out.


This scene shocked Zhang Lili.


Guo Shaocong was 1.9 meters tall and weighed 200 pounds, but Ye Qiu effortlessly lifted him as if he were picking up a chicken.


How could he be so strong?Zhang Lili's face was a picture of shock, and before she could intervene, she heard Ye Qiu say to Guo Shaocong, "Sister Lin is right, a good horse is ridden, a good man is bullied. My constant yielding has only led to your increased aggression. I remember just now, it was this hand that struck my mother, wasn't it?"


Ye Qiu fixed his gaze on Guo Shaocong's right hand.


"What do you want to do?" Guo Shaocong bellowed angrily, "Dare to touch me, do you want to die?"


Ye Qiu's foot came crashing down on Guo Shaocong's palm.


The movement was fierce.


Decisive and swift.




The sound of bones breaking echoed as all the bones in Guo Shaocong's right hand were shattered, instantly turning into a bloody mess.


"Ah…" Guo Shaocong screamed in agony.


"You bullied me, framed me, insulted me, ostracized me, and even took Zhang Lili away from me. I could endure all that, but you bullied my mother, and that I cannot tolerate."


Ye Qiu grabbed Guo Shaocong by the hair, lifting him up, then delivered a kick to Guo Shaocong's knee.




Guo Shaocong fell to his knees.


"Apologize to my mother," Ye Qiu said coldly.






Ye Qiu slapped Guo Shaocong across the face, "Apologize."


"You think I would apologize to that old hag? In your dreams! I'd rather die than apologize," Guo Shaocong said defiantly.


"If that's the case, then you're done for."


Ye Qiu quickly landed two punches, breaking Guo Shaocong's arms, followed by two lightning-fast kicks to Guo Shaocong's knees.






Two crisp sounds, and the kneecaps shattered.




Guo Shaocong cried out in pain, struggling to get up, but with all his limbs broken, he couldn't muster any strength.




Ye Qiu's foot stomped down on Guo Shaocong's face, his voice icy, "Guo Shaocong, still not apologizing?"


"Enough, Ye Qiu!" Zhang Lili snapped out of her shock, furious, "You've caused a huge disaster, get ready to go to jail!"


"If injuring someone means jail, what about killing?"


A murderous intent surfaced on Ye Qiu's face, his foot slowly moved from Guo Shaocong's face and finally stopped on Guo Shaocong's throat.


Then, he stomped down fiercely.

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