Chapter 3 – Ghost Domain

Ghosts cannot be killed.


The only ones who can deal with ghosts are ghosts themselves.


Understand the rules of ghosts.


The three sentences were clearly written on the blackboard, messy yet clear, indicating that Zhou Zheng wrote with great force.


But the students in the evening self-study were all puzzled.


Is this person really an international criminal police officer? Is he a lunatic from somewhere? Is this a safety lecture? He is just talking about things that people don't understand to fool them.


Some students shook their heads below, indicating that they did not believe what he said.


Some students began to whisper and even laugh out loud.


Obviously, most people did not take Zhou Zheng's words to heart.


Only Yang Jian's face was a bit solemn, because of the story on the forum yesterday and the photo that made him feel uneasy, plus this strange person's words… Could it be that the world is really undergoing some changes that he doesn't know about?


After Zhou Zheng wrote the three sentences, he did not say anything else, but looked at everyone with his haggard and bloodshot eyes. "If you have any questions or strange things happening around you, you can ask me. I will answer for you. If there is nothing to ask, then today's safety lecture is over."


No one had any questions to ask.


"Should we ask him about the situation with that old man in the photo?"


Yang Jian's expression changed and he took out his phone, opened the forum, and scrolled to the photo of the old man again.


But just as he hesitated, the lights in the classroom suddenly dimmed, and the whole classroom became somewhat dim.




Zhou Zheng on the podium's expression changed slightly, and he immediately became very alert.


Yang Jian also unconsciously looked up, but when he saw a figure outside the classroom through the glass window, his eyes widened in an instant, and his body subconsciously tightened. A strong sense of fear surged from his heart and quickly enveloped his whole body. At this moment, he even lost consciousness.


Outside the window, an old man wearing a black robe, covered in corpse spots, stood stiffly there. His gray and lifeless eyes looked at the classroom without any vitality, like a cold corpse standing straight there.


Around the old man, it was pitch black, without any light. At this moment, the lights in the corridor seemed to have completely gone out. A thick darkness rushed towards the classroom like mercury.


The walls close to the old man aged at a visible speed. The newly painted walls were covered with moss, the wall surface turned black and mottled, and a gloomy and corrupt smell gradually spread.


"It's the old man in the forum story… Impossible, how did he get here?"


Yang Jian's palm was white from excessive force. He tightly held his phone, and the screen of the phone displayed the photo of the old man, which was exactly the same as the old man outside the window, except that the old man outside was even more terrifying than the one in the picture…Then he stood up from his seat in shock, and because of his excitement, he overturned the chair.


Due to his extreme behavior, all the other students in the class looked at him.


"Yang Jian, why did you stand up? Sit down quickly and don't disturb the classroom discipline," said the teacher, Mr. Wang.


But Yang Jian didn't hear him at the moment. His terrified eyes were fixed on the black-clothed old man outside the window.


The old man moved…


His rigid body turned mechanically, with gray-white, lifeless eyes that seemed unfocused and followed his head in a numb way.


"Da, da, da~!"


The crisp footsteps without echo sounded outside the corridor, faintly heard in the classroom.


"Is he leaving?"


Yang Jian broke out in a cold sweat, hoping that the old man would leave and not come in. If the story on the forum was true, the consequences would be unimaginable once the old man entered…


But things didn't go as he wished. The old man didn't leave, he just walked a few steps and stopped in front of the classroom door.


"Yang Jian, why don't you sit down? Haven't you heard my words? How dare you disturb the safe class?" Mr. Wang became stern.




At this moment, a female classmate screamed and pointed at the books on the desk, too scared to speak.


She saw the books on her desk quickly turn yellow, then moldy, and then decayed… finally becoming a pile of black rotten things.


"Smells bad, Su Lei, how did a piece of shit end up on your desk?" Zhang Wei pinched his nose and said.


"It's impossible. How can the Ghost Domain appear in school at this time?"


But a male classmate next to her turned pale and stood up quickly, retreating several steps.


"Fang Jing, why are you shouting like a ghost?" Mr. Wang was angry. What happened to the usually self-disciplined students in the evening self-study class today?


On the podium, Zhou Zheng's eyes narrowed, full of vigilance. The previous exhaustion disappeared, and he became like a fierce and ferocious beast that had been let out of its cage. He stared at Fang Jing and said, "Do you know about the Ghost Domain?"


But Fang Jing remained calm, which was not normal. He said, "Zhou Zheng, you know what the appearance of the Ghost Domain means. At least one dangerous level ghost has appeared in the school. If we don't handle it well today, no one in the school will be able to leave alive, including you."


"It seems like you know a lot. Are you also a Ghost Tamer?" Zhou Zheng asked.


"Zhou Zheng, this is my business, you don't need to worry about it," Fang Jing said coldly.


Then he stared fiercely at Yang Jian and said, "I was planning to deal with you in a few days, but I didn't expect the future to change because of this. Yang Jian, I'll tell you today that I won't let you grow up. In the future, you will be too terrifying. Ghosts and gods level characters you can easily kill, the living forbidden area can be easily destroyed by you, but this life you are destined to die young. "


"?"Yang Jian looked at Fang Jing with confusion, not understanding his words, but what he was more concerned about was the old man in black standing outside the classroom.


The other students were shocked to hear this.


"Oh my god, Fang Jing, there's so much information in what you just said. Did something happen to you? Are you from the future or a past life? Are you the protagonist of a legend who has awakened and traveled back in time? Something big must be about to happen in the future. Please take care of us."


"If that's the case, then Fang Jing is the protagonist of destiny, and Yang Jian is the big villain. In the future, Yang Jian must have killed Fang Jing, and now he's come back for revenge. Everyone, isolate Yang Jian and don't play with him anymore. Brother Fang, please take care of us. We look up to you."


"Oh no, oh no, what's happening today? Everyone's brains are not working properly. Is it me who can't keep up with the times, or is the world changing too fast? My books have turned into a pile of shit. I have a vague feeling that something big is about to happen. I'm so nervous."


These students who were talking seemed to be unaware of the danger that had already descended upon them. They were just curious, excited, and even thrilled.




"Knock, knock, knock."


A dull, clear knocking sound that seemed to hit everyone's heart suddenly rang out, with an almost eerie tone, and entered the classroom.


At this moment, everyone felt as if their souls were being squeezed by something, with a kind of suffocating oppression like being pressed underwater.


"That knocking sound… it's exactly the same." Yang Jian's heart trembled.


It was exactly the same as the sound in the audio file on the forum, just clearer when heard live.


Zhou Zheng's face was particularly solemn. He picked up a special phone and pressed a button urgently. The phone was immediately answered.


"Zhou Zheng? Report the situation."


A woman's voice came from the other end of the phone.


"I'm at the 7th High School in Dachang City, there's an emergency situation. There's at least a dangerous level of ghost on campus." Zhou Zheng immediately reported.




The voice on the phone spoke quickly: "Can you handle it?"


"That ghost has already formed a ghost domain and is starting to affect my location. The lights outside are no longer visible. The range of the ghost domain is estimated to be larger than I thought." Zhou Zheng said.


"A ghost domain… the situation has escalated. It's not something you can handle. Please retreat quickly."


"It's too late to leave now. There are many students here, and I want to ensure that they can leave alive as much as possible." Zhou Zheng said.


"It's very dangerous for you to use the power of the ghost in your current state. By then, there may not be just one ghost where you are, but two. I suggest you retreat. Even if you push yourself to the limit, you may not be able to save anyone. Ghosts that can create a ghost domain can even be defined as a disaster level." The voice on the phone immediately advised.Zhou Zhengdao: "I don't have much time left. I'm less than five meters away from that thing, right outside the classroom door. It's possible that it's already targeting me. I'll keep in touch, and if we lose connection, it means I'm dead. Please give my parents my farewell letter. That's it. I'm going to take action now."


"Thump. Thump thump."


The dull and oppressive knocking on the door continued outside, one long and two short, with a fixed rhythm, constantly striking the classroom door.


"Teacher Wang, someone's knocking on the door," a student who was unaware of the situation shouted.


Teacher Wang hesitated a bit, but seeing Zhou Zheng's expression, it seemed that something very serious had happened. Unable to resist his curiosity, he opened the back door of the classroom and went out to see who was knocking on the door.


"Don't go out," Zhou Zheng hurriedly shouted.


But he was too late to speak. Teacher Wang had already gone out, but strangely, he disappeared in the blink of an eye as soon as he opened the door.


Yes, he was gone.


Outside the classroom, it was pitch black, and the thick darkness seemed to swallow any trace of light. Teacher Wang went out and there was no sound, as if he had disappeared into thin air.


As the classroom door opened, the darkness outside quickly seeped in like a thick black mist, constantly eroding the space inside the classroom.


At this moment, even the most thick-skinned student felt that something was wrong.


Everyone's eyes widened with fear, and some female students screamed and kept retreating from their positions.


Is it really haunted?

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