Chapter 4 – Terrifying Door Knocker

Dong, dong, dong…

The dull and eerie knocking sound continued to ring out at a fixed frequency, like a well-tuned alarm clock.

The classroom door was not locked, nor even latched, it was just casually closed. It could be easily pushed open with a little force.

But what was hair-raising was that the old man in black, covered in corpse spots, did not push open the door. He remained stiffly outside the door, knocking on it without any intention of coming in.

Although the old man did not enter, the thick black darkness outside the corridor rushed in like ink.

The entire classroom began to undergo unimaginable changes.

The new walls became mottled and moldy. The wall plaster kept falling off and turned into uneven walls. The pockmarked walls even sprouted black-green mold, emitting a cold, damp, and musty smell. The books on the seats quickly turned yellow, then rotted. Even the cement on the ground began to weather rapidly, revealing rusted steel bars. Some places even began to collapse.

It was as if this place had experienced several decades of time in an instant, ravaged by the years.

However, the classroom lights were still struggling against the darkness. The bright white light was like a candle in the wind, emitting the last dim light, as if it could be extinguished at any time.

Fear appeared on every student’s face. Some screamed, some called for help, and some trembled…

The only calm person was Zhou Zheng on the podium.

He remained motionless, looking around, paying attention to any movement around him.

A dangerous level of ghost that could possess a ghost domain… he couldn’t handle it.

What he had to do was to find a way out for these students, even if it was only a small part of them.

“Zhou Zheng, look at this.”

At this moment, Fang Jing suddenly shouted. His face looked particularly ugly as he pointed to several classmates on the classroom desk.

He didn’t notice it before, but now he realized that several students were lying motionless on the desk. Their eyes and mouths were wide open, their faces were ashen, and their bodies emitted a smell of decaying corpses, as if they had been dead for several days.

Dong, dong, dong… the knocking sound rang out again.

At this moment, a male student who had been alive in the crowd suddenly trembled all over, and then fell to the ground stiffly.

“What’s wrong with you, Li Ming?”

Someone wanted to help him up, but when they touched his body, that person screamed and retreated madly.

Cold, stiff, like a corpse.

Li Ming and the previous few classmates had the same wide-open eyes and mouths, their faces were ashen, and they had no vitality… their bodies gradually emitted a smell of decay.

Dead, they were dead.

And not just one, at least six or seven students were lying motionless on the desk with the same lifeless expression.

“How could this happen, how could this happen, who will save us?”

A female classmate sat on the ground, frightened and crying.”How could he suddenly die when he was fine just now?” Someone’s voice trembled and stuttered.

Fang Jing beside him turned pale: “What are you shouting for? There’s a ghost outside the door. We could all die. You’ll soon find out how terrifying the ghost that can create the Ghost Domain is.”

The others looked at him with horror, like trapped prey, full of fear and trembling.

“Zhou Zheng, haven’t you figured out a way yet? We’re all going to die here if you don’t.” Fang Jing said angrily.

He was also trembling inside because anyone could die in the Ghost Domain, including himself.

“If you can’t wait, then go escape by yourself. Don’t count on me.”

Zhou Zheng was also anxious and didn’t dare to act rashly.

“You’ll die even faster if you run around in the Ghost Domain. Don’t you know that?” Fang Jing said.

“Shut up. If you can’t wait, then go escape by yourself. Don’t count on me.” Zhou Zheng said.

“Damn it.”

Fang Jing couldn’t help but curse.

At this moment, Yang Jian’s hands and feet were cold. He forced himself to calm down because this was not a joke. Someone had really died, and not just one… If they continued like this, many more could die.

But when he accidentally saw the blackboard that was almost falling off the wall, he was stunned.

His gaze stopped at the three sentences Zhou Zheng had written before, especially the last one: “Understand the rules of ghosts.”

“Zhou Zheng is afraid to act rashly because he’s also observing the old man outside the door, looking for his rules. Only by finding the rules can he act. Think quickly, think quickly, what rules could this old man have…”

His mind began to spin wildly,

Recalling everything recorded in the story on the forum, and then associating it with what was happening now.

There must be commonalities, there must be similarities.

That netizen called the Thunderbolt King was at home, and his door was closed. The old man was standing outside his door knocking… and then he came in and went to the door again, knocking and then coming in again.

At this moment, this ghost appeared outside the corridor, also knocking on the door… but it hadn’t come in yet.

Why did the old man come in at the netizen’s house, but not here?

The same situation, the same thing, what caused the difference?

Was it not enough time?

Then what time was not enough?

Could it be that the knocking time was not enough?

Perhaps this was the key.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Jian gathered his courage and shouted, “Zhou Zheng, it’s the knocking sound.”

“The knocking sound?”

Zhou Zheng’s eyes narrowed, staring at the student who suddenly spoke up. “What do you mean?”Yang Jian suppressed his fear and said, “Although it’s just a guess, I think this thing is killing people by knocking on the door. Maybe the old man is timing it, or maybe it’s something else, but it’s definitely related to the knocking. If we can stop it from knocking, it might be useful…”

Killing people by knocking on the door.

If that’s really the case, this ghost is too terrifying.

“This guy’s potential is showing so soon…”

Fang Jing looked at him with a hostile gaze and clenched his fists tightly, “We must not let him leave this school alive.”

“I trust you.”

Zhou Zheng withdrew his gaze solemnly, with no choice left.

If they don’t act now, everyone here will die.

Zhou Zheng immediately took action. He rushed out like a wild beast, with a strange body shape that had explosive power beyond that of an ordinary person.


There was a loud noise, and he forcefully pushed open the classroom door, also pushing open the old man outside the classroom who was wearing a black robe, had a dead gray face, and was covered in corpse spots.

The old man fell to the ground, but no one dared to help him up.

His body was in a strange position, like a stiff puppet swinging its limbs randomly, lacking the resilience and softness that a living person should have.

Ghosts cannot be killed.

Zhou Zheng would not forget the words he wrote himself.

Even if this old man was crushed into minced meat or burned to ashes, he would still not die and would continue to appear in an unimaginable way.

Only ghosts can deal with ghosts.

Zhou Zheng gritted his teeth and shouted, “Watch for the opportunity to escape. Once you have the chance, run away. I’ll hold this thing back.”

With that, his broad windbreaker fluttered, and his bulging belly wriggled strangely.

A hand, or rather the outline of a hand, stretched out from under a layer of skin. The hand was gray-blue in color, with sharp nails that seemed to want to tear open the skin and emerge from inside.

But the skin wrapping the hand was very resilient and was not torn apart. What was even more frightening was that this strange hand extended more than two meters.

Was this still a human hand?

In this way, the gray-blue strange hand grabbed the old man on the ground.

“Sizzle!” The sound of flickering light bulbs rang out.

In an instant, the darkness that enveloped the classroom disappeared, and bright lights appeared again. Although the walls were still mottled and the ground was still collapsing, it seemed that the disaster had been stopped.

“It worked.” Zhou Zheng breathed a sigh of relief.

But then his eyes suddenly widened, and his emaciated face was shrouded in fear.

The old man lying on the ground slowly stood up, and his dead gray eyes turned slightly, seeming to look at Zhou Zheng.

“It’s impossible. It can still move even though I’ve restricted it?” Zhou Zheng’s face changed drastically, and he immediately shouted, “Go, hurry up and leave while the ghost realm hasn’t appeared yet. I’ll stay here to hold this thing back.”

This ghost was definitely more than just dangerous.

He was sweating profusely with fear.

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