Chapter 2 – Temporary teaching

It was 8 o'clock in the evening self-study at school. Due to staying up too late reading a story on the forum the day before, Yang Jian was yawning all day and feeling listless. Every time he wanted to sleep in class, the old man's photo would unconsciously pop up in his mind, and he felt like the empty, lifeless, terrifying eyes were staring at him from somewhere.


He shook himself and regained his focus.


"I can't sleep again. That photo is really creepy."


"Hey, hey, Yang Jian, can I borrow your phone?" A tall and skinny student next to him leaned over.


"What for? What do you mean by 'can I borrow your phone'?" Yang Jian asked, confused.


Zhang Wei, also known as Yang Wei due to a teacher's mistake during enrollment, had been nicknamed Yang Wei for three years. It was a sad story.


"Don't play dumb. You've been yawning all day. You must have been doing something naughty last night. If you've got any good resources, share them with your bros," Zhang Wei lowered his voice and patted Yang Jian's shoulder.


"I wasn't doing anything naughty. I stayed up late reading a ghost story on my phone," Yang Jian said.


"Speaking of ghost stories, do you guys know about the paranormal incident that happened in a residential area in the city a while ago?" Another student next to them chimed in.


"What incident? I haven't heard about it," Yang Jian asked.


"I know about it. It's said that more than 20 people in the residential area hanged themselves overnight, and their bodies were hung on the anti-theft windows like dried meat. It's really scary. I have a photo of it, but I don't know if it's real or fake," Zhang Wei said, taking out his phone and showing them a blurry photo of human-shaped silhouettes hanging on the anti-theft windows of a balcony in the residential area.


The bodies' heads were inside the windows, but their bodies were outside, and their heads were tilted back in a strange, broken posture. The more they looked at it, the more uneasy and frightened they felt. It was similar to the photo of the old man in Yang Jian's phone, which could stir up people's emotions.


"Damn, Zhang Wei, where did you get this photo? Why didn't I find it?" The other student next to them asked.Zhang Wei proudly said, "It was taken by a friend who happened to pass by. The place has been sealed off now, so you can't take pictures anymore. If you want it, just say 'daddy' and I'll give it to you. And don't call me impotent anymore, I've recently taken an English name."


"What English name?"


"Dick Strong."


"Then I also have an English name, it's Aimofu. Remember, call me by my English name when we're on the road in the future."


Yang Jian said, "We all had nine years of compulsory education, why are you guys so outstanding?"


"When it comes to supernatural events, I've heard a lot of people talking about them online recently. They sound so real that it scares me. Do you guys think these things are real or fake? Could some places really be haunted?" Miao Xiaoshan, a female classmate, asked as she leaned in.


Yang Jian said, "Most of the stories online are fake. I don't believe in ghosts unless I see them with my own eyes. But some things are better to believe than not to believe. If you really encounter these things, it's better to stay away."


"Good point," Miao Xiaoshan nodded.


"Quiet, everyone."


At this moment, Teacher Wang walked into the classroom and said, "The school has just notified us that tonight's self-study session will be changed to a safety awareness lecture. When the lecture begins, I don't want to hear anyone talking or disrupting the class. Now, let's welcome Mr. Zhou to give us the lecture."




Yang Jian clapped his hands while feeling puzzled. Why would there be a safety lecture so late at night?


But when the speaker, Zhou Zheng, walked into the classroom, Yang Jian's eyelids twitched.


This man named Zhou Zheng was wearing a gray windbreaker, wrapped tightly around his body, and even wore a mask. It was a hot day, but he still wore it. He had some kind of identification hanging from his chest.


What was disturbing was his appearance. His face was extremely thin, almost just skin and bones. You could even see the shape and contours of his facial bones. There was no extra fat on his face, and because of his extreme thinness, his eyes looked very big, bloodshot, and as if he hadn't slept for many days.


But his stomach was bulging.


It was like he was carrying a beer belly full of fat, but someone with a beer belly shouldn't be so thin.


It was abnormal, strange, and made people feel uneasy.


At this moment, Zhou Zheng was standing on the platform, emitting a dark, haggard, and numb aura. He was stiff and motionless, and his bloodshot eyes were slightly turning, like two dull glass beads.


Wherever his gaze went, all the students felt a sense of inexplicable fear.Yang Jian instinctively clenched his fists, his whole body tightening up involuntarily. He dared not meet the gaze and thought to himself, "This feeling is even stronger than when I faced that photo…"


"Hello everyone, my name is Zhou Zheng, an international criminal police officer. I'm glad to be alive and standing here today to give you a lecture."


Zhou Zheng finally spoke, his voice was dry, hoarse, and piercing, like glass scraping against the ground. Coupled with his extremely emaciated face, it made people feel extremely creepy.


Alive and standing here to give a lecture?


Yang Jian's heart skipped a beat. Why did that sound strange?


At this moment, Zhou Zheng picked up the chalk and turned around to write a crude yet clear word on the blackboard:




"Ghosts and legends have existed since ancient times, not only in our country's history, but also in the history of various countries. I'm not good at history, and I can't talk about ancient events. Let's talk about major events that have occurred in recent decades: the Louvre incident in France, the haunted villa incident in the United States, the ghostly shadows incident in the island country's parking lot, the curse of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and the sealed village incident in our country."


Zhou Zheng's voice was still hoarse and piercing, and he continued slowly, "Someone once said that the end of science is theology. This sentence is not wrong at all. There are some things that you have to believe in now, my fellow students. In recent years, supernatural events in various countries have exploded in growth, and it is no longer just a matter of one or two incidents. It is gradually evolving into a global catastrophe. If this situation is not effectively controlled, the future…maybe there will be no future for the whole world."


Everyone was surprised to hear this.


How did this lecture turn into a ghost story conference?


He even boasted that the world was going to end.


Not only the students, but even Teacher Wang was stunned.


"I'm not at liberty to say more about this matter, and you don't need to ask. What I'm about to say next, I hope you all remember. This safety lecture may save your life in the future."


Zhou Zheng didn't continue speaking, but turned around and wrote another sentence on the blackboard: Ghosts cannot be killed.


"In the near future, you may encounter situations that you never want to encounter, such as…encountering ghosts. Although it's a bit discouraging, please remember this sentence: ghosts cannot be killed, so even in extreme fear, don't try to fight with those things. Your life is not worth mentioning in front of those things. Those things killing you is like stepping on a few ants, or even easier. Maybe with a blink of an eye, a snap of the fingers, you'll be done for."


He stared at everyone with bloodshot and haggard eyes, saying this sentence very seriously, and then turned around to write the second sentence on the blackboard.


"Only ghosts can deal with ghosts."Zhou Zheng continued, "If ghosts cannot be killed, it means that the technological power possessed by each country will be useless. Talismans, spells, bombs, even nuclear weapons, none of them will work. If scientists cannot crack the 'ghost' in the future, then the only way to deal with ghosts is to use ghosts. I know you have doubts in your hearts, and some of you may even think I'm crazy, but it doesn't matter. What's important is to listen to me and remember these words firmly. You will need them in the future."


"Of course, I hope you will never need them."


"Yang Jian, what is this guy talking about? I don't understand at all," Zhang Wei whispered beside him.


"I don't understand it very well either, but after hearing these words, I feel uneasy," Yang Jian said.


"Could it be that the Earth has mutated? Like in the novels?" Zhang Weidao asked.


"I don't think so…" Yang Jian hesitated.


Although he had fantasized about immortals and superpowers, if these things really existed, it would inevitably be a huge threat to ordinary people, causing panic.


Zhou Zheng continued on the podium, "Since ghosts cannot be killed and have extraordinary abilities, we can ask a question combining these two situations: how can ordinary people survive when targeted by ghosts? This is the key. I hope you remember it forever, preferably for your entire life."


He then wrote down the third sentence: Understand the rules of ghosts.


"Every thing has rules that can be found, and ghosts are no exception. Research data shows that each type of ghost has an almost fixed way of killing and acting, like a computer program. You press the power button to start the computer, and click the mouse to open the software. Overcome your fear, understand the rules of ghosts, find the loopholes. This is the only chance for ordinary people to survive when targeted by ghosts."


"Remember, if ghosts come for you, besides this method, you have no other way to survive. Don't hold onto false hope. The horror of ghosts exceeds your imagination."


He repeated this sentence with a solemn tone.

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