Chapter 27 – Red paper covers the eyes

In a public restroom…

Water rushed out as Yang Jian washed the stinky blood off his face.

Feeling the coolness of the tap water, he felt much calmer.

“It seems that I have a problem… That ghost from earlier was able to change a person’s memory and forcefully insert a non-existent person into my mind, making me feel nothing out of the ordinary. Even with this eye of mine, I couldn’t detect any clues.”

“If it weren’t for Liu Xiaoyu’s reminder, I would probably still be living with that ghost at home.”

He looked up at the mirror in front of him.

Yang Jian’s eyes had disappeared from his face, but he had temporarily returned to normal.

“Hey, Yang Jian, answer me if you hear me. I’m Liu Xiaoyu.” Suddenly, the satellite phone next to the sink rang.

The call had not been hung up from before.

“It’s me.” Yang Jian picked up the phone.

“What happened over there?” Liu Xiaoyu asked.

“You guessed right. My father really did die in a car accident when I was in elementary school. The thing in my room earlier was not a human… it was a ghost.”

“And you managed to escape?”

“Yes.” Yang Jian wiped the water off his face and suddenly noticed a red piece of paper stuck to the back of his hand.

This was… a fragment from the newspaper earlier.

“Good thing you’re safe. Can you tell me about the ghost?” Liu Xiaoyu asked.

“That ghost can alter a person’s memory, its actions and killing methods are unclear. But earlier, I was almost suffocated to death by a blood-stained newspaper covering my face. That’s all I know for now,” Yang Jian said.

“Okay.” Liu Xiaoyu quickly recorded the information.

“If my father is a ghost, then what about my mother? Where is she? And when did this ghost appear? You should be able to pull up the surveillance footage in the area. Can you help me investigate?” Yang Jian asked.

“I can help you investigate, but you need to cooperate with us on this end,” Liu Xiaoyu said.

“What kind of investigation?” Yang Jian asked.

“Just some simple information gathering for now. If you discover the existence of any fierce ghosts, you must report it immediately,” Liu Xiaoyu said.

“What’s in it for me?” Yang Jian asked.

“We’ll provide you with a certain degree of family care and a generous monthly salary, but since you’re not a police officer, there won’t be a salary for now. However, I can help your mother find a more stable job,” Liu Xiaoyu said.

“Without even a salary, you want me to work for your international police? I looked at that website, solving a fierce ghost incident is worth at least tens of millions of dollars. After becoming a ghost tamer, I won’t live long. If there are no tangible benefits, I refuse to work for you,” Yang Jian said seriously.Liu Xiaoyu on the phone was a little impatient: “The reason why the reward abroad is high is because the ghost handlers abroad are almost all mercenaries. They work for the reward, so the spread of supernatural events abroad is much higher than in China. You should know this living in Dachang City, except for the supernatural events you have encountered yourself, you should rarely know about large-scale killings by evil spirits.”

“This is thanks to the hard work of our domestic ghost handlers. If everyone thinks like you, what peace can our country have?”

“Let’s not talk about this topic for now. I have some information here. Let’s contact each other next time.”

Yang Jian did not continue the conversation, but hung up the phone.

“Beep…” Liu Xiaoyu on the other end heard the sound of the phone hanging up and became angry.

Yang Jian didn’t hang up the phone as an excuse, but because he had to deal with a piece of red paper stuck to the back of his hand.

He tore off the palm-sized red paper and prepared to throw it away.

This thing was something that the ghost hand had been holding onto all the time, revealing a kind of eerie and evil nature. It was probably not a good thing to keep it on oneself.

However, just as he tore off the red paper…

The place where it was stuck immediately split open with a painful crack.

A red eye appeared again.

At the same time, he felt a strange wriggling all over his body.

The several eyes inside his body became restless, as if they had awakened from their slumber because he had used their power before.

“Could it be…”

Yang Jian looked at the red paper in his hand and chose not to throw it away, but instead stuck it back on his hand, covering the eye.

The red eye immediately closed, and the strange wriggling feeling in his body disappeared.

It seemed that everything had returned to calm.

“Sure enough, this red paper can suppress the power of this eye, although not completely… but it can slow down the recovery process of this eye.”

Yang Jian was pleasantly surprised to see this.

Then he remembered that saying: only ghosts can deal with ghosts.

If the eyes in his body were considered ghosts, then the red paper was also a ghost.

The power of two ghosts interacting and colliding with each other would restrain each other.

Perhaps this was the key to survival.

No, something was wrong.

Then Yang Jian frowned: “If this guess is correct, why didn’t my eye get suppressed when I was bitten by the ghost baby in the teaching building? Instead, it recovered faster due to the stimulation?”

Red paper… ghost baby.

What is the difference between the two?

After thinking for a while, Yang Jian felt that this question could be left for later. Since the red paper could suppress the six eyes inside his body, he must take the risk to get it back because it was his chance to survive.

“I must go home again.”

Yang Jian’s eyes were serious, he took a deep breath, walked out of the public toilet, and prepared to take a risk by going home.But just as he came out of the bathroom, he was met by four or five young men who looked like troublemakers.

“Brother, are you going to the bathroom? Don’t go yet, meeting is fate. How about we talk about something?”

A young man’s eyes lit up when he saw Yang Jian, and he walked towards him, putting his hand on his shoulder.

“What’s up?” Yang Jian asked with a glance.

“Nothing, just getting to know each other. My name is Fei. What’s your name, brother?” said the young man who called himself Fei.

“Yang Jian.”

Fei smiled and said, “Then we’re friends now. And if friends are in trouble, you would help, right? I’m a little short on cash today. Can you lend me some money? Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back tomorrow when you come here. I won’t shortchange you a single cent.”

Yang Jian looked at him and said, “Borrow money? I think you guys are trying to rob or extort me. But couldn’t you pick someone normal to target? I’m not very normal lately, so it’s better if you stay away from me. I’m afraid I might accidentally commit a crime if I can’t control myself.”

“You’re pretty arrogant, kid. Fei is asking you for money as a favor. Don’t be ungrateful, or you’ll regret it,” said another young man next to him, slapping Yang Jian’s face with a small knife.

“Friend, don’t do this. It won’t end well if something happens. Let me go, and we’ll pretend this never happened. How about that?” Yang Jian said.

“Not good enough. If you don’t give us the money, you’re not leaving today,” said the young man with the knife, grinning.

“Even if I borrowed from you, don’t be so extreme. We’re friends, after all,” Fei said jokingly.

“Well, since you put it that way, I guess I have no choice. The money is in the pocket of my pants. Take it yourself,” Yang Jian said.

“Good that you know what’s good for you,” said the young man with the knife, excitedly reaching into Yang Jian’s pocket.

But as he reached into the pocket, he suddenly felt something cold and glass-like in it.

He instinctively pulled it out.

But then the young man with the knife found his hand covered in blood, holding a red eye that was turning slowly with a strange look.


The young man with the knife screamed in terror and retreated.

However, everything around him had turned crimson.

The residential building, the streetlights, the moon in the sky, and even the ground… everything seemed to be covered in a layer of red light.

“Well, since we’re friends, testing the Ghost Realm shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Yang Jian slowly walked out of the bathroom.

Fei’s eyes widened.

Who was the person Yang Jian had his arm around when he came out of the bathroom?At this moment, he didn’t even dare to look back, feeling the person’s body on his arm was cold… like a corpse.

“Ghost, a ghost!”

Fei’s face turned pale with fear. He turned around and ran away, as if escaping from the public restroom. The other thugs were scared and ran away too.

Yang Jian looked at the back of his hand at this moment.

The outline of an eye was revealed where the red paper was attached, but it was quickly pressed down by the red paper again, and then the eye appeared again, seemingly confronting each other.

“If I grow six eyes, I can use the Ghost Domain, but now one eye is covered by the red paper, so with five eyes, I can use the Ghost Domain, and the situation of the fierce ghost’s resurgence is stopped.”

He felt the pain of his body cracking in five places.

Five perspectives were transmitted to his mind.

Everything around him was under his control.

“Six eyes are the limit that the body can bear, but the situation is obviously much better with five eyes, although there are still side effects, but they are not so obvious.” Yang Jian’s gaze moved slightly, roughly understanding his own limits.

“If I get that red newspaper and stick it to my six eyes, does that mean I can use the power of the fierce ghost without side effects? I will no longer have to worry about the consequences of the fierce ghost’s resurgence.”

“But before that, I need to master this Ghost Domain.”

Yang Jian looked at the fleeing thugs. Testing with them was the best way.

Mastering the Ghost Domain was the capital for dealing with the fierce ghost next time, so using the power of the fierce ghost once was necessary, not a waste.

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