Chapter 26 – Believe in ghosts as one’s father

A middle-aged man with an indiscernible appearance sat straight and stiff at the head of Yang Jian’s bed, holding the first newspaper in his hand without moving, as if he was really reading the news on the newspaper carefully.

Everything seemed normal, with nothing strange about it.

However, the dimness in the room was not suitable for reading a newspaper at all.

Moreover, this person had maintained this posture since Yang Jian went online until now, and had never changed it, which was impossible for an ordinary person to do.

The only change was that this person had moved from the sofa in the living room to the bedside of the room, just moving positions from far away to close.

This shortening of the distance did not make people feel at ease, but rather a kind of inexplicable threat and fear.

Why would his father sit next to him and read the newspaper for no reason?

Did he have this habit before?

Looking at the memorial hanging on the cabinet in the room and listening to Liu Xiaoyu’s urgent urging on the other end, Yang Jian realized that something was wrong.

If the files Liu Xiaoyu mentioned were true, then was this person still his father?

It seemed like it…but also not.

Did his father really die in a car accident when he was a child?

In Yang Jian’s mind, the person in front of him was clearly his father, and everything seemed so natural, without any falsehood.

“Although so, something is still not right…”

Yang Jian immediately withdrew his hand and did not try to move the newspaper blocking the person’s face. Instead, he picked up his phone and stood up suddenly, stepping back.

Try to stay away from this man who reads the newspaper.

What kind of influence did he receive that caused his memory to fail?

Or was everything in front of him just a dream and not real?

Or, was there something strange about the entire residential building?

“Anyway, leave here first and figure out what’s going on later.” Yang Jian couldn’t be sure whether he or his father had a problem, or if there was a problem around him.

He cautiously backed out of the room into the living room.

Without alarming his father who was reading the newspaper.

When he was about to exit the room, he tried to see the person’s appearance with a little curiosity.

However, before Yang Jian could see clearly, he found that the corner of the newspaper was covered in crimson, as if it had been soaked in blood, and the thick crimson seemed to drip down like blood.

Would a normal person read such a newspaper?

Yang Jian’s pupils contracted, and at this moment, he completely believed that what Liu Xiaoyu said was true. His father had died in a car accident when he was in elementary school, and the file on her side was true, so the so-called father in front of him was impossible to exist, because dead people wouldn’t come back to life.

And if his father didn’t exist, then the man sitting on the bed reading the newspaper had only one possibility…a ghost.

His heart trembled immediately.

When did it happen?

When did this ghost sneak into his home, when did it appear in the room, and when was his memory tampered with?

Or had he been living with this ghost for the past few years?

If it wasn’t for Liu Xiaoyu’s phone call, would he never have been awakened?

Thinking carefully, Yang Jian felt creepy.

Just as he stepped out of the room, the man reading the newspaper suddenly moved. His head turned towards Yang Jian at a strange speed.Immediately, Yang Jian stepped back in fear.

This man… had no face, no features, only a layer of skin.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Jian roared low in his heart and turned around to run without a word.

He was completely sure.

This man was a ghost.

However, the moment he turned his head, everything went black and he seemed to have hit something.

A newspaper…

Sticky, smelly, as if soaked in thick blood.

The newspaper stuck to his face and immediately stuck to it tightly. He instinctively wanted to tear it off, but this blood-stained newspaper seemed to have turned into the skin on his face. When he tore it, his face felt extremely painful, and it couldn’t be torn off easily.

“This ghost is attacking me?” Yang Jian immediately realized this.

He had already encountered evil ghost attacks twice before when he was in school.

“Only ghosts can deal with ghosts…”

He gritted his teeth, and suddenly an eye popped out of the skin on the back of his hand, emitting a faint red light.

When he tore off the newspaper on his face with the hand with the eye, it had an effect.

The newspaper gradually separated from his face, like a plaster being torn off.

However, at this moment.

The ghost didn’t seem to want to let him go so easily.

Yang Jian felt the ghost leaning over, as if pulling the newspaper behind him.

A terrifying force came.

The newspaper wrapped around his face shrank again and stuck tightly to his face. A strong feeling of suffocation and dizziness quickly came.

If this continued, he wouldn’t be killed by the ghost, he would be suffocated to death by this weird newspaper.

“Since you want to play, then I’ll play with you. You’re a ghost, but I’m not human either.” Yang Jian let out a beast-like growl in his throat.

Suddenly, two red eyes appeared on his face.

The newspaper on the part where the eyes grew made a tearing sound and was torn open.

At the moment the newspaper was torn open, the terrifying pulling force behind him was immediately reduced a lot.

“Come on.” Yang Jian gritted his teeth.

The power of these eyes couldn’t be used too much. Every time he used it, he was one step closer to death. But he had to use it now, or he would die without borrowing the power of the ghost in his body.

Another eye appeared on his forehead.


The blood-stained newspaper on his forehead was torn open again.

The pulling force behind him became lighter again, and the feeling of suffocation and dizziness quickly faded away.


Yang Jian knew that the power of the ghost in his body was not enough.

The fifth eye appeared on his neck.

A slit opened where the eye around his neck was strangling him.

At this point, Yang Jian exerted force with his hand, and the newspaper wrapped around his face was torn to shreds in an instant because there were too many slits.

The feeling of suffocation and depression disappeared completely.

He breathed in large gulps of air.

Yang Jian had four eyes on his face, emitting a faint red light.

He turned his head to look.

There was no one behind him, only the blood-stained shredded newspaper scattered on the ground.

“Leave here.”

Yang Jian was trembling with fear and didn’t dare to stay for long. He didn’t even take his things and immediately opened the door and left the house.

And not long after he left.

A person walked out of the room where he had been before.

This person picked up the shredded newspaper scattered on the ground and pieced it back together.Soon, the newspaper returned to its previous state, still stained with crimson blood, but with the addition of a person’s facial outline on top of the crimson paper.

That face belonged to… Yang Jian.

The person picked up the newspaper, then sat down on the sofa next to him as if nothing had happened, raising his arm and staring motionlessly at the newspaper in front of him, just like before.

Until several hours later.

Suddenly, the person moved.

He slowly lowered his arm, and he no longer had no features or face.

At this moment, he showed Yang Jian’s face.

However, in the place where the eyes had grown on this “Yang Jian” face, there was a blank space, as if a clear picture had been forcibly cut in several places.

The face was not perfect…

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