Chapter 28 – Borrow money


Running for their lives.

Fei and several other guys were running as if their lives depended on it. Their faces were pale and their eyes filled with fear, as if they had just seen something terrifying.

And indeed, they had encountered something very scary.

It seemed like they had run into a ghost.

They didn’t know how long they had been running until they were too exhausted to continue. They stopped and bent over, gasping for air.

Thinking back on what had just happened, Fei felt his hands and feet trembling.

“Fei, what was that guy just now?” one of his buddies asked with a hint of fear.

“What else could it be? It’s probably an evil spirit. Let’s go back to the temple and get a talisman to ward off evil. Damn it, today is such a bad day. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone to a place with so few people. We finally caught someone and were about to make some money, but then we ran into that thing…”

But before he could finish his sentence, another one of his friends pointed shakily ahead and said, “Hey, look at that! What is it?”

The group looked up and their faces were immediately replaced with fear.

It was a public restroom.

The same place where they had encountered the evil spirit earlier.

In front of the restroom, a person was standing there, emitting a faint red light and staring at them without moving.

That person was Yang Jian.

After running so far, they had somehow circled back to where they started.

Seeing this scene, someone was so scared that they collapsed on the ground and couldn’t even run anymore.

“Run!” Fei, although exhausted, was more afraid of Yang Jian standing in front of the restroom. He turned around and ran.

In a panic, he didn’t even think about why they had run so far and ended up back where they started. He only had one thought in mind, to get away from this person and the restroom.

Meanwhile, Yang Jian frowned. “My ghost domain is different from that old man’s. He could confuse the entire school building, even affecting the walls and structures, but I can only confuse people?”

“No, ghosts and humans are different.”

Yang Jian took a step forward.

Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared in front of Fei, who was running away.

As if in a circle, he had simply come from one end of the circle to the other.

“So that’s how it is. In the ghost domain, I can appear anywhere. That explains why the old man who knocked on the door could appear near me without making any sound.”

“Ah!” Fei saw Yang Jian suddenly appear in front of him and was so scared that he stopped and scrambled away.

“If I can change my position, can I also affect the things around me?” Yang Jian’s eyes flickered as he grabbed one of the frightened thugs and slammed him into the wall of the nearby restroom.

Under the red light, it seemed that everything was under his control.

The thug screamed in pain.

The next moment, his head hit a ventilation hole in front of the restroom door.

The ventilation hole was not big enough for a head to pass through, but Yang Jian managed to push the thug’s head through the wall, with his neck stuck in the ventilation hole.

“So that’s how it works.”

Yang Jian gradually understood some of the secrets of the ghost domain.Here, distances are distorted, things change, and the scenery in front of you also changes. Everything is both fake and real, and at the same time, it can isolate everything from the outside world.

Inside the Ghost Domain is a world that revolves around the power of fierce ghosts. It appears and changes because of ghosts.

Yang Jian tried many uses of the Ghost Domain and experimented with these small gangsters. Gradually, he understood what this power of fierce ghosts represented.

No solution.

Yes, no solution.

For humans, this kind of power that twists reality at will is indeed unsolvable. No wonder even bombs cannot destroy the Ghost Domain.

Because inside the Ghost Domain, it no longer belongs to the reality you know.

Bombs can destroy everything in reality, but how can they destroy something between reality and illusion inside the Ghost Domain?

“If the distance of the Ghost Domain is reduced and only covers oneself, then oneself is equivalent to a virtual and real existence.” Yang Jian contracted the power of the Ghost Domain.

The red light around him quickly dissipated.

The streetlights returned to their original state, neon lights lit up on the tall buildings in the distance, and the honking of cars could be heard again.

However, Yang Jian’s body still emitted a faint red light.

He took a step forward.

His body naturally passed through a wall and entered a nearby residential building.

He saw a room with the lights on and a couple doing something shameful.

The couple looked at him, and he looked at them.

This couple suddenly saw an extra person in the room, emitting a faint red light, and a feeling of extreme fear surged in their hearts.

“Sorry to disturb you, please continue.” Yang Jian turned and left, disappearing into the wall.

“Ah, a ghost~!” The screams of the couple echoed in the room, even reaching outside.

A ghost?

Yang Jian looked at his current state.

He was indeed becoming more and more like a ghost, except that he still retained his human consciousness.

A Ghost Tamer, it really is an existence that is neither human nor ghost.

Yang Jian felt some restlessness in his body again. A red paper covered one of his ghost eyes, but using the power of this fierce ghost for a long time still had a great burden. He felt that the eye inside his body was restless again.

“The Ghost Domain can only be maintained for five minutes, and after five minutes, my limit will be reached.”

Yang Jian looked at the time on his phone and remembered it.

He withdrew from the state of the Ghost Domain.

Today’s attempt was indeed very important.

Looking around.

The previous Fei and several gangsters were either hiding behind the trash can trembling with fear or had already lost their minds due to fear.

They have such poor tolerance, and they still want to extort money?

“Brother, are you trembling? We are friends, and we must help each other when we encounter difficulties. I happen to be a little tight on cash now. Do you mind lending me some money?” Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and patted his shoulder.

Extorting money?

He was still poor, with only a little over two hundred yuan in his pocket. He couldn’t go home now, so he had to get some money.

“Here, take it all, don’t look for me, don’t look for me, I will burn incense for you, go find someone else.” Fei was so scared that he was about to cry. He tremblingly took out everything from his pocket.

There was only a little over a hundred yuan.

“Consider it a loan from me, and I will pay you back next time.” Yang Jian took his money and smiled.

“No, no need to repay, big brother, I’ll give it to you.” Fei buried his head and trembled, not even daring to look up at Yang Jian.

Just over a hundred yuan, what was there to repay?He only hoped that the ghost would leave him alone as soon as possible.

As long as it never bothered him again, he would agree to any request.

“Make more money in the future, so I can find you easily.” Yang Jian stood up and said with a slightly eerie voice.

“Woo, woo…” Fei cried out in fear.

I’m just a child, why are you treating me like this?

He swore that he would never extort money again in his life and wanted to be a good person.

Tomorrow, he would help an old lady cross the street.

Yang Jian knocked on the other gangsters one by one, borrowing a few hundred yuan from them.

With the experience they had today, they would never extort anyone again. Who knows if the next victim they target will be human or ghost?

“We’re done playing, let’s focus on business.” Yang Jian glanced around.

When he saw the little gangster he had stuffed into the ventilation shaft trying to pull his own head out, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Tomorrow, he would have someone knock on the wall.

How dare they threaten people with a knife.

They were lucky they didn’t encounter a real ghost.

However, when Yang Jian returned home again, he found the door open.

The dim room was empty.

The red newspaper that had been torn to pieces on the ground had disappeared.

The ghost was gone.

“The ghost is gone?” Yang Jian’s face changed.

He had prepared himself for a fight with the ghost, but he never thought it would be a no-show.

Did the ghost fear him and escape?

Or did it go looking for its next target?

“I must find that ghost,” Yang Jian thought firmly in his heart. Are you still looking for the latest chapters of the book yourself? You’re outdated. Follow the beautiful editor on WeChat to help you find it while flirting!

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