Chapter 25

Yang Jian searched on the website and quickly found a section about the classification of ghost levels. Opening it, there was a reminder that governments around the world divide ghosts into several levels based on their harm to the world.

Note: this does not represent the level of terror caused by the ghosts.

C-level: Restriction level.

A fierce ghost fixed in a certain area, with harm less than one hundred people, can be restricted and contained by ghost tamers, and does not have the ability to spread.

B-level: Dangerous level.

A fierce ghost with the ability to move around, very dangerous, but with harm less than ten thousand people, cannot be contained, but can still be restricted by ghost tamers, with a certain degree of spread.

A-level: Disaster level.

If left unattended, it can kill the population of a city in a certain amount of time. It is extremely terrifying and currently cannot be restricted or contained, with a significant degree of spread.

S-level: Destruction level.

With the ability to destroy several cities, if not contained, it can even destroy a country.

“The classification of ghost levels based on their harm to humans does not represent the level of terror caused by the ghosts.” Yang Jian’s eyes moved slightly, understanding the meaning of the levels.

Whether it is a C-level or an A-level fierce ghost, the degree of terror may be similar, but because the harm caused by a C-level fierce ghost is not large enough, the level cannot be raised.

“The levels are only for reference and are not very useful.”

Yang Jian shook his head and did not take the levels too seriously. This is the disaster level classification of various countries. If he really encounters a ghost, he will still die.

What’s the difference between dying alone and dying with a hundred people?

It’s just death.

Yang Jian continued to browse other information.

Suddenly, a special list caught his attention.

“Global Ranking of Ghost Terror.”

“They even made a ranking list. These foreigners are really idle. Why not make a ranking list for female ghosts? See which female ghost is more beautiful and sexy. If they can also wear bikinis and walk on the runway, it would be even better.” Yang Jian muttered to himself. He opened it and was shocked.

His expression immediately became serious.

First place on the fierce ghost ranking list:

Code name: Ghost Call.

Features: As long as the phone rings, death is certain, regardless of whether it is answered or not, whether it can be heard, or whether there is a phone nearby. It kills indiscriminately worldwide without physical characteristics, similar to the law of causality. Currently unsolvable, fortunately, only one person is killed per ghost call. It is currently defined as a B-level.

Note: A foreign president has already died from a ghost call.

“It can even be like this.” Yang Jian was dumbfounded after reading it.This is too hopeless. The phone rings and someone dies. It’s like a death note. And it doesn’t matter if the phone is with you or not. Even if you’re deaf, you’ll still die.

Ranking second on the list of fierce ghosts:

Code name: Nightmare.

Features: People die in their sleep, current behavior patterns are unknown, unknown spread, no physical characteristics, indiscriminate killings worldwide, with a record of killing 351 people at once, currently defined as A-level.

Note: Avoiding sleep can avoid nightmares.

Ranking third on the list of fierce ghosts:

Code name: Ghost Eater.


Yang Jian looked at the list of fierce ghosts and couldn’t help but feel a sense of despair.

Indiscriminate killings worldwide.

These words are simply hair-raising.

There is no defense, no escape, and even no premonition. Once you encounter it, you will undoubtedly die, even if you are a billionaire or a beggar, or even the president of a country… everyone is under the threat of fierce ghosts.

Anyone who knows that this thing exists in the world must be terrified.

“But with so many people in the world, the chance of encountering ghosts on this list is still relatively small. If you really encounter a ghost and die, you can only blame yourself for being unlucky.” After a brief shock, Yang Jian quickly regained his composure.

“I’ll go to the bathroom and come back to continue reading.”

After browsing for a full hour, Yang Jian got up and left the computer.

“Dad, why isn’t the light on when you’re reading the newspaper? Be careful of your eyes.”

He came to the living room and saw that there was no light in the living room, so he spoke up.

At this moment, a middle-aged man was sitting on the sofa with a newspaper covering his face. It seemed that the darkness around him had merged into one, and he was very seriously reading the news on it. He didn’t say a word and didn’t answer Yang Jian.

Yang Jian didn’t care and continued to surf the internet after going to the bathroom.

He must find out what happened in this world in the shortest possible time and find a way to survive.

The parchment said he wouldn’t live for more than three months.

But he didn’t believe that there was no way to survive after becoming a ghost rider.

Previously, Fang Jing said that he had a way to avoid death from fierce ghost revival.

It’s just that Fang Jing is dead.

The contents of the parchment have also been rewritten, and Yang Jian doesn’t know what this method is, but he believes that there must be a way to survive.

“While looking for a way to survive, you also need to make the worst plan…” Yang Jian thought to himself.

“The power of ghosts can affect all matter, except for one exception: gold.”

Signed: Bruce Pi.

A paper appeared in his eyes.Yang Jian opened it and continued browsing, but at this moment, a phone next to him rang.

He turned his head and saw that it was Zhou Zheng’s satellite positioning phone.

“Hello, who is this?”

Yang Jian answered the phone and continued to read the paper.

“You dare to deceive me. Your name is not Zhang Wei, but Yang Jian. You are from Meishan Village, Yang Town, Dachang City, a January 1st born, now 19 years old, and 20 years old in virtual age…”

Liu Xiaoyu’s voice came from the other end of the phone, full of anger.

Yang Jian wasn’t surprised, and said, “So you have already found Zhang Wei for investigation? Your efficiency is average. I thought you would have discovered it six hours ago. Don’t misunderstand me. How could I believe a stranger’s phone call at first? What if it’s a mobile phone scam? Giving you false information is also for my own safety.”

“How much time and effort did your lie waste?”

Liu Xiaoyu warned, “I seriously warn you, you are not allowed to do this again next time. We have many events to deal with and heavy tasks to carry out. If everyone is like you, how can we carry out our work?”

“Although that’s true, I am not a criminal police officer, and you have no control over me,” Yang Jian said indifferently.

At this time, a middle-aged man walked into the living room and sat on the bed next to Yang Jian. He didn’t say a word, holding a newspaper in his hand and looking down.

“Dad, is there something you need?” Yang Jian asked.

The middle-aged man didn’t speak, but Liu Xiaoyu on the phone asked, “Who are you talking to? You should keep this confidential and not tell unrelated people to avoid causing panic. I should explain the confidentiality regulations to you.”

“I’m talking to my dad. Let’s end it here today. We’ll talk next time. I’m busy,” Yang Jian was about to hang up the phone.

“Wait, wait.”

Suddenly, Liu Xiaoyu’s voice raised a few degrees, somewhat surprised, “Your dad? What happened on your side? I have your file next to me, and I can see all the information from your birth to high school. Your father died in a car accident when you were in fifth grade, and your guardian is your mother.”

“And there is no information about your mother’s remarriage.”

“Which means you have been a single-parent family since elementary school.”

“What are you talking about? My dad is sitting next to me reading the newspaper,” Yang Jian said.

After speaking, he turned his head.

The middle-aged man sitting on the bed next to him did not move. He raised his arm and held the newspaper, covering his face. His appearance was unclear. The lights in the living room and bedroom were not turned on, except for the light from the computer monitor. In such a dim environment, it was impossible to see the words on the newspaper.”Dad, what’s wrong?” Yang Jian reached out to remove the newspaper.

But then he suddenly saw a black and white portrait of a middle-aged man hanging on a cabinet in the room.

Instantly, his hand froze.

“Yang Jian, something must have happened where you are. Quickly, leave your residence,” urgent urging came from Liu Xiaoyu on the other end of the phone.

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