Chapter 24 – Log in to the website

The atmosphere was stuffy and oppressive, making it hard to breathe.

It felt like a ghost was pressing down on him, and although he was conscious, he couldn’t move a muscle.

The dimly lit room had turned into a dark prison, and Yang Jian was the prisoner trapped inside. He couldn’t break free or escape, and it seemed like he was going to sink into eternal darkness and never come back.


The darkness on the ceiling began to coalesce into the shape of an eye.

It was a huge eye that took up the entire ceiling, and even though it wasn’t open, Yang Jian could feel it staring at him with a strange gaze that never left him.


Yang Jian felt a chill on his cheek, as if something had forcibly pushed its way out of his skin. A red eye appeared in the flesh, and a strange perspective flooded his mind.

At the same time, something seemed to be moving around inside his body, trying to push its way out by tearing his skin apart. The pain was so intense that it felt like he was being tortured, but he couldn’t move or make a sound.

This went on for two or three hours.

Yang Jian endured the excruciating pain without sleep, and he didn’t even know how he managed to do it. It felt like an eternity.

It was past six in the evening when the pain suddenly disappeared, and he regained his senses.

As soon as he could move, he sat up in bed, sweating profusely and gasping for breath.

Yang Jian raised his trembling hand and wondered, “What happened to me? I couldn’t control my body, and it felt like something was about to burst out of me. Was it because of that eye?”

He was silent for a while, then took out a piece of dark brown paper from his pocket.

“Tell me, what happened to me earlier?” Yang Jian spoke to the parchment.

Soon, a line of text appeared on the parchment: “I woke up in pain today, and I could feel the fierce ghost gradually awakening inside me. I’ve used too much of its power for school, and I won’t live long… but I still want to endure the pain inflicted by that thing inside my body, because… I want to live.”

Fierce ghost awakening?

As expected.

Yang Jian fell into silence again.

He had taken the same path as Zhou Zheng, enduring the torment of the fierce ghost’s awakening, until one day he was killed by the ghost inside him.

Was this the price of survival?

“How long do I have left to live?” Yang Jian asked.

The parchment displayed more text: “If you don’t think of another solution soon, I estimate that you won’t survive for more than three months under this torment.”

Three months?

That was even faster than dying from cancer. If he had to endure this pain every day, death would indeed be a release, just as Zhou Zheng had said.

Yang Jian couldn’t help but panic.

He was young, still in school, and his parents needed him to take care of them in the future.

What would happen to his parents if he died?

No.”I can’t die, at least not now.”

Yang Jian suddenly stood up, staring at the piece of parchment paper in front of him with a fierce gaze. “You are very strange. I cannot believe your words. You said I would die in three months? But you also said I would die in school before, and that changed. You don’t know the future. You can only predict what will most likely happen based on the current situation.”

“But I am sure of one thing. You know a lot, a lot more than I do.”

“What are you, exactly?”

The parchment paper remained silent, with no movement or writing appearing, as if choosing to remain silent.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me. I will figure it out sooner or later,” Yang Jian said.

Thinking of the fierce ghosts, he suddenly remembered something and picked up Zhou Zheng’s satellite phone next to him. There was a message on it, with a website address.

“The website that Zhao Jianguo gave me. Maybe I can find some useful information there,” Yang Jian immediately opened his computer and entered the website address.

It was a special website with nothing on it except a blank page, as if the website didn’t exist.

He knew this was just a hidden measure.

Then he picked up Zhou Zheng’s phone and entered the code number he had imprinted on it.

Immediately, the webpage refreshed, the website redirected, and the webpage appeared.

Yang Jian roughly browsed through it, and all of it was emergency events from around the world, requesting support from ghost tamers, and bounties offered by various governments.

Most of them were worth billions of dollars, but there were also bounties worth millions.

He clicked on one: “A C-level fierce ghost, codenamed Ghost Church, has appeared in a certain state in the United States, with a bounty of thirty million dollars to solve it.”

There was also a video.

In the video, there was a church. The walls outside the church were covered with moss and the wall paint was mottled, very old. But at the entrance of the church, Yang Jian saw a blurry figure standing there. Although he could not see the face clearly, he could feel that it was a person, or more precisely, a humanoid figure, but this person exuded a creepy and eerie feeling.

But soon, a fighter jet suddenly whizzed past the sky above the church, and a missile fell accurately and hit the church.

The explosion engulfed the church.

Obviously, the US military chose a strong and direct military strike.

“Will it work?” Yang Jian watched the video seriously.

But soon, when the strong light gradually faded, his eyes narrowed.

In the fire, the church still stood there unharmed. A missile with such a large range of destruction did not even blow off a piece of wall paint on the church.

Then, in the video, he saw the black shadow standing at the entrance of the church slowly walking towards the camera.

The video suddenly became blurry, and the image disappeared.

There were many comments below the video:

“Fuck, thirty million dollars to solve this thing? The US president must be crazy. Keep your money and buy candy for your kids. This thing is only defined as C-level? Do you want to trick us into being cannon fodder?”

An American netizen commented, but there was also a Chinese translation and other text translations below the English, which he could understand at a glance.

“Although the video is somewhat concealed, it can be inferred that this is already a ghost that can affect surrounding objects. It is probably not far from forming a ghost domain, and B-level is the minimum. If there is any conscience, it should be defined as A-level. The American people are really living in dire straits. Newcomers who don’t understand will probably be fooled to death,” a Chinese netizen replied.”Anyway, I’m about to die. Let’s team up and make some money. I beg my teammates to carry me away. So cute.”

“I can’t believe a single frame of Lao Mi’s video reward.”

Yang Jian looked at the comments and pondered, “Do ghosts have levels? Let me check.”

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