Chapter 23 – It is impossible to go to school in this lifetime

The bus arrived at the station.

Yang Jian first escorted Wang Shanshan home.

Due to their previous phone conversation, when they arrived at the gate of a high-end residential area, a stylish middle-aged woman frowned and walked towards them with a displeased expression.

“Mom.” Wang Shanshan’s face showed joy.

“You finally know how to come home? It’s been a whole night, where did you go? We couldn’t reach you on the phone. Do you know how worried your family was? If something happened to you, a girl, outside, what would we do? If you didn’t come back today, I was going to report to the police with your dad.” scolded Wang Haiyan, Wang Shanshan’s mother.

“Mom, I’m sorry, something happened at school, so…” Wang Shanshan lowered her head and said.

Wang Haiyan said, “Okay, we’ll talk about the reason later with your dad. I’m asking you, who is this boy? How did he come back with you?”

“He’s my classmate, Yang Jian. Mom, didn’t you meet him at school before?” Wang Shanshan said.

“Classmate? How could I remember him among so many classmates?” Wang Haiyan looked at Yang Jian.

Yang Jian said, “Hello, Aunt Wang. Since there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now. I’ll visit you next time I’m free.”

He didn’t stay long and planned to leave immediately.

“Wait a minute.” Wang Haiyan stopped Yang Jian. “You’re Shanshan’s classmate? I’m asking you, where did you go last night? Why did Shanshan only come back now? Did you take her somewhere to mess around?”

“Aunt Wang, it’s not what you think. Something special happened at school after evening self-study yesterday. Everyone in the class was kept at school. We just came back. Because we were worried about Shanshan’s safety on the way home, I escorted her back.” Yang Jian said.

“I called Wang Teacher. There was nothing special happening at school yesterday.” Wang Haiyan said.

Yang Jian smiled and said, “You couldn’t get through to Wang Teacher’s phone yesterday, Aunt Wang. You’re joking.”

Wang Haiyan knew that she couldn’t get through to Wang Teacher’s phone yesterday. She was just pretending to test this boy and see if there was anything suspicious.

She then said, “You kindly escorted Shanshan home. I should thank you. However, Shanshan has strict tutoring at home. She has never messed around outside since she was young, nor has she associated with any improper people. Moreover, it’s an important period for her in her third year of high school. Shanshan should focus on her studies. I hope this classmate won’t affect Shanshan’s studies in the future.”

The implication was that Yang Jian should stay away from Wang Shanshan and not have any ideas about her.After she finished speaking, Wang Haiyan took out two hundred yuan from her wallet and stuffed it into Yang Jian’s hand. “It was hard for you to bring Shanshan back so early in the morning. This classmate probably hasn’t had breakfast yet. Auntie will give you two hundred yuan to buy breakfast. Don’t refuse it.”

Yang Jian looked at the two hundred yuan in his hand and was stunned for a moment. Then, his smile faded and he calmly said, “Thank you, Auntie.”

After that, he took the money and left.

As soon as Yang Jian left, Wang Shanshan was almost in tears. “Mom, you’re too much. Although Yang Jian’s academic performance is not good, he is a good person. What are you doing giving money to someone else? Isn’t that humiliating him?”

“You don’t understand anything, my daughter. I’m just testing this boy. Look, he didn’t even think about refusing the money. You can tell he’s a poor kid without any ambition. In the future, stay away from people like him and don’t be fooled by their sweet words.” Wang Haiyan said.

“You don’t know what happened at school last night. Without Yang Jian, I would have been dead. Do you think Yang Jian wanted to send me home? I begged him to. How can I face others after what you did?”

“People like him have no backbone. It’s better not to see him.” Wang Haiyan said, “We’re not just anyone.”


Wang Shanshan cried and left.

Sitting on the bus, Yang Jian looked at the two hundred yuan in his hand and knew exactly what Wang Shanshan’s mother meant by giving him the money.

There was a hint of contempt mixed with a little humiliation.

If it were someone else, they would have probably been furious by now.

But Yang Jian remained calm and unmoved. What could he do even if he was angry?

Wang Shanshan’s family was well-off, and she was pretty. They didn’t usually have any contact with each other, and suddenly he sent her home. Naturally, her parents would reject someone like him and try to push him away.

Even if he was angry in person, it would just be embarrassing. He couldn’t jump up and fight Wang Haiyan for two hundred yuan.

Besides, for Yang Jian now, this was just a trivial matter. He didn’t save Wang Shanshan for any other reason.

“It’s not easy being a good person. No wonder ghosts are popping up.” Yang Jian rubbed his hand and laughed at himself, putting the two hundred yuan in his pocket.

He went home and fell asleep on his bed.

Because he was really tired.

The other classmates had also gone home one after another. Even though something big had happened, they still had to go home, right?

At this moment, Zhang Wei returned to his villa.

He didn’t lie. He really was a rich second generation. He was just low-key and didn’t have a tendency to be wasteful.”Why did you come back so late? I couldn’t reach you on the phone. What did you do all night?”

As soon as Zhang Wei entered the house, his father Zhang Xiangu walked out of the room with a serious expression, looking at him.

Zhang Wei shrunk his neck. “I… went out to play with friends.”

He wanted to say that the school was haunted and he was almost killed, but he felt it would insult his father’s intelligence, so he lied.

“Go out to play? Don’t do it again next time.”

Zhang Xiangu didn’t criticize him too harshly, he just said casually, “Remember to go to school after breakfast and don’t be late.”

Go to school?

Zhang Wei’s eyes suddenly shrank in horror. “No, I’m not going to school.”

“What do you want to do if you don’t go to school?” Zhang Xiangu asked.

“I can do anything, just not go to school,” Zhang Wei said.

Go to Seven Middle School? Is he asking for death? That place is haunted. He barely escaped a few hours ago. Going to school would be suicide.

No, even if it was suicide, he wouldn’t go back to that school.

“Are you itching to skip class?” Zhang Xiangu glared at him. “It’s almost the college entrance examination. Don’t you want to go to university by taking a leave of absence now?”

“I’d rather not go to college. I won’t go to school anymore, Dad, don’t force me. The school is haunted now. People will die if they go to school. Dozens of my classmates died last night. I barely escaped. I won’t go back to school even if you kill me,” Zhang Wei said.

“Haunted? I think you’re crazy. Come on, I’ll take you to school. If it’s really haunted, I’d like to see it. I’ve never seen a ghost in my life,” Zhang Xiangu said, grabbing Zhang Wei’s hand.

Zhang Wei immediately shook off his hand, jumped up, and said angrily, “Let go of me. I said I’m not going to school. Even if I die, I’ll die outside. I’ll jump from here or let someone point a gun at my head, but I’ll never set foot in Seven Middle School again.”

“I’ll keep my word. If you don’t go to school, I won’t give you any pocket money. You have to support yourself,” Zhang Xiangu said, also angry.

“… ” Zhang Wei fell silent, turned and went back to his room.

“If you have the guts, stay in your room and don’t come out,” Zhang Xiangu said.

After a moment, Zhang Wei came out with two books in his hand. “Dad, I’m going to school.”

“Hmm.” Zhang Xiangu nodded in satisfaction.

Zhang Wei, who left home, sneered.

Go to school?

Not in this life, not even in the next life.

Who said he had to go to school with books? Can’t he go to the internet cafe?”Today, I, Zhang Wei, am going to eat twenty chickens in the internet café.” Zhang Wei exclaimed loudly at the entrance of the internet café.

However, just as Zhang Wei had logged onto the internet, two police officers had already found him.

“Are you Zhang Wei, a student from the Seventh High School?” One of the police officers asked.

Zhang Wei was taken aback, then he crossed his legs and pretended to be profound, saying, “Brother, you’ve got the wrong person. My name is Yang Jian, and Zhang Wei is my classmate.”

“The identity information registered at the counter belongs to you. There’s no mistake. Come with us. We need your help to investigate a case.”

Zhang Wei was suspicious, but he was quickly taken away by the police.

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