Chapter 22 – Code Ghost Knocking on the Door

Liu Xiaoyu regretted her outburst as soon as she did it.

Inside the call center, a middle-aged man in uniform with a serious expression immediately walked over to her and knocked on the table in front of her. “Liu Xiaoyu, control your emotions. This is a special moment. Don’t bring your personal emotions into your work.”

“Captain, but this guy clearly knows the situation and still refuses to say anything…” Liu Xiaoyu said.

“In special events like this, most people’s spirits will have problems. You need to understand, tolerate, and even comfort them. That’s why most call center operators are women. If you can’t handle this job, you can choose to resign,” the middle-aged captain said firmly.

“Yes, Captain,” Liu Xiaoyu said, lowering her head.

“Reflect on yourself later, don’t let it happen again. I’ll handle this person. You can learn from the side,” the middle-aged captain said.

“Hey, I’m Zhao Jianguo, Liu Xiaoyu’s captain. I apologize for her behavior just now. She’s not mature enough in handling things. I’ve already criticized her. But I hope this gentleman can stand firm in front of major events and cooperate with our international criminal police in the investigation. If there are no problems, we can continue our conversation from earlier,” Zhao Jianguo said in a calm tone, giving people a sense of trust.


On the bus, Yang Jian looked at his phone and his gaze flickered. This should be the highest level of personnel he could attract for now.

“I’ll tell you everything about Zhou Zheng, not leaving out a single detail. But in return, I want to know some things that I should know,” Yang Jian said. “Liu Xiaoyu’s level is too low, and she can’t make decisions. That’s why I didn’t want to talk to her.”

His voice was young, and although his methods were a bit naive, he was very clever.

Zhao Jianguo’s expression changed, and he picked up a pencil and wrote a sentence.

Name: Zhang Wei (tentative)

Age: 20 (estimated)

Personality: Although his methods are a bit naive, he has an alertness and intelligence far beyond his peers.

“Okay, you know about Zhou Zheng’s situation, so you should also know about supernatural events. I can tell you some things. Now, please give a brief account of Zhou Zheng’s situation,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“I already said it before. Zhou Zheng died. He died on the fifth floor of the seventh high school in Dachang City around 8:30 last night. The cause of death… was the revival of a fierce ghost. That ghost baby ran out,” Yang Jian replied.

He spoke succinctly without any twists and turns.

Zhao Jianguo fell silent for a moment before continuing. “So, does that mean there was a supernatural event at the university that night?”

A driver of ghosts died from the revival of a fierce ghost, which meant that he had used the power of the fierce ghost. The only reason for using the power of a fierce ghost was when an emergency special event occurred.

“Yes,” Yang Jian said.

“Can you tell me about it?” Zhao Jianguo asked.

“I can. At the time, I and other classmates were in self-study…” Yang Jian began to recount what happened yesterday.

Zhao Jianguo gestured to Liu Xiaoyu next to him. “Get ready to establish a new file for the fierce ghost.”Liu Xiaoyu next to him quickly recorded everything with a pen and notebook instead of a computer.

“Ghost realm… knocking sounds that kill, ghosts in the stairs and toilets, knocking sounds heard over the phone…” After recording each incident, Zhao Jianguo’s expression became more serious.

Yang Jian said, “That’s the general idea. Do you have any more questions, officer?”

“It seems that this young man still has some reservations and doesn’t fully trust us, but that’s understandable. It’s good for young people to be cautious and vigilant, but I still hope you can continue to cooperate with our investigation,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“Before I answer your question, can I ask one first?” Yang Jian said.

“Sure,” Zhao Jianguo said after thinking for a moment.

“What exactly are ghosts?” Yang Jian asked.

Zhao Jianguo replied, “Various laboratories around the world have done experiments. Some believe that ‘ghosts’ are just a special type of energy, like dark matter or some kind of special particle, a special existence that science has not yet studied. It’s only because people don’t understand it and can’t analyze it that they call it ‘ghosts,’ just like how people in ancient times saw wind, rain, thunder, and lightning and thought they were gods, when in fact they were just normal natural phenomena.”

“I want to hear the truth,” Yang Jian said seriously.

“There’s still an important piece of information about the old man that I haven’t mentioned yet. I think we should exchange information,” Yang Jian said.

Zhao Jianguo tapped the table and pondered for a moment before saying, “Although current scientific experiments are unable to analyze the existence of ‘ghosts,’ scientists speculate that it is a kind of energy that is related to the soul that has been materialized. However, the mainstream view is still leaning towards idealism.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Jian asked.

“Ghosts are ghosts, just like the literal meaning of the word. Science may have been defeated, and materialism should be rewritten,” Zhao Jianguo said.

Yang Jian’s face became especially serious. He had hoped that ghosts were just a variation of an unknown energy.

But unfortunately, that was not the case.

There really were ghosts.

“Can we continue the previous topic?” Zhao Jianguo asked.

“I was able to leave the ghost realm for a simple reason: I became a ghost tamer,” Yang Jian said.

“Indeed,” Zhao Jianguo said, his gaze becoming sharp.

He had already guessed that Yang Jian had become a ghost tamer when he left the ghost realm. It was impossible to leave without becoming one.

“Do you have any more information to hide about the old man?” Zhao Jianguo asked.

“I want to know more about fierce ghosts,” Yang Jian said.

“You can. I’ll give you a special website where you can learn more information. It’s a highly confidential website jointly established by various governments, and only special personnel are qualified to log in. You can use Zhou Zheng’s identity information to log in, and I’ll send you the process later,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“Okay.”Yang Jian said, “Since that’s the case, I won’t hide anything. The old man located his victims through the sound of knocking, and then killed them by knocking on their doors. It all stems from a post made by a netizen named Lei Dian Fa Wang. You can investigate from there, but be careful of the knocking sound. It’s a curse, and anyone who hears it will be targeted by the old man.”

He then roughly explained Lei Dian Fa Wang’s information and the forum’s address.

“Okay, I’ve recorded it. We’ll send someone to investigate later,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“Please keep Zhou Zheng’s phone for now. It’s specially made to resist the power of evil spirits and can last for a year on a single charge. Even if he encounters other supernatural events, the phone can still maintain communication,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“I see. Thank you,” Yang Jian replied.

“That’s all I have to say for now. We’ll keep in touch,” Yang Jian said before hanging up.

“Your dedicated operator from now on will be Liu Xiaoyu. I apologize on her behalf for what happened before,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“It’s fine. I have a bad temper,” Yang Jian said before hanging up.

“Captain, we should retrieve Zhou Zheng’s phone. It likely contains important information, and according to regulations, it shouldn’t be owned by anyone else,” Liu Xiaoyu said.

“The situation is different now. He’s become a Ghost Tamer, and we should treat him specially. I think he has great potential and should be recruited into the International Criminal Police Organization, preferably under our Asian branch. Liu Xiaoyu, it’s your task to follow him closely. Zhou Zheng, who was responsible for the public security in Da Chang City, has already sacrificed himself. There’s no new police officer to maintain public security in Da Chang City, and he’s a local. It would be best if he could be in charge of public security in Da Chang City,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“He’s just become a Ghost Tamer. Is that possible?” Liu Xiaoyu asked in shock. “He hasn’t received any training yet.”

“I know, but he can be a temporary worker first. If it doesn’t work out, we can train him after he starts working. However, before he becomes a police officer, we should arrange for someone else to take over public security in Da Chang City. I’ll report this matter. By the way, how did you do with the file recording?” Zhao Jianguo asked.

“It’s done. It can be filed after being organized. The code name is?” Liu Xiaoyu looked at the densely written manuscript.

“Code name: Ghost Knocking on the Door. The horror level is directly defined as A, disaster level,” Zhao Jianguo said.

“Okay,” Liu Xiaoyu said, surprised.

Another disaster-level evil spirit has appeared in Asia.

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