Chapter 21

After Yang Jian left…

The remaining people finally reacted.

“Oh right, Yang Jian saved us and we haven’t thanked him yet. Isn’t that a bit impolite?” Miao Xiaoshan said.

Zhao Lei suggested, “How about we invite Yang Jian to dinner in a few days?”


Zhang Wei chuckled, “Barbecue? You guys are really something. I’m going to invite him to a fancy restaurant, then take him to a bar to sing, and then get him a massage. And I’ll even talk to my dad to see if we can buy him a house near here. I heard he still lives in a rented apartment and the conditions aren’t very good… Anyway, I’ve set my sights on him, so no one else can compete, especially you, Miao Xiaoshan. I heard you and Yang Jian were middle school classmates.”

He then added, eyeing Miao Xiaoshan, “No seducing him allowed.”

“What are you talking about, Zhang Wei?” Miao Xiaoshan blushed and retorted.

“You’re exaggerating,” Zhao Lei exclaimed.

Zhang Wei sneered, “Exaggerating? If I could, I’d even offer my a** to him.”

Everyone shuddered and instinctively took a few steps away from Zhang Wei.

The other girls also looked at him in shock and suspicion.

They all knew Zhang Wei was outstanding, but this was too much.

Full of homoeroticism.

“What? Don’t believe me? Then I ask you, would you rather offer your a** or touch a ghost?” Zhang Wei said.

Everyone remembered last night’s events and their faces once again showed fear.

“I think it’s better to offer my a**…” Zhao Lei hesitated for a moment before saying carefully.

For some reason, they all involuntarily chose the former when faced with these two options. Even the girls blushed, thinking of Yang Jian’s words about offering themselves to him after he saved Wang Shanshan.

Indeed, having Yang Jian around gave them a sense of security.

Zhang Wei said seriously, “That Interpol officer, Zhou Zheng, said that similar paranormal events will continue to happen in the future and will gradually evolve into a global disaster. This means that ordinary people can’t deal with ghosts, only people like Zhou Zheng and Yang Jian can. We should be grateful that we know Yang Jian, because he’s the only one who can save our lives in the future.”

He didn’t say anything else after that.

Zhang Wei understood very well the special and important role Yang Jian played at this moment.

Last night’s events were a terrifying nightmare he never wanted to experience again. If he were a girl, he would probably be clinging to Yang Jian by now.

Wang Shanshan did a good job of that.

He looked in the direction of the bus stop.

Wang Shanshan had already begged Yang Jian to take her home.

On the bus.

Yang Jian sat in the chair, exhausted, looking at the familiar street, the familiar crowd, and the familiar noise outside the window.

Although it was noisy, it was comforting.

At least there were no ghosts.

Wang Shanshan was really sticking to Yang Jian. If their relationship had been closer, she would have probably asked to stay at his place. But she still begged Yang Jian to take her home.

“Yang Jian, will we encounter this kind of thing again in the future?” Wang Shanshan held onto Yang Jian’s arm and refused to let go, finally asking this question after a long time.”I don’t know, but it’s very likely to happen again. It just depends on our luck. If we’re lucky, we won’t encounter it again. After all, the Earth is so big. Even if paranormal events happen, they are distributed among each district and community, so the probability is relatively small. This is not like earthquakes, floods, and other large-scale natural disasters.” Yang Jian turned his head and said to her.

Of course, this was just his comforting words. Whether something will happen in the future remains to be seen.

Later on, he suddenly saw that the two dark blue-black baby handprints on the back of Wang Shanshan’s neck were still there, like tattoos that had not disappeared until now.

“It’s not the bruises caused by the ghost baby… it looks like a brand.” His heart skipped a beat, unsure whether to remind her or not.

But considering Wang Shanshan’s almost collapsing mental state, Yang Jian decided to do so. People are most afraid of scaring themselves. Maybe it’s just a scar, and nothing will happen.

“Be careful recently. If you have any trouble, you can call me.” Yang Jian kindly reminded her.

“Thank you, thank you.” Wang Shanshan lifted her head, feeling moved.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

Suddenly, at this moment, a phone on Yang Jian’s body rang.


Wang Shanshan next to him was immediately frightened, her face turning pale, and she screamed instinctively.

“Don’t worry, it should just be an ordinary phone call,” Yang Jian said, searching through a pile of phones.

Finally, he found a walkie-talkie-style phone.

It was a satellite positioning phone that was standard equipment for criminal investigator Zhou Zheng.

This phone couldn’t go online and could only make calls. It was as heavy as a brick, and he didn’t know why such a phone was configured on his body.

After thinking for a while, Yang Jian still answered the phone.

“Hello, Zhou Zheng, report the situation.” A female operator’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Zhou Zheng is dead,” Yang Jian said.

“Dead? How did he die?”

“Childbirth. He died giving birth.”

“Childbirth?” The person on the other end of the phone was clearly stunned.

“Yes, childbirth. It was a caesarean section, but there wasn’t enough time for surgery. The baby couldn’t wait, so it tore open his stomach and crawled out. I saw it with my own eyes. But that baby wasn’t well-behaved. Maybe it was because I didn’t deliver it, it bit me as soon as it was born. I almost got eaten by it,” Yang Jian said.

The operator Liu Xiaoyu was about to go crazy. She said, “Nonsense. Who are you? How did Zhou Zheng’s satellite positioning phone end up with you? Do you know that you are intervening in an international criminal case? I am Liu Xiaoyu, Zhou Zheng’s exclusive operator, belonging to the International Criminal Police Organization’s Asian division. I have the right to demand that you report Zhou Zheng’s situation truthfully.”

“I’ve already said that Zhou Zheng is dead. If you want to know the truth, can’t you send someone to investigate? Do you want me to say that Zhou Zheng died from the revival of a fierce ghost, and let everyone on the bus know and cause panic? Did you not learn reading comprehension in elementary school? Do you know what the main idea is? I doubt your comprehension ability and whether you are a qualified international criminal police officer.”

“I refuse to talk to you now. Let an experienced person come and answer the phone.”

At this moment, in the relevant department of the International Criminal Police Organization’s Asian division…The uniformed operator Liu Xiaoyu was grinding her teeth in anger. She held a sharpened 2B pencil and fiercely scratched the paper next to her, wishing to stab the arrogant little guy opposite her to death.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Compared to the life and death situations faced by frontline personnel, my anger is nothing.” Liu Xiaoyu took a few deep breaths and resumed her professional tone. “Sir, please cooperate with our investigation. If you continue to make trouble, I have the right to notify the local police to detain you for 48 hours.”

“Hehe.” The other party refused to speak and just responded with a sneer.

“Sir, Zhou Zheng’s matter concerns the safety of the country. Please cooperate.”


“Sir, I know you must know something. If you can’t say it here in public, I can give you five minutes to handle it and tell us the truth about Zhou Zheng’s matter in a quiet place.” Liu Xiaoyu suggested.


“What the hell does ‘hehe’ mean?” Liu Xiaoyu was about to lose her temper. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to stay calm. “Sir, since you can’t speak freely, can you at least tell me your name? We will send relevant personnel to collect evidence later.”

“Are you investigating me? Checking my water meter? I’m not afraid to tell you, my name is Zhang Wei. I won’t change my name or my surname. If you have the guts, come and get me. Those who don’t come are just cowards.” Yang Jian said.

“Fine, just wait for me.” Liu Xiaoyu lost her cool completely and disregarded the usual rules and regulations, shouting back at him.

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