Chapter 20 – Street

Walking Street in Dachang City.

Around 5:30 in the morning, the sky was just starting to brighten.

It was still too early, and the usually lively and bustling commercial street was deserted. All the shops had closed and it wasn’t yet time to open for business.

The street lamps above were still lit, emitting a bright light.

However, at this moment, something strange happened.

The rows of street lamps on the walking street, which were originally emitting white light, suddenly turned crimson, emitting eerie red light. The circular lights inside the lampshades reflected the shape of red eyes, as if they were printed on them like a pattern. The only difference was that the eyes seemed to come alive and were rotating slightly.

However, this strange scene appeared suddenly and disappeared extremely quickly.

As the lights on the street flickered.

Everything returned to normal.

The red light disappeared, and the eye pattern on the light bulb disappeared as well.

But strangely, seven people suddenly appeared on the empty walking street. These seven people were young, both male and female, and looked like students. However, they all seemed abnormal, with pale faces, trembling bodies, and eyes filled with fear, as if they had been frightened by something before.

“This isn’t the school… where are we?”

The excruciating pain in Yang Jian’s body gradually subsided, and he sat down on the ground, leaning against the glass door of a shop on the side of the road, panting heavily.

It was too dangerous just now. If they had been a little later, everyone would have died in that ghost domain.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, he opened his own ghost domain.

The others were still in shock, looking at each other. Their eyes, still filled with fear, frantically scanned their surroundings, afraid of seeing the darkness enveloping them again. But when they saw the bright streetlights and the sun rising in the distance, a sense of joy of having escaped death surged in their hearts.

This joy gradually replaced their fear, allowing them to quickly calm down.

“It looks like the walking street.”

Miao Xiaoshan crouched on the ground, carefully looking around, somewhat uncertain.

“It is the walking street. I’ve been playing here since I was a child, I wouldn’t be mistaken. My home is nearby.”

Zhang Wei said hurriedly, “We survived, we left the school. Look, the streetlights are on, the sky is bright, and there are vehicles passing by over there. I even heard the sound of car horns…”

He was a little excited, never before in his life had he felt that these things he was so used to seeing could be so wonderful.

“It really is the walking street. We left the school.”Zhao Lei’s hands were still trembling, he couldn’t believe everything he saw in front of him.

Just a second ago, he was still in that dark school, and suddenly he found himself on this pedestrian street. How did he get here?

Yang Jian still looked around with a hint of caution. After confirming that he had indeed left the school and the Ghost Realm, he didn’t bother to think about why he didn’t appear outside the school but on this pedestrian street.

Anyway, it was lucky enough to survive.

The group sat on the street for two hours before accepting everything and calming their fears.

But from their faces, it was clear that this haunted incident had left a great shadow on their hearts.

“Teacher Wang, Zhao Qiang, Zheng Fei, Fang Jing… Qian Wanhao, they must all be dead now.”

After a long silence, Zhang Wei, who was resting on a chair, spoke slowly.

No one answered Zhang Wei. Wang Shanshan looked at Yang Jian with a hint of nervousness and asked, “Yang Jian, what should we do now?”

At this moment, Yang Jian was the backbone of the group. Almost all of them unconditionally followed his lead.

After all, it was Yang Jian who led them to survive.

Yang Jian touched the scar on his arm that had already healed and felt something with the outline of an eye hidden under his skin. It could come out at any time.

This strange feeling told him that everything that happened last night was not a dream, it was very real.

“What else can we do? Since everyone has survived and left the school without any injuries, we should go home and rest, so as not to worry our parents.”

“Yang Jian, such a big thing has happened, this school is haunted, so many people have died, and we’re just going to go home and sleep?” Zhao Lei stood up excitedly and spoke.

Yang Jian glanced at him and said, “What else do you want to do? Call the police? Tell them that the school is haunted and many people have died? Don’t be naive. Zhou Zheng was an international criminal police officer. He died in the university, and the country will definitely investigate. We don’t need to worry about such a big matter. Besides, we’re just students. We’ve finally survived. Do you still want to get involved in this? Just tell the truth when the police come to take our statements.”

Feeling Yang Jian’s gaze, Zhao Lei’s face showed some fear. He lowered his head subconsciously and didn’t say anything more.”Yang Jian is right, this is not something we can handle. It’s already a miracle that we survived,” Miao Xiaoshan said.

“What, are we just going to go back and sleep like this?” Zhang Wei was a little stunned.

After such a big event, are we really just going back to sleep? Is our courage a little too big?

Yang Jian said, “Not going home? Are you planning to go back to school for morning reading?”

Go back to school?

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts. They had already made up their minds that they would never go back to school again in this lifetime, and they wouldn’t even go near the school.

Some people had even thought about transferring to another school and leaving Da Chang City altogether.

What college entrance exam? What university? Just forget it.

We can just live our lives as salted fish.

“I’m very tired. I’m going back home to sleep. If there’s anything, call me,” Yang Jian yawned. He felt physically and mentally exhausted, and felt like he could fall asleep on the ground.

“By the way, there’s something I want to tell you. Regarding the old man at school, it’s best not to go online recently, especially don’t go to this forum to read ghost stories.” He opened his phone and showed the others the post.

“Do you see the audio file on it? Remember, don’t, don’t click on it. It’s a knocking sound, just like the one Qian Wanhao heard on his phone before. Whoever listens to this old man will come looking for you.”

After speaking, he turned to the next page, which showed a picture of the old man.

“Take it away, quickly.”

When Zhang Wei and the others saw the old man’s picture, they retreated in horror.

“The picture is fine, I’ve tried it. What’s scary is this audio file. So far, this post hasn’t been blocked. At least tens of thousands of people across the country have listened to this story and clicked on this audio file. If I’m not mistaken, the old man will be wandering between major cities in the next few days, knocking on doors one by one.”

“In other words, what happened yesterday will continue to happen all over the country, but we won’t be the main characters anymore.”

“Don’t say such scary things, I’m still a child,” Zhang Wei looked at him in horror.

“Okay, I won’t say it anymore. Here’s your phone.”

Zhang Wei shook his head and took several steps back. “I don’t want the phone. Just throw it away. What if that 138 number calls again?”

“This is the newly launched Fruit X, didn’t you say you bought it for over 9,000 yuan?” Yang Jian said.”My good brother, at this point, I don’t want to hide anything anymore. Actually, my true identity is a hidden rich second generation. See those shops on the pedestrian street? They’re all owned by my family. I, Zhang Wei, don’t need these few bucks. I’ll ask my dad to buy a Nokia…no, a BB phone would be safer. That way, the phone won’t be able to get through.” Zhang Wei said seriously.

“Your family is so rich, why don’t you carry a walkie-talkie with you?” Yang Jian asked.

“That’s a good idea. I’ll consider it.” Zhang Wei replied.

When the others heard Zhang Wei mention the terrifying phone number starting with 138, they were all too scared to leave their phones behind and threw them away like they were diseased.

“Don’t give me your phones, it’s such a waste to throw them away.” Yang Jian said.

“Do you dare to take these phones? They’ve all received calls from ghosts. What if they come back for them?” Miao Xiaoshan widened her eyes and looked at him.

“Poverty makes me fearless. Besides, if you don’t use them, can’t you sell them?” Yang Jian picked up the phones they had thrown away and asked, “Do you really not want them?”

“No.” Everyone said in unison.

Yang Jian said, “Since we’re all rich, I’ll sell these second-hand phones later. You can rest assured that I won’t give any of the money to you, even if we have a meal together next time, it’ll be on you guys.”


“Let’s go.” He took seven or eight phones and walked away.

“You, take me with you.” Wang Shanshan still looked scared and wanted to follow Yang Jian.

“I’m going back to sleep. Do you want to sleep at my place?” Yang Jian asked.

Wang Shanshan whispered, “I don’t mind staying at your place for a few days.”


The others, including Yang Jian, widened their eyes.

Although Wang Shanshan couldn’t be considered the school’s beauty, she was still pretty good-looking, especially since she used to practice dancing and had a great figure with a slim waist, long legs, and big breasts…but this had nothing to do with Yang Jian, an ordinary guy. They weren’t close before, so how did Wang Shanshan cling to him in just one night?

The others didn’t know, but Yang Jian understood in his heart.

Of course, Wang Shanshan didn’t fall in love with him because of this. It was because of the incident with the ghost baby. She was still very scared and didn’t want to be alone.

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