Chapter 1 – Ghost stories in the forum

I calculated with my fingers and said, “You are now lying in bed reading a novel, probably lying on your side, and your phone may still be charging.”

Yang Jian, who was studying in his third year of high school, was lying in bed and flipping through his phone out of boredom. He casually clicked on a post and saw many netizens commenting below.

“Damn, the OP is really amazing, he guessed it all.”

“Huh, do you want me to tell you that I’m currently sitting on the toilet? Don’t bother asking, my feet are numb.”

“Get a tattoo of Elon Musk and never work as a laborer again.”

“Cool,so cool.”

Yang Jian closed the post and opened another one with a high click-through rate. The beginning of the post was: “I am a clinic doctor at the Third Provincial Hospital, and I want to tell you about a very terrifying thing that happened at my hospital recently. I’m so scared that I dare not go to work and am taking a break at home.”

“Don’t talk anymore, I won’t buy shoes or add WeChat.”

“The OP must have been involved in a medical dispute. If not, I’ll swallow my own feces and commit suicide.”

“Quick, look, the third floor is scamming for food again.”

Yang Jian found the comments boring and clicked to only see the OP.

Immediately, the post became clean, leaving only the post by the self-proclaimed doctor with the online name “Thunderbolt King.”

The post continued: “Here’s what happened. Last week, it was my turn for night shift. At around twelve o’clock, an ambulance brought in an old man. The medical staff on the ambulance said that the old man fell from the fifth floor. At the time, my colleague had an emergency and I was the only one responsible for diagnosis. At that time, I was one hundred percent sure that the old man had no vital signs and was already dead.

Moreover, from the characteristics of the old man’s body and chest temperature, it could be determined that the old man was definitely not the one who fell from the building and died tonight.

People with common sense know that within ten hours of a person’s death, in normal temperature, the body temperature drops about one degree per hour. After 24 hours, the body temperature will be basically the same as the environment. But the old man’s body temperature was at least ten degrees lower than normal temperature, and even more so. At that time, the temperature at night was 22 degrees.

At the time, I judged that the old man had been dead for more than a day.

Immediately, there were comments from netizens below:

“The OP’s ‘common sense’ is really scary. I bow down to the expert.”

“Quickly check if the patient’s shoes fell off. If not, there may still be a chance to save him.”

“Extremely terrifying. The OP, please update quickly. I’m already hiding under my covers.”

Yang Jian continued scrolling down:

Thunderbolt King continued to post: Based on my experience of watching over 300 episodes of Detective Conan in junior high school, I can immediately determine that this old man did not die accidentally from falling off the building, but was murdered. The body must have been stored in a freezer. At the time, I reported this to the police and informed them of the situation.

But what I want to talk about today is not this incident, but what happened afterwards.

The post paused for a moment, and the update time was two hours later.

Sorry, someone just knocked on my door and asked about the situation. It wasn’t the police or the press, but someone with a national ID claiming to be a criminal investigator. Anyway, I don’t care.It was probably the next morning.

I hadn’t gone to work yet, but my colleague told me that the body of the old man who was brought in last night mysteriously disappeared from the morgue. The police were investigating and suspected that the killer had taken the body. The commotion was quite big, and the hospital’s surveillance footage was all pulled out, but they still couldn’t find the missing body or the killer.

Tonight, I was still on duty…

But what happened during the day made me a little uneasy. A patient in the hospital said that he had seen the body of the old man, but it wasn’t carried out by someone; he walked out by himself. The patient even accurately pointed out the route the old man took, and it seemed that he had walked out from the direction of the morgue.

I was a little scared when I heard that, but luckily, I was an atheist and didn’t completely believe what the patient said.

Later, the head nurse told me that Dr. Fang from the neurology department was planning to increase the dosage of medication for that patient, which made me feel a little relieved.

As expected, not believing that patient was the right choice…

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What happened during my night shift is what I want to share.

It was probably around two o’clock in the morning. I was playing a game called “Greedy Blue Moon” in the emergency room. You can’t imagine how fun this game is. If you’re a brother, come and play with me…

“Damn, you’re really talented, OP.”

“What happened to sincerity between people? You tricked me with a trick, caught me off guard.”

“Society, society. I guessed the beginning, but not the ending. But what I want to say is, what about eating shit, Third Floor?”

A bunch of netizens commented on the forum, making it very lively.

Yang Jian was lying in bed, feeling a little helpless. Are people really so powerful that they can advertise like this?

But when he scrolled down, he found something strange.

The Thunderbolt Warlock continued to post: Sorry, sorry, I’m not advertising. There was really a bizarre supernatural event that happened that night. You guys probably can’t imagine it in your entire life. At around two o’clock in the morning, while I was playing games in the emergency room, I suddenly felt a chill, just like the feeling in the morgue. I even got goosebumps.

And then what do you think happened?

The old man who disappeared from the morgue yesterday appeared outside the emergency room. He wasn’t dead, but he was walking very slowly, step by step, towards the hospital’s exit.

Oh my god, this is impossible. I saw the old man’s dead body with my own eyes, and he had been dead for more than a day. How could he come back to life?

Is it a prank? Faked death? Or a medical miracle?

At that moment, I thought of many things, but perhaps because I had been in contact with corpses often, I wasn’t that scared. The most urgent thing to do was to take out my phone and take a picture, ready to post it on my friend circle.

Below the post, there was a photo with the caption “There’s evidence in the photo, absolutely not photoshopped.” Yang Jian scrolled down and saw the photo.The photo was not blurry, on the contrary, it was very clear. In the photo, an old man was walking past outside the emergency room, separated by a glass window.

The old man was wearing a black jumpsuit with a hint of retro flavor. He was skinny all over, and his skin was brown with spots. From the angle of the photo, one of his eyes could be seen, which was a kind of eye… dead, hollow, without any vitality, with a kind of terrifying silence.

There was nothing bloody or terrifying in the photo, but the feeling that the old man gave off made people’s hair stand on end and their scalp tingle.

Moreover, the more you looked at the photo, the more creepy it became.

It was like looking at a dead person, more like looking… at a ghost.

“I’m scared to death. This photo is so scary. Where did you find it, OP?”

“Why are there so many spots on the old man’s hand? I have trypophobia.”

“That’s livor mortis. It means the old man was already a corpse.”

“Hey, demon, get out. I’m Lin Zhengying.” A netizen posted a picture of a Taoist.(Note:Lin Zhengying is a Hong Kong film actor who usually plays a master ghost&zombie hunter in his movies.)

“Ha, if you’re  Lin Zhengying. I’m Lolita.”

But no matter how these netizens commented, the Thunderbolt King continued to post: the picture is real, I took it myself. Later, the old man walked out of the hospital like this. I don’t know where he went, but if anyone is from the same city as me, be careful. Although I am an atheist, there are some things that I still have to believe in.

Wait, someone seems to be knocking on the door again. It’s probably the police looking for me to record a statement. I’ll be right back to tell you what happened later.

But just as the posting time had not passed for a minute, the Thunderbolt King continued to post: Damn it, it’s the old man who ran out of the hospital. That thing is standing at my door knocking. I saw it clearly through the peephole. What should I do now? I feel like I’ve provoked something I shouldn’t have.

“OP, are you happy with this?”

“Damn, is this true? It can’t be so evil.”

“Call the police quickly. Hurry!”

“OP, stop pretending. It must be fake. If it’s not fake, I’ll eat shit.”

“It’s you again, shit-eating boy. You haven’t paid back what you owe from last time.”

But then the Thunderbolt King posted again: I called the police, but what should I do now? That thing is still knocking on the door, and it doesn’t seem to be leaving. It’s not good. Just now, the light in my living room suddenly went out. Now I’m too scared to go into the living room.

I closed the door and turned on all the lights that could be turned on, but the old man was still knocking on the door.

At this point, the netizen named Thunderbolt King was posting very urgently, with less than thirty seconds between each message, and some of the words were wrong.

It can be seen that the doctor who posted was now very frightened and panicked.Yang Jian also felt a chill all over his body. Although he knew that the story might be false, the thought of the old man in the photo standing outside the door knocking made him feel a little creepy.

An old man who had already died came back to life and appeared at his own doorstep knocking. Anyone who encountered this would be frightened.

But the post was not over yet, it continued: “No, this is not good. I can hear footsteps in my living room. Oh my god, there’s only me in the house. I suspect that the old man who knocked on the door earlier has come in. He must have walked into the living room. How did he get in? I didn’t even hear him open the door.”

The footsteps stopped outside my bedroom door.

That thing is knocking on the door again. I feel very uneasy now. I recorded the sound as evidence and left my phone number. If my phone is unreachable, then something must have happened to me. Please call the police: 138…

“Thump, thump, thump, thump…”

Below is an audio file. When opened, it emits a dull and oppressive knocking sound.

Each knock feels like it’s hitting on one’s heart, making it almost impossible to breathe.

The post paused here.

Yang Jian flipped to the end and only saw the last line: “The old man came in…”

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