Chapter 17 – Curse of the Evil Spirit

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Yang Jian.

When he made a call, the phone rang in the school, and everyone was surprised. Before they could ask, they saw him hanging up the phone in a hurry, looking scared.

“Yang Jian, what’s wrong?” Zhang Wei also started to tremble when he saw Yang Jian like this. “Don’t scare me. We all rely on you. Please smile and show some confidence like you did when we watched movies.”

Yang Jian’s calmness and ability to lead everyone out of the Ghost Domain gave them hope to survive.

But his current expression made everyone panic.

Yang Jian’s face changed, looking particularly ugly. Before he could speak, the satellite positioning phone in his hand suddenly rang with a “drip drip” sound.

He glanced at it and his pupils suddenly shrank.

The incoming call display on the phone showed “138…….”, the phone number left by the Thunder King in the forum.

He called back.

“Indeed…this is a trap, a very terrible trap,” Yang Jian gritted his teeth, unable to tell if he was angry or scared.

The phone kept ringing, but he didn’t answer.

Because he knew that the person who made the call could not be alive. Who knows what would happen if he answered it.

Fortunately, the phone’s settings worked, and the ringtone didn’t keep ringing.

After a long time of not answering, the call was hung up in a moment.

And his phone never received any calls again.

“Ding ding ding, ding ding ding…”

“I love you, love you, like a mouse loves rice…”

“The moonlight is cool and turns into a river of missing for you…”

However, other students’ phones kept ringing one after another, and all the incoming calls showed “138……”.

“Yang, Yang Jian, look at this.” Wang Shanshan, Miao Xiaoshan, and Zhao Lei showed him the incoming call display on their phones, with fear in their eyes.

“Don’t answer,” Yang Jian said with a serious expression.

The others nodded. They all understood that this call was very strange and should not be answered.

Zhang Wei didn’t have a phone. He had lent his phone to Yang Jian before. At this moment, he looked at the screens of these people’s phones and said with a shiver, “All the incoming call displays are the same…this 138 phone is so powerful, making more than ten calls in a row. It’s haunted.”

“This is not 138, mine shows Teacher Wang’s phone number.” A classmate named Qian Wanhao unconsciously answered the call.

“Qian Wanhao, are you crazy or stupid?” Zhao Lei next to him almost shouted in fear. “We said not to answer the phone.”

“What’s there to be nervous about? This is Teacher Wang’s phone,” Qian Wanhao said. “Maybe Teacher Wang is here to save us.”

“Hang up quickly.”

Yang Jian’s pupils shrank, and he rushed over to take the phone and hang up the call.

Teacher Wang’s call?

This was even scarier. After all, Teacher Wang was the first person to disappear in the Ghost Domain. Everyone else had died. How could he still be alive?

As expected…On the other end of Qian Wanhao’s phone, there was only the sound of crackling electricity, and Mr. Wang did not speak.

However, the next voice that Yang Jian heard was terrifying.

“Boom, boom, boom…” knocking sounds came from the phone.

The sound was just like the one outside the classroom.

Heavy, oppressive, and suffocating.

At this moment, Qian Wanhao realized the seriousness of the situation. His face turned pale with fear, and he trembled and dropped his phone.

The phone fell to the ground, the screen cracked, but the call was still connected and not hung up.

“Boom, boom, boom…” the eerie knocking sound came from the receiver again.

Yang Jian rushed over and quickly picked up Qian Wanhao’s phone and turned it off.

“Qian Wanhao, you idiot! If you want to die, go die by yourself. Don’t drag us down with you,” Zhao Lei grabbed his collar and shouted at him in anger, but his fear was evident in his eyes. Although he didn’t know what would happen after the call was connected, he was certain that it would not be good.

“F*ck! It’s not the god-like enemy that I’m afraid of, it’s the pig-like teammate. This saying is really true. At critical moments, there are always a few idiots who bravely sacrifice themselves and not only end up killing themselves, but also others. Qian Wanhao, you are truly great. You have moved me to the point where I want to kill someone. I have done so many years of compulsory education, but I have never been as outstanding as you,” Zhang Weidao said.

“Was the old man outside the classroom your grandfather? If you love him so much, why don’t you go and talk to him and ask him to spare us?” Zhang Wei asked.

“I…I didn’t do it on purpose. The name on the phone clearly showed that it was the teacher calling. If it was someone else’s call, I wouldn’t have answered it,” Qian Wanhao cried like a child, wiping away his tears.

“You answered the teacher’s call? When the teacher told you to go die, why didn’t you go die?” Zhao Lei wanted to hit him.

“Enough, everyone calm down. This is not the time to argue. This is also partly my fault. I should have warned you earlier,” Yang Jian walked over and said. “And can we survive if we keep fighting and bickering? Look at the situation now.”

Everyone fell silent.

“Yang Jian, what will happen after the call is connected?” Miao Xiaoshan asked nervously.

“What else can happen? Your grandfather, Qian Wanhao, will come and chat with us soon,” Yang Jian said.


Everyone’s eyes widened in fear.

Yes, the old man will definitely come here.

The knocking sound on the phone had a terrifying function – it could summon the old man.

The outcome was obvious.


Yang Jian tightly held the phone in his hand and thought of the post by the Lightning King on the forum.

“A trap, the stories on the entire forum are a trap. When the Lightning King was at home, he encountered the old man knocking on the door. From the situation in the classroom earlier, someone had already died when the old man knocked on the first door… And the Lightning King’s home has two doors, the first is the main door, and the second is the bedroom door.””That means when the Thunderbolt King was alone at home, he was already dead when the first knock came. The story on the forum afterwards couldn’t have been posted by him. The phone number and audio files left behind were not made by him either. There is only one thing that can do such a thing.”

“A ghost!”

Yang Jian took a deep breath.


The story at the beginning of the post was posted by the Thunderbolt King, a living person. But at the end, he was already dead, and the one who posted was…a ghost.

To prove this guess, he opened the forum story again and scrolled to the end.

As expected.

His guess was correct. There were many typos in the last few replies of the forum story, which were completely different from the Thunderbolt King’s previous posts. In addition, there was a half-hour interval between the posts.

This…was a curse spread by an evil ghost.

Everyone who heard the knocking would be found by the old man.

So, this could verify everything that happened before.

“Online or on the phone, if you hear knocking, the old man will find you, as if you have been marked with an invisible coordinate. In reality, if you hear knocking, you will die immediately…but why didn’t the old man appear when I opened the audio file in the bathroom earlier?”

Yang Jian’s face was covered in sweat as he thought.

He tried to figure out the rules of the old man’s actions and the method of killing.

In order to survive.

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